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Here is a list of all NPCs currently inhabiting Black Rock!

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[Black Rock] NPC Library

Postby Traverse on March 8th, 2015, 7:24 pm


Temporary Guests

The Temporary guests of the Spring season are three Konti traveling from Mura that wish to know more about Black Rock and its living and dead inhabitants. They will be here from the 4th - 76th so feel free to utilize them in threading between those times, no permission needed!

Race: Konti
Gender: Female
DoB: 3rd of Spring, 455 AV
Skills: Medicine 50, Herbalism 50, Sailing 30, Navigation 30

Concept: Illin is the navigator of the three Konti that have come to Black Rock. Though friendly to anyone who speaks to her, she is much more tight lipped than her companions, and prone to thoughtful silences. She can often be foun assessing charts and maps planning the next step in the Kontis' journey.
Race: Konti
Gender: Female
DoB: 75th of Winter, 420 AV
Skills: Medicine 50, Herbalism 30, Animal Husbandry 30, Suvai 50

Concept: T'arui is a bright and bubbly individual. If the three Konti are together she often acts as the spokesperson for them. As curious as a child she is fascinated by anything new and learning it all. Kind and compassionate, she wins most everyone over after only the briefest of conversations
Race: Konti
Gender: Female
DoB: 20th of Fall, 431 AV
Skills: Medicine 30, Reimancy 30, Shielding 30, Sailing 30

Concept: Reila has come to Black Rock with one purpose: to learn Spiritism. She is very easygoing and patient, yet extremely determined to learn the craft before her and her companions depart from the island. When not shadowing Cicerone around the island she can often be found in or around Dira's Spire.


Sampson, Chastity, and Bernards story :
Early in the Winter of 514 AV, a group of three travelers arrives on Black Rock aboard a Svefra merchant ship. The first to step off is a slender, beautiful young woman. Everything about her seems to highlight her best features, and those who notice her quickly realize she doesn’t have any bad ones. As she moves up the docks, she talks to everyone along the way, her smile and gentle touches capturing their attention and drawing their gaze long after she is gone. Several minutes after she leaves the ship, two men come from below decks, carrying a heavy metal box between them. The man in front, tall and handsome with short-shaved hair, smiles at how easily the woman toys with the hearts of those watching her and shakes his head as she plants a kiss on one of the luckier men’s cheek. The man at the back of the chest towers over the man in front of him, over everyone at the docks in fact, and watches the woman with worry in his eyes as she continues to get farther and farther from them.

The box they carry is large and rectangular, its lid flat with its lip barely overhanging the box beneath it. It is made of a thick steel, and its surface has been blackened with coal. A metal ring is attached at each corner, and two large metal poles have been run through on either side. It is by these that the box is carried. For those who haven't been completely distracted by the woman's charms and are curious enough to ask, the man in front tells them the box contains supplies for spiritism. He tells them he, Sampson, is a spiritist, and that the two with him are his companions and dearest friends, Chastity and Bernard. He does not reveal the contents, and it is obvious that no one will get in. Its lock is complicated, and aside from Sampson having the only key, the chest has been further protected by shielding. This, Sampson reveals, is Chastity’s work. If anyone would think of taking the box by force, they would have to make it through Bernard first.

But no one is thinking of taking the box. They are instead fascinated by these friendly and charming new strangers. Sampson and Chastity quickly make friends, and Bernard, though awkward with adults, quickly becomes a favorite with the children, carrying several on his shoulders while he continues to carry the box to their new residence.

Nicknames: Sam, Sammie
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 34 years
Birthday: 3rd of Winter, 480 AV
Height: 6’ 1”
Weight: 185 lbs.
General Appearance: Sampson is a man who shows a wisdom much beyond his years. While he still appears young, there is no missing the look in his eyes that tells he knows more than most do by the ends of their lives. His short-shaved hair gives the hint that he was once a military man, and he has a meticulous care for his appearance.
Spiritism: +60
Persuasion: +35
Leadership: +30
Teaching: +10
Concept: Sampson is a man who demonstrates a calm in everything he does. He is a natural leader who instills a confidence and a peace in anyone who follows him. While he often enjoys his moment-to-moment experience of life, there always seems to be a sense that he is driven to do something, and even in those moments of happiness, this driven nature shows. He has come to Black Rock, because he has spent most of his years as a spiritist facing hostile ghosts. When he heard that the living and the dead existed in harmony in Black Rock, he knew he had to come and see for himself and learn from the experience. The Cicerones, he knew, would be an excellent resource for expanding his skill in spiritism.

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 26 years
Birthday: 22nd of Spring, 488 AV
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 135 lbs.
General Appearance: Every bit the seductress, Chastity does everything she can to highlight her own beauty. Her black hair reaches her waist and is often ornately styled and decorated with anything that suits her fancy on that particular day. Flowers are a favorite, but anything on hand will generally do. When along the shore, seashells become a popular choice. Her midriff is usually bare, but on more formal or solemn occasions, she tastefully chooses more modest attire.
Seduction: +55
Shielding: +40
Persuasion: +30
Dance: +10
Concept: Chastity is a very free spirit. She is quick to make herself welcome anywhere she goes and makes everywhere she goes her home. A creature of comfort, she will attach herself to those who have more than she does or the things she wants and will get those things from others through sheer charm. As easily as she feels at home with anyone, she has a certain, deeper attachment to Sampson, though this rarely ever shows.

Nicknames: Bernie, Burn
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 29 years
Birthday: 71st of Summer, 485 AV
Height: 6’ 10”
Weight: 270 lbs.
General Appearance: A behemoth of a man, Bernard has a gentle face and kind eyes, making his frightening build much less intimidating. He is prone to showing off his impressive build, and when he does, one can see the scars that litter his skin. It seems that it is only when he is asked about the scars that his face loses its pleasantness. He wears his hair shaggy.
Body Building: +45
Unarmed Combat: +30
Wrestling: +30
Weapon (Club): +10
Persuasion: +10
Brawling: +5
Concept: The scars that he doesn’t like to talk about ended the day his story with Sampson and Chastity began. He owes the two of them a great deal and is loyal to the death to the two. Bernard is a gentle soul in everything he does, except when it comes to protecting Chastity and Sampson. He is fun-loving and laughs a lot. His nature as a gentle giant makes him a favorite with children.
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