Closed Tailored Ravens

Some birds love pretty, shiny things. Ravens, doubly so.

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Tailored Ravens

Postby Lucian Hill on March 5th, 2015, 10:12 pm

Image21st of Spring, 515 AV -- Mid-morning

The sun spilled light like melted butter over the city of Zeltiva, shooing away the fog and mists like a cat and warming the faces of the sailors, dock workers, and fishermen that had been up and working since Syna first showed the edges of her face. It was nearly mid-morning, still early enough that some were asleep, but the raven tended to wake up early with the other birds that made their home in Zeltiva. The salty scent of the sea forced itself in through the cracks of the window the kelvic was sitting at, and he could almost taste it on his tongue. The safety of Zeltiva made him nervous, even more now that he was in the so-called Ancient Quarter - a rich place of rich people that appeared to have little cares in the world. He felt much more at home on East Street, though he had only been there once in his short time in the city so far. It was across the city from the Ancient Quarter, and he was not used to the city enough to stray that far.

Lucian Hill was not one to dress up. He had never even considered the thought of wearing anything fancier or nicer than the worn clothing he wore in Sunberth until he saw the fantastic outfits of the other residents of the Ancient Quarter. Quite frankly, he stood out like a sore thumb in his new home, and sticking out was quite the opposite of what he had been taught, been raised to do. It was this that he brought up to Shai, as he always admired the rich clothes that she had seemed to dress in now that they lived in safety. He had never seen her wear such beautiful things before, but now that he had, he desired to match.

As such, leaving his current occupation of humming and staring out of a window at the street below, he went searching for the widow. He eyed his current outfit, currently the only one he owned, and sighed. It was worn and not appealing at all, despite his attempts at keeping it as clean as possible. Shai would know where to buy new clothing, she was good at things like that, and could take him shopping - he wanted to match the wealthy people he was surrounded by.

"Shai?" He called out, sensing that she was close enough to hear her.
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