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Light Dicey visits Clyde Sullin in hopes of gaining a teacher.

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A city floating in the center of a lake, Ravok is a place of dark beauty, romance and culture. Behind it all though is the presence of Rhysol, God of Evil and Betrayal. The city is controlled by The Black Sun, a religious organization devoted to Rhysol. [Lore]

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[Sullin's Residence] Learn From The Master

Postby Elias Caldera on June 27th, 2015, 11:10 pm

Behold, Your Just Rewards!

Light Dicey

Experience and Lore :
  • Observation +4
  • Rhetoric +2
  • Persuasion +3
  • Negotiation +2
  • Hypnotism +1
  • Philosophy +1

  • Clyde Sullins: A Wise and Irritable Mage
  • Clyde Sullins: Doesn't Suffer Fools
  • The Reason I Fight
  • The True and Terrible Cost of Magic
  • Persuasion: Pandering to Your Betters
  • Hypnotism: Not Completely Undetectable

Miscellaneous :
  • His feelings have sustained a serious blow. Effects will last for idk lol.

Loot and Expenses
  • -1 Pride

Clyde Sullins

Experience and Lore :
  • Intimidation +3
  • Rhetoric +2
  • Interrogation +2
  • Auristics +1

  • Light Dicey: Another Naive Aspirant
  • Light Dicey: Fledgling Magic User
  • The 'Value' of Magic
  • Auristics: Passive Sensing
  • Auristics: Detecting Novice Hypnotism

Miscellaneous :
  • None

Loot and Expenses
  • None

Comments :
    Poor Light. As Rye would say; the poor kid had it 'ruff.'

    Nailed it!

    This thread has amused me suitably, especially the part where Clyde basically says "How dare you! Magic isn't something to be bought. Now stop bothering me and go try that Institute place where magic can be bought."

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