Solo Cooks And Crooks

Revenge is a dish best served with shrooms

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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Cooks And Crooks

Postby Mirage on June 20th, 2015, 8:39 pm


Skills Improved
  • Cooking - +1
  • Endurance - +1
  • Tactics - +1
  • Unarmed - +2

Lores Gained
  • Unarmed Combat: Moving with blows lessons impact
  • Wind Reach: A Crime to defend yourself
  • Cooking: Wind Reach style mushroom soup
  • Cooking: Don't wash mushrooms with water

Items Awarded

Character Notes
Alright that was one full solo lol. So as I was reading this I thought over and over again that you might be power playing, or overplaying your skills, but nope you have all the skills and lores to back up everything you did in the fight. I don't know why I was surprised lol. Anyway I had to keep your CS up the entire time, but I really enjoyed this thread more than I expected to. I wonder what happened to that Endal? Hm...

So you may have noticed you did not get many skill points, and there is a very simple explanation. There was no real challenge for Brandon. Plain as that, the Endal did not stand a chance and Brandon even got bored near the end. I debated only giving you one point in fact, but the level of details made me change my mind and awarded it anyway. You got the tact skill for his little dismantling of the Endal's apparent strategy. Good on you there. Anyway, if you want more points in the future Brandon needs more of a challenge. he is now at the level where there are very few NPC's, and even PC's, who could challenge him one on one. Its not really the unarmed combat, its the combination of your acrobatics and unarmed and the series of lores that make your PC nearly in a class on his own. He needs something more challenging if he really wants to grow, and while I cannot say what that might be I can say there will be opportunities coming in the future. My advice is do not run from a seemingly unbeatable obstacle if you see one coming. Embrace it, not just for yourself but for your character.

I do want to make one note, however. I looked through all of your lores and you do not have a lore that allows Brandon to numb an opponent with his hits. I did not award the lore here because there was no him learning the skill, he just kind of did it. If you want to use this ability in the future I suggest putting Brandon through some training possibly to learn pressure points, etc, which will allow him to do what you described in this thread. Till then be careful how you write your combat. its easy to get caught up in the skill level, but if you do not have a lore for a technique you cannot just do it. I learned that on my own PC as well.

Alright thats it! Fantastic thread! I look forward to reading more of your stuff in the future :)

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