[Skill] Archaeology

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[Skill] Archaeology

Postby Eleret on December 2nd, 2014, 4:58 pm

Article: [Skill] Archaeology
Author(s): Eleret
Other development: Herbalism (in progress)
Additional Info: Original HD approval here.

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Synopsis: Archaeology is the study of past lifestyles and cultures through the artifacts and other material evidence they have left behind. The general process of archaeology is to survey a site, carefully excavate and catalog its contents, and analyze the evidence to make conclusions about the culture which produced it. Remnants of past societies may include buildings, pottery, gravesites, statues, more fragile materials such as paper or cloth. Additionally, the context in which each artifact is found can provide important information. Archaeology is not a skill which stands alone, but requires a synthesis of knowledge and experience to be practiced successfully.

Prerequisites and Related Skills
History and Anthropology
Observation and Investigation / Drawing, Copying, and Writing
Planning and Organization
Wilderness Survival and related skills

An Archaeologist's Tools
the obvious: shovels, picks, brushes, etc.
surveying and measuring tools
recording materials
the less obvious: paper, wax, ink, etc. for processing/protecting artifacts

Identifying a Site
signs and indicators of a site's extent, both obvious and subtle
identifying culture, age, and purpose of a site

Considerations in Different Environments
Submerged Areas

Planning the Excavation
labor / assistance
plotting and laying out a grid
"arrangement of work"

Document, Document, Document
drawings and descriptions, of site and of artifacts
copying and casting
context, context, context!

Condition and Preservation of Artifacts
ceramic, glazed and unglazed
ivory and bone

Skill Progression
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