Solo Hard Work and Planning

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Hard Work and Planning

Postby Ulric Everard on February 28th, 2015, 10:39 pm

28th winter, 514

It was time again for Ulric to return to work, and, as he had done since it got frozen into the bay earlier in the year, Ulric was dragging his boat down the road to the docks to set off. It was a cold day, but that was to be expected in the middle of winter. It was something that Ulric had gotten used to in the years that he had been a fisherman, along with the early mornings. Ulric loved the rush of the early mornings, now that he was used to it anyway. It used to be an agonizing affair when he was just starting out, but now that he had spent a few years in the life of the fisherman he found it invigorating, after all the fish bit best in the early morning.

It was only a short walk down to the docks for Ulric to put the boat down in the water. He had gotten more than a couple odd looks, but people seemed to be getting used to it after it occurring for as long as it had now. For something around 20 days or so he had been dragging the boat down to the docks and back each day. It was probably a bit of a spectacle the first few times but by now it must have been getting normal for them.

Ulric slipped the boat into the water and climbed in, double checking that he had everything that he needed in his boat. He saw his fishing kit and his oars sitting in there, and that was all he really needed for a day out fishing. It would hopefully be a good day, But really at the end of the day Ulric just needed to get enough to feed himself.

The bay was bustling with activity today, lots of fishermen were out and getting ready to fish, just like Ulric was. It would probably be a fairly easy day to catch some fish, and could be just generally a good day out on the water. Ulric climbed up into his boat with the practised speed of someone who lives on the water, like many of the people you'd see in the area, and Ulric took off, rowing out to one of the areas in the bay that he knew to be good for fish.

When Ulric reached the spot that he set off to he grabbed his fishing kit and pulled out his fishing line, a hook, and his knife. First things, he needed to put the hook on the line. Last time he was out he had to remove the hook from the line, he hooked something on the bottom, a rock or something, and unbent the hook. He had not taken the time to straighten out the other hook, and he needed to fish. So, Ulric quickly tied it one. It was a quick operation now, down to only a few seconds for him now. When the hook was tied on Ulric dropped the line, all that was left was to wait for the fish to bite.
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