Meeting the undead

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Meeting the undead

Postby William Schutz on March 24th, 2015, 7:13 pm

32th of spring 514

His mind was itching again. So william was again out and about, looking for an easy target in the slowly darkening streets of sunberth. He had been thinking of trying to get his hands on a pair of rats and slice them up to get at least a bit of satisfaction.. But it was a lot harder to get his hands on a live rat then it was to get his hands on a human and besides. Who would miss some random smuck that went missing? People went missing all the time. So it was win win, just as easy to get away with and it just felt a lot better.

William gave a quick glance to syna as she was slowly setting. Most of the people who tried to stay out of the way of the gangs and worse people would be going home around this time, using the last of the sunlight to get home safely. So now he walked the streets, keeping his cloak around him and just hoping that he looked like some poor beggar trying to get home before the night fell and the slavers came out in full force.

“Oh go take a dip in shyke creek you vagik!” He heard a woman yell loudly, he could hear a group laughing before a door slammed shut, cutting that off. He gave a quick look towards the sound and saw a young woman walk away. Even from a distance he could tell she was absolutely pissed. That was great, angry people didn't pay attention to others. His fingers twitched in anticipation as he slowed down slightly. She would walk past him before to long. He could then jump her from behind , rip her up for a bit till she won't resist anymore before dragging her of to a sideroad and finish up his bussines.

He grinned, that plan sounded foolproof. He listened to the footsteps and the angry mutterings that came closer and closer. Slipping his hands out of his cloak when she passed him and jumped at the woman with a crazed grin on his face. He got an elbow to the face for his troubles.

“I'm not blind” She snarled.
William staggered a few paces backwards. His crazed grin twisting with fury. He was going to enjoy ripping her apart. He lunged to her again in blind rage. He noticed the metallic glint of the dagger to late. And he groaned in pain as it was rammed into his stomach. It hurt.. It really petching hurt. But he was a chained one. He wouldn't die of a stab in the abdomen. He couldn't even bleed from it. But the woman hadn't seemed to think past her stabbing him in the gut. Even he, somebody who just relied on cheap tactics and sharp claws could see that. Both her arms were down, no guard whatsoever.

William powered through the pain and lashed out towards the woman's neck. His sharp claws tearing her neck open from the side of her jaw downwards too her collarbone. She dropped her dagger and pushed against the wound in pain. William didn't let up though, he kept wailing on her, clawing her, ignoring her pained screams before he slammed her to the ground.

“You!” He hissed as he plunged his claws into her abdomen. A feral grin on his face as he tore through flesh. “Are going to pay for that.” He snarled as he tore through the woman's intestines.

He smiled as his fingers tore through the woman, splattering blood and guts on his sleeves and the dirt floor. Letting out a sigh of satisfaction when the woman was truly disembowelled. He stood back up and was ready to make a run for it. He usually had to do that when he lost himself in ripping apart somebody.
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