Ruros, o' Ruros

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Ruros, o' Ruros

Postby Rewyn Horne on March 12th, 2015, 5:45 am

So, in my years dabbling in roleplay here and there, I've found that there's nothing more satisfying than giving your character a goal that they could never achieve, or one achievable only by the loss of their own life. This makes everything that transpires in between great to write, and generally merges me into the character further.

Wandering about the lore, I realized that the former God of War, Ruros, was slain by the new, Myri. This immediately made me create this character, find a model suitable to what I want to convey (a dreary, lonesome man, ripe with hatred for nearly everybody) and then get to posting this very thread. Would it be unheard of for a person to continue to follow and worship Ruros, even in his death? Perhaps they believe he can somehow be brought back from the dead (whether it was possible or not) to reclaim his godhood, and seek to help aid him in doing so, possibly even transcend him themself.

The character I had in mind would be a devout follower of Ruros, for whatever reason, who believes he can help restore the god to power, somehow, some way. He would be full of inner conflicts and unwavering conviction, halfway to insane, and just a pleasure to be around (sarcasm is obvious).

Anyway, the point I am getting at is would it be ridiculous for a character to follow Ruros, despite the knowledge of his demise?
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Ruros, o' Ruros

Postby Aoren on March 16th, 2015, 12:30 am

Hello Rewyn,

It is good that you have a far reaching goal in mind for your character! This one however has a few holes in it that while not impossible to sort out, will take some work in-game to actually get your character to the point where he needs to be in order to even begin trying to achieve it.

Firstly, Ruros has been dead for a long time. Even before the cataclysmic event known as the Valterrian. The knowledge of him ever being a god is thus scarce. Probably even before Ivak tore the world apart. The only definitive source of information that would exist regarding Ruros would be gained from Uphis, Ruros's only known living son at this time. Outside of Nyka and Uphis's monk order you'd be very, very hard pressed to find any information about the long dead war god.

Here's what I recommend, make yourself an outline. Beginning with knowledge that Ruros ever existed isn't advisable simply because the likelihood of Rewyn encountering that knowledge is slim at best. So, make that your first step. Find a means of gaining that knowledge.

That will also provide for you a city in which to start. Nyka. It's probably one of the only cities with any information about the god but even then I can't say in all confidence that it's widespread even there. It is likely that only Uphis and his monks know about Ruros in any detail. To gain access to that knowledge you would likely either have to be a monk yourself or be highly favored by Uphis and his followers.

This however presents a problem. There is currently no Storyteller overseeing Nyka and this sort of road you wish to travel will require the input of a Storyteller. If Sylira had a Regional Storyteller you would be able to approach them but currently there is none and Domain Storytellers can only preside over matters taking place within the purview of their domains.

Where does that leave you? With a long-term goal. I suggest finding something to work toward that could leave your character open to the possibility of one day traveling to Nyka in search of something. What exactly, is up to you. But until there is a Storyteller either directly over Nyka or a Regional Storyteller over Sylira you'll just have to wait.

Don't lose hope though! There is another possibility. Knowledge of Ruros might exist in Taloba as part of Myri's mythology. To gain insight into such things would require access to the lore as close to Myri as possible as anywhere else it might be distorted due to cultural differences throughout the cities and regions.

You could approach the Storyteller who presides over the region of Falyndar, Traverse, and explore possible options.

So there are a few ways that might help you a little bit in both understanding your goal and ways to explore achieving it. Good luck to you!

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