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Postby Enthere on July 15th, 2014, 6:45 pm


It takes a great deal of courage to see the world in all its tainted glory, and still to love it ~ Oscar Wilde



Race: Kelvic (Human/Cougar)
Gender: Female
Age: 6
Height: 5'8
Weight: 125 Ibs
Birthday: Fifth day of Spring 508 AV
Birthplace: Somewhere near Ravok (Sylira)
Starting city: Zeltiva


Enthere is tall and lean, but not fragile or 'thin', she is well muscled and used to living outdoors. She is strong featured and not delicate, her eyes are large, and slightly slanted like a cats, they also have the same gray-blue coloring as in her animal form. Her hair is a medium brownish red, falling about to her shoulders with more than a slight wave. She looks wear-worn but capable, her expression is an odd mixture of a steady, almost unblinking gaze, and closed suspicion.

Character Concept

Enthere is lost and alone now, but not without purpose, she was taken in and taught by a human, and after loosing her bondmate she is solely driven by her desire to be 'human', to have the same experience as them, and to live with them. It is a struggle, and she finds herself roaming more often than not, torn between her two natures.

Character History

Early Childhood

Enthere does not know how she came about, her earliest memories are of being very young and alone, somewhere near Ravok. It is a wonder she survived to maturity on her own, surviving mostly in the wild as a cougar, but always drawn to places where humans gathered in their forts and buildings along the shores of Lake Ravok. Eventually she made it to that place called Ravok, stowing away on a large ship. She did not like Ravok, with its watery smell and little vegetation, but she found it hard to leave.


Enthere's bondmate took the form of a father figure to her, she remembers the day she met him well...She was nearly two when it happened. She was a young woman by her standards, and life was not going so well. She was as drawn to people as she was to the wild, but people were never so kind to her as the wilderness. She huddled in the entrance to an abandoned building that day, trying to blend into the gray-brown buildings and oddments left to deteriorate in the shadows. It was late in the evening and there weren't as many people about the streets of Ravok, but that didn't give her comfort. She knew these people would hurt her if they found her.
Not all of them, though. An older man found her in the doorway, a covered basket on one arm. He almost walked past her alley, but turned at the last moment. Enthere didn't fear this man, he had kind eyes, and was, she would later find out, the very best sort of man.
This man made it his job to are for the lowly and downtrodden, he quietly spoke to her, offered her food and a safe place if she would go with him. Enthere trusted him, she could not explain why until later, but she followed him home like a foolish cub, and stayed there.
The man became her father and bondmate.

Life and Loss

The man, Kerrin, wasn't wealthy, but he was well enough off to provide a good life for Enthere. He was a smart man, and made his work as a healer. He was the kindest person Enthere ever met, and was fully accepting of her animal form, and their bond. She never saw him hurt another living creature, which was, she supposed, his downfall. She never knew what exactly happened to him, just that some great misfortune became him one night when he was out of the house, the night he never came home.

Recent History

She didn't remain long in Ravok, she grieved for her bondmate, but there was no longer anything keeping her in Ravok so she left to wander the world, trying to make her own way. For seasons she traveled Sylira and Taldera, searching out any civilization she could find, but never staying long. She found it was inconvenient to travel as an animal, with only her wits to her name, which is how she eventually came to be the dubious owner of a pack horse and normal traveling possessions.

Spring 515 AV

After spending much of her time during the winter season in town, Enthere longed more than ever for the wilderness. She retreated to the mountains, hiding from most people and living mostly off the land. She rarely ventured into town, and only did so when in dire need of supplies. Her wild instincts have taken hold more than ever before, and Enthere has lost some of her ability to coexist with humans.


Fluent Language: Common, Feline
Basic Language: Vani


Foraging: +10 (SP) -- Novice
Hunting: +10 (RB) +3 = 13 -- Novice
Tracking +2 +1 = -- Novice
Endurance +1 +1 = 2 -- Novice
Land Navigation +2 -- Novice
Unarmed Combat: +5 (SP) -- Novice
Wilderness survival +10 (SP) +3 + 1 = 14 -- Novice
Medicine: +15 (SP) +2 +1 +2 = 20-- Novice
Tactics: +5 (SP) -- Novice
Stealth: +5 (SP) --Novice
Observation +5 +3 +2 +2 +5 +3 +1 = 21 -- Novice
Socialization +5 +2 + 2 +4 +2 +2 = 17 --Novice
Stealth + 1 +1 = 2 -- Novice
Persuasion + 1 -- Novice
Animal Husbandry +1 +1 = 2-- Novice
Grooming (Horse) +1 -- Novice
Persuasion +1 -- Novice
Storytelling +1 +1 = 2 -- Novice
Animal Husbandry (equine) +1 -- Novice
Cleaning +1 -- Novice
Cooking +1 -- Novice
Planning +1 -- Novice
Swimming +1 -- Novice
Rhetoric + 1 -- Novice
Intimidation +1 -- Novice
Leadership +1 -- Novice
Diplomacy +3 -- Novice
Politics + 2 -- Novice



