The Pottery Heist: Part 1

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The Pottery Heist: Part 1

Postby Raven Nightfoot on April 25th, 2015, 11:51 am


of Spring, 515AV

That petcher. The irony of the situation was not lost on her, not one bit, but irony didn't make it any less annoying to endure nor did it allow her pride to remain intact. She had been robbed. Her. The aspiring master thief had been robbed by some lowly pickpocket. Of course, her own ventures beyond the picking of pockets had been few and far between with even fewer bouts of success, but still, the very fact that the thief had chosen to rob her of her well-robbed coin made him deplorable in her amber eyes.

The focus on Raven's face was evident as she followed the disgusting thief through the busied streets of Sunberth, leaving a safe amount of distance between the two of them in order to maintain his complete lack of suspicion. It had happened about half a bell ago, she'd been stalking through the streets in search of coin in need of liberation, minding her own business when the short man had 'bumped' into her, an all too familiar bump that any decent thief would recognise as an intrusive act. However, her arrogance had caused a delay in the realisation that she'd been robbed, too sure of herself to even consider that she'd been bested until a few ticks had passed and her conscience had nagged her to check enough that she actually did.

The moment her hand had been met with the complete absence of her precious bulge of coin she'd stopped dead in her tracks, eyes wide with shock and anxiety as she spun around to find the culprit. It had taken her only a moment to spot the thief, short and making his way away from her in a way that made it clear that he was trying too hard to seem inconspicuous. The man was clearly not as talented at sneaking as he was at sleight of hand and Raven immediately began her cautious pursuit.

She could have shouted at him, given chase, yelled at others to stop him because he was a thief but as a member of the same occupation, she knew better. Raven had experienced those very situations on several occasions during her time as a thief and she knew full well that all those approaches did was alert the thief that they'd been discovered and forced them into fleeing, which was far easier than chasing. So, not willing to gamble her precious stolen coin on whether or not the other thief was a skilled runner, the dark haired larcenist had chosen instead to stealthily pursue her target from a distance until he reached a suitable position for her to pounce, or preferably, had added more stolen coin to her own.
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