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(Evalin) Where two effigies of avarice and pride meet, malicious intent transforms into sinister event.

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Wicked Guises

Postby Shai on March 24th, 2015, 3:52 am

Timestamp: 51st of Spring, 515 AV

Shai had taken the trip up the coast line, not so far the city was out of sight but the sounds and smells were muted. For the better part of a bell her boots tamped through the dry sand and rocks of the higher beach. Chimes passed the lovers and the children who thought themselves too old for the moniker that made the night shore their home. When the largest ship on the docks was a silhouette and she hadn’t seen a sentient soul in over a dozen chimes she settled abruptly against the natural ridges the waves made of the ground.

Tonight was Leth’s night of patience, when the sky was dark awaiting the new moon. She pulled Chell’s silver chain over her head, while the familiar usually sat as crystal at her breast, tonight his chain would prove an impediment. With her palm outstretched beneath the dangling icicle, she sent forth the tendril of djed for him to power his transformation. His form swelled and filled out like a reversal of Spring’s melt. When the orb nestled in her palm she tossed the chain onto her cloaked puddled nearby. Shai felt prepared to bet she could take down anyone who saw them together tonight. Hubris could be a son of a bitch.

The Irylid levitated above her hand as she drew back and sank. He’d taken to examining the much cleaner sand of Zeltiva, or that was Shai’s best guess. Often he did things she couldn’t understand and he chose not to share.

The Symenestra rolled her shoulders and stretched her arms behind her head. The resounding crack more satisfying to ears than joints. Planting her hands in the lifted her weight off the sand to pull her legs out in front of her. Drawing up her legs into a cross-sit, she pulled each foot over the opposing thigh. Chell, watch for us?

Yes. You do not have to ask. I would do so regardless. Came the preoccupied reply.

The corner of her lips curled, what a far cry their relationship was from spring this time last year. Then she had treated him as a glorified accessory, the choice to make him a partner had been sound. She closed her eyes and let the subtle thresh of the waves draw her mind away.

When she first learned to access magic it had been a brutal affair. The second, a more controlled and mentored attempt, There she had learned a mental imagery device that suited her, a locked chest. Mentally she orchestrated the picks through the mechanism, twitching the wrench she clicked it free. When the little jewelry box opened, what lay inside was more precious than any gem or silver; it was energy of her. Pulling it out like a thread on a spool she drew it down her arms to let it manifest from her fingers. With patience and care she wove the threads into a cloth, laying them across one another where they stuck all over her body. It was harder by far than just her feet or blades, but she was without interruption and that counted for much. When the cloth coated her body she finally gave the command, Against Light The shielded pulsed taking in the command and assimilating that as its purpose.

What was accomplished was a slightly less patchy shield over her frame that acted like a bleak curtain against light and sight. When she flicked her eyes open, she tried to ignore the obvious similarity between her body and the Shadows. More hidden from a regular mortal at ground view it had never occurred to her what a black figure would look like from a bird’s eye.

Without untwining her legs she leaned forward to place her elbows against the sand. Urging her center of gravity forward the delicate and fearless acrobat pushed her muscles into new tension. Her whole body inverted itself into an elbow stand, her legs still crossed in their sit. Balance was the trick of the night, the sand stole her ability to use cilia. It was all Shai’s doing and little to do with racial heritage. Slowly she unraveled her legs, limbs quivering against thee muscle stress and constant wavering to balance. A straight vertical stand, then slow folding forward over her head into a precise curl.

The trickling final edge of the wave came close to her hands, but didn’t quite reach yet.

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Wicked Guises

Postby Evalin on March 24th, 2015, 2:49 pm

The city was touched by moon and starlight, the waves and buildings awash with sparkling glory as Evalin viewed it from an angle few ever could... from above. Her black wings flapped in a continuous pattern that carried Evalin up and over the highest point in the city. Her hands were tucked to her chest, legs held straight against the wind as she made herself as thin and streamlined as possible to help the beat of her wings along. No matter how often Evalin took to the skies the feeling was the same... exhilaration.

This... this is what it is to be godly. Evalin said, tucking her wings and rolling sideways into a fall diagonally toward the ground. She closed her eyes briefly, feeling the wind rushing past her face and whipping her hair over her ears and scalp. Just as she was coming a bit too close to the buildings of the city Evalin snapped her wings open, catching the wind and with three hard strokes drove herself back up into the sky, straight up into the air where she hovered with her hands held out at her waist and a satisfied smile on her lips, This is freedom, truly.

On her chest rested Tsenrika, sealed in the shape of an icy gem rocking gently in the winds made by each mighty flap, There is no place that we cannot reach, and no where we cannot go. he agreed.

Looking down and around Evalin stroked the familiar's surface, a smile not lost on her lips as she enjoyed the feeling of life that came only at times such as these. This city, Zeltiva... It knew not what had come into its midsts, but very soon it would.

Now to find them... All of them. She had come to the city with a task, a purpose that belonged both to Caelum but more importantly to herself. The time was coming, and Evalin was building her force and her power. She was going to change the world... and these people were picked to aid her.

Without noticing Evalin had drifted over the shoreline of the city, the sounds of the waves far below made her look down and what her eyes saw made the Immortal raise an eyebrow. It was... nothing, and that in and of itself was interesting for there amidst the white sands of the beach was one spot that was simply not there, black amid a sea of white and blue. It looked as if it were moving but given the distance Evalin could not be sure.

How curious... Evalin felt her interest peaked, and tilted herself downward, falling straight for the ground and folding her wings close to her body as she did so. Tsenrika stirred against the nuit's mind, but did not say a word, yet Evalin did not pay this any mind. Snapping her wings open several yards above the ground the Immortal landed in a sudden gush of wind and spray of sand as her nearly 13 foot wing span kicked up the air to soften her landing somewhat. When her toes touched the sands Evalin slowed their movements, folding them half way and staring at the splotch of darkness just a few feet away.

The witch wore nothing but the blue gem necklace around her neck. Her body was thin, nearly bone and her features were gaunt and pale. Her teeth were filed to soft points, canines extended and visible as the Immortal opened her mouth to speak in a soft voice, "Curious what one finds in the darkness amidst the fall of Leth's glow. Truly this world is filled with curiosities."

She had not noticed the Irylid just yet, but Tsenrika did. The necklace fell from Evalin's neck without her bidding, swelling into the Irylid's natural form just a moment before hitting the ground where it hovered up slowly to about waist level, "Doubt I that it is quite as interesting as my master believes." he said in a cold, neutral voice, "What names do you go by...?".

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