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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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Feeling Lucky?

Postby Vairial Blackhand on March 24th, 2015, 10:12 pm

Vairial liked this city so far. The lawlessness, the violence, just the overall chaos of the city served to keep everything interesting for the Symenestra. The chaotic state of the city also served to produce many different types of interesting personalities. Unlike most foreigners in Sunberth Vairial was really warming up to the city already.

He had just arrived a few days ago after what seemed like forever traveling. So long, in fact, that it felt like his old home was nothing but a past life at this point, and Sunberth a new beginning.

The people of the city did not seem to be as comfortable as the Symenestra however. As the pale skinned individual strode through the streets he was given a few second glances, his pale skin and red eyes making him stand out among the humans. Vairial found this somewhat amusing, most of them probably had not even seen a Symenestra before. One little boy in particular, no more than six years old and a homeless orphan by the looks of his tattered clothes stared openly, Revenant smiled widely baring his fangs at the boy sending him running. Smirking slightly he continued on before coming to his destination, Tall Johnny's Casino.

The Symenestra, dressed in all black silk and a simple pair of sandals strode up to the dark double doors, flanked on both sides by imposing Akalak bouncers. Vairial made eye contact with one of them as he approached the door as if to ask if he was allowed through, the Akalak nodded slightly then and Vairial passed through. He was immediately surrounded by the smell of smoke and the din of the guests of the casino, most drunk. Not wasting a breath Vairial continued in farther into the building, walking around deciding what he wanted to do.

In truth he did not have any plans on what he wanted to do. He had some mizas on him if he wanted to play any of the games, and while watching some fighters pummel each other to death in the cage was somewhat interesting he simply did not feel like walking all the way over to the other side of the building to see it. Perhaps he would work his way across the room.

Looking around he chose to sit at a table with a card game, a stout man with a well-kept brown beard and small squinting eyes was the dealer. There were three others there, a trio of men who seemed to be sailors spending their time of leave in port in the Casino. When the Symenestra slid into the seat next to them they seemed unsettled slightly, but all together they seemed to drunk to care. Laying a miza on the counter Vairial was dealt a hand of cards, which he looked at idly, but was not overly concerned with. He did not come to this table to play a game of cards, he came to play a different game of sorts.

He had picked this table for a reason, after all. All of them were having a merry time despite one of the individuals winning a disproportionate amount of times. Perhaps this was luck or he was cheating, Vairial did not care, he only saw an opportunity to take advantage of it. As they were playing he began putting suggestions into the minds of the other two, fleeting thoughts such hinting to something not being right every-time the same person with the most winnings won once again. He doubted they would notice the thoughts came from seemingly no where in their drunken state. After a few games, when things seemed to loosen up and he had already put multiple suggestions into the two less fortunate patron's mind he leaned back in his seat casually before saying in a joking tone, "Gods, wouldn't it just be quicker if we handed him our money and skipped the game?" The man who was sitting at the end of the table chuckled at this quip as he collected his latest winnings,

"Keep it comin lads!" enthusiasm in his voice. It was at this point that he instilled a new emotion in the two others, suspicion. With all his previous suggestions this was all that was needed to set off the avalanche that Vairial had been building up for the past few rounds of cards. One of the sailors stood up anger clear on his face,

"You petchin' shyke! Don't set thare all smug like that! I know what yee 'as been doing these last few games! No way you could've been winning so much without some extra help!"

The arguement slowly devolved into a battle of accusations, all the surrounding patrons watching in a somewhat confused state, and soon it got physical, with the other sailor joining in the all out brawl as well. Vairial just sat there innocently, moving out of the way as the fight came near him, a startled look on his face. Soon it was broken up however, a couple of guards hauling the trio out of the casino, and if one looked closely they could see Vairial smirk slightly as they were taken away.
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