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Postby Ssezzkero on January 24th, 2015, 3:27 am

I was looking over the price list and slaves lore, and I was curious. There seems to be three levels of slaves, regular, skilled and extraordinary. And then it goes into male, female, human, humanoid, etc for further price differences. But, my question is, can you get a extra skilled slave but not have them be extremely beautiful? For example, could I pay more for 100 skill points but either have them be disfigured in some way or unattractive. Would I simply double the price of a skilled slave or multiply it by some percentage?

Also, I'm assuming that kelvics do not fall into the categorized skill levels because they don't generally grasp skills very well, especially unbonded, and so it would be almost impossible to fine a well-skilled kelvic slave, correct?
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