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Postby Atala Reine on April 11th, 2015, 10:05 pm

"Gee! This 'Mizahar' concept sure looks fascinating! Now that I have done my reading like I've noticed a few individuals most certainly did not in their character sheets, I do believe I shall create *my* personage and introduce mysel--"

One year later....


Usually when I'm introducing myself, I already have an idea what I'm really getting myself into, but this is all... I don't know. This spotlight shines too bright for me. Uh, how about I talk about my experiences?

Well, eh. Let me tell you, getting involved with role-playing has brought to light some pretty sad truths about the kind of person I was when it came to inventiveness and creativity. Over the years I feel that I've improved, but I'm still convinced that even some of my oldest works are nowhere near as horrifyingly awful when compared to the HORRENDOUS grammar and anime stereotypes I'd been surrounded with for... a while. After a rocky road filled with college classes, role-playing communities that seem to challenge themselves to engage in egregious errors of consistency and logicImage, and players approaching my characters with varying degrees of hatred or romantic interest for variousI THOUGHT YOUR CHARACTER WAS SUPER CUTE AND I WANT TO RP A RELATIONSHIP FOR THIS REASON ALONE LOL ALSO MAKE HER MY CHARACTER'S SLAVE OR I'LL TELL EVERYBODY YOU'RE A MEANIE reasonsLET'S RP FIGHT WITH MY GOD MODE SUE AGAINST YOUR CHARACTER WITH MODERATE STRENGTHS AND CAREFULLY CONSIDERED AREAS OF WEAKNESS BECAUSE REASONS, I came to the realization that if I wanted to actually do some truly thought-provoking writing, I'd have to look around, and look hard. I like to play within the bounds of a well-detailed and at least marginally original setting, you see, because when done well, they usually grow into something far more spectacular and involved than a one-shot with less love and care poured into it.

And that's when I remembered that I had a Mizahar account that's gone untouched completely.

So I'm still working on the particulars of my own CS I mean it's not like I've been sitting on this idle account for a YEAR or anything so I guess I'll post that up after I lurk moreImage and get a better feel for the implications of my character's design? look at this loser talking like the "implications" are important or something

Until I inevitably ask something ridiculous, I'll stick to browsing around until I'm ready to come out of my turtle shell. :smirk: In the meantime, hi guys. Ask me nothing and/or anything, if you like.
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Postby Neologism on April 13th, 2015, 1:47 pm

Hello and welcome back (er, -ish?)! Sounds like you've already come to understand the process it takes to create a character here, which is a bit of a relief ^-^. Either way I hope you find a nice creative niche for you here and enjoy your writing. There is a city and race for just about any idea you could have. But, if you want any help whatelsoever with simply deciding things or checking on your understanding of the lore, feel free to pop into our chat room. Most senior players and moderators can help you find an answer or solution.

Love all the memes by the way! Thought they were cute. Hope to see you writing around soon :D
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