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Postby Jenna Wyne on March 12th, 2015, 3:36 pm

Jenna waited with a big smile on her face at the tavern that she had agreed to meet the wonderful woman that was her bondmate. She couldn't wait to see her again. She hated being away from her. She ordered a drink and her smile didn't leave. It was so exciting to see the woman again. She had been sneaking by to visit her whenever she got a chance but today was special she was going to actually spend some time with the woman.

Ayviss, was interesting, but something about her spoke to her heart. Jenna couldn't imagine not having her in her life. She would do anything for the woman. Jenna had started becoming like her bondmate, though she wouldn't notice. Jenna had basicly just kept working and visiting Ayviss all winter. Now it was spring, She had found wildlife coming alive again. She had been hunting earlier that day and had two hares tied to her pack. She had forgotten to put them into her apartment in her excitement.

It was strange to think that her life had changed so much since she had met that woman. She no longer felt compelled to find someone instead she had become less trusting and more isolated. She only ever really saw Ayviss. That was when she wasn't working her tanning business. She loved her job. It was lovely, and she had found some trappers to buy fur from so she didn't have to hunt all of them herself.

The tavern was fairly busy and she waited patiently hoping that Ayviss would come like promised as she had been looking forward to to day since she had found out of the meeting. It was funny how the woman had come to mean so much to her. Before she had only looked out for herself really, while trying to find someone.. and that someone turned out to be Ayviss. it was odd how that worked that was for sure.
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