Lore of discerning medicinal herbs and plants.
Lore of traveling with humans.
Thugs: There could be more lurking
Owl: A fellow kelvic
Saraphina: A tiger kelvic
Owls: seem cat-like
Stirring thugs, still a potential danger
Sailors: Waste months of hard labour
The Law of Nature: The strong prey on the weak
Not ready to move on
Zeltiva: Plenty of job opportunities
Animal Husbandry: Soothing A Horse With Words
Animal Husbandry: Basic Horse Diet
Animal Husbandry: Basic Horse Grooming
Animal Husbandry: Too Many Oats Is Bad
Horsemanship: Leading With Force
Horsemanship: Nose Blowing?
Sienna: Horsemistress of the Narvaen Stables
Sienna: Horsewhisperer
Friend: Sold
Layout of Narvaen Stables
Horse Breeds: Zavian
Horse Breeds: Tiaden
Tiaden: Warhorses of Syliras
Grooming: Brushing A Horse
Sandfish: Delicious, flaky, flavorful!
Saraphina: From Avanthal
Saraphina: Travels Because She Can
Friend: Is frightened by my animal form
Shade: Provides cover from the sun
Tracking: Tiny disturbances
Tracking: Fear-animals increase in odours
Pebbles: Slippery
Porcupines: Covered in spikes that hurt
Hunting: Porcupines have a soft underbelly
Wilderness Survival: A sharp rock can cut animal skin
Porcupine: A small meal
Medicine: Hot water sterilizes
Location: Zeltivan Infirmary
Mistress Claira: Head Medic
Healing: You need clean rags
How to Bandage a child's leg
Saraphina's Past: The Kidnapping
Cooking: Furred Spitted Squirrel
Tracking: Following Loud Sounds
Swimming: Tactic: "Kick-off"
Swimming: The Strength of a Current
Swimming: The Feeling of Drowning
Saraphina: A Friend Worth Dying For
Meditation: Peace in Wildness
Saraphina: Afraid of Water
Wilderness Survival: Gathering Firewood
Socialization: A Story for a Story
Saraphina: Confidant
House Calls: A Necessary Evil
Medicine: Basic Cough Checks
Medicine: Tea For A Cough
Death: A Healer’s Bane
The Grim Reality Of Life’s Length
Incurable: Senility
Incurable: Heartbreak
Dhani: A type of Snake People
Iyvess: A Race of Dhani
Tranaris Johnson: Seneschal to the Lord of Council
Richart Gracey: Administrator of the Sailor’s Guild
Lisaelis: The Sage of Zeltiva
Setrissakasovel: Chief of the Zeltivan Iyvess



-Simple tan shirt
-Simple tan trousers
-Simple undergarments
-Simple brown woolen cloak
-Simple Boots (brown)
-1 Waterskin

-1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
- A small bone pendant (non magical)(Heirloom)
- Sturdy Leather Bracers *

Housing: Portable

Location: Outside Zeltiva (Temporary)



1 large tent (4 person),
1 large tarp
100 ft of rope
1 flint & steel
1 lantern
2 torches
1 bedroll
1 blanket
fishing tackle & hooks
1 compass

Currently Enthere's camp in nestled in the 'foothills' of the Zastoska Mountains. Her camp is hidden in a small grove of trees and bushes, a small stream runs nearby. There is a small dip in the center of her camp, where the stone-lined fire pit is, above this is her tent of greenish-brown canvas it blends near-perfectly with most landscapes. Most of her supplies are in the tent, she doesn't use most of them when she'd alone. Her pack horse is tethered nearby, close enough for her to keep an eye on, but far enough away that they both have plenty of space.

Horse stuff

1 full set of tack
1 large set of saddlebags.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
-5 sm (kelp beer) = 99 gm 05 sm
-45 gm (Summer living expenses) = 54gm 05 sm total
-45 gm (Fall living expenses) = 9 gm 5 sm total
+65 gm (*) = 74 gm 5sm total
+273 gm (seasonal wages, Fall) = 347 gm 5sm total
-135 gm (Winter Living Expenses) = 212 gm 5sm total
+300 gm * = 512 gm 5sm total

Thread List

The Falcons First Flight Seran, Black, Completed
A Whisper At Midnight Completed (XP = +5 Observation, +5 Socialization)
Shifting Places Saraphina, Lavine, Completed
Porcupine Hunt Solo, Completed
A Place for a Friend Solo, In Progress
Silver Fish Solo, In Progress
Fishing and Falling Saraphina, In Progress
Seashore Shenanigans Open, In Progress
The Cat Comes out to Play Altaira, Saraphina, In Progress
Helping Hands Job Thread, Solo
The Depths of Diplomacy Jadlin, Ayatah, In Progress
Healing Hands Job Thread, Solo
Infirmary Action Altaira, In progress
Call To Order In Progress
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