Boy and Coyote (Kyo, please)

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Boy and Coyote (Kyo, please)

Postby Thomas Cosa on May 21st, 2015, 5:10 am


Thomas wondered at the Oasis' sudden silence, puzzled by it's refusal to show them anything more about the man --- or perhaps they hadn't phrased what they wanted correctly? There was very obviously still a connection, nothing had broken, the steady stream of empathy littering his mind with foreign impressions.

But why wouldn't they show him what he wanted?

Small, obsure things passed through his thoughts, seemingly random. A horse. A fire. Everything went too quickly, and he considered briefly a pattern, something; he watched, searching, the pale threads break off and reconnect each sparkling with magic and memory but without reason, seemingly. Thomas was suprised at how able he felt -- his magic wasn't tiring, not here. True, he wasn't doing much besides skimming, pushing his magic against the invisible connections, feeling for Kyo, his warmth, his wierd duality. The Oasis interpreted everything and anything for him, he would just have to remember for when they left this place.

He followed after Kyo with a nod, willingly to allow the kelvic to lead. Kyo seemed to know this place, he would have an idea where to go.

"Where did you come from, Kyo?" Thomas asked, a jumbled punch of curiosity spiking from him towards the kelvic. The Oasis made it so easy to trust people, and the animator knew the kelvic wouldn't shame his curiosity, not like the nuit on Sahova.

He was suprised at the sudden taste of crunch and metal and something. The ground coming closer and closer and closer, the air howling at his own speed, he sees a cricket - he saw a cricket - he opened his mouth and crunch.

Thomas blinked, "Did you see that too, Kyo?".

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