Closed Infirmary Action (Altaira)

Enthere and Altaira heal the sick

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Infirmary Action (Altaira)

Postby Enthere on February 25th, 2015, 8:15 pm

26th of Winter

Workdays were becoming a blur. There was always so much to be done, in so little time. Enthere often found herself volunteering to work past her normal hours; she was getting better at interacting with people (a little better) and she longed less for the wild mountains. She could control her animal side-she had never had a problem with that-but it was easier now that she had gotten used to her workplace, she was calmer and fitted more seamlessly into the infirmary society.

Except for today. Enthere had been taking heavier loads since the tower first lit up; there were more injuries recently, and the infirmary seemed understaffed. She was sure she could handle it, but it had been weeks since the Kelvic had a solid day to herself, and she was starting to wear thin. She was doing a lot of fetching and carrying; supplies were being used at a constant rate. After volunteering once for the job, earlier in the morning, she had been tasked with dashing from place to place since. It was somewhat menial, but she was quick and agile in the crowded infirmary. The Kelvic was even starting to think she could retrieve supplies faster than anyone else.

She was heading back from a storage room with a heavy load when someone blocked her path. She moved to go around them; the person was carrying two full buckets of water. As she jerked to the side, her stack of bandages and tonics teetering, the person also turned to the side. Frustrated, Enthere turned to go around the other side of him, but the man mirrored her actions again. "Excuse me?" Enthere said, flustered and unsure now whether the mans actions were accidental. He looked unfamiliar, and Enthere wondered why the man was there.

"Just trying to get though," he said sourly, shifting a little to the side, barely leaving room for Enthere to get by him. As she passed, one of her legs caught on one of the large buckets. The man swore as it jerked out of his hand and splashed water over the floor. Enthere jumped back, saving herself from the worst of the splatter. "I'm sorry!" She said, half growling as she took the blame. Something told her that this man would accuse her anyways. The man continued swearing, and scowling at her; his trousers were soaked.

"I'm sorry," Enthere said again, scowling back at the man. "I'll clean that up."

The Kelvic stood at the edge of the puddle for a moment, frowning at the scene before her. She contemplated her next action; her arms were full, and the supplies were needed elsewhere. However she also needed to clean up this mess, and she felt that the man wouldn't be much help. She would have to find somewhere to put the supplies while she mopped up the water, she didn't want anyone to slip.
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