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Vince goes on a pickpocketing spree... and hopes to NOT get caught...

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A Little Cash on the Side...

Postby Vince Angel on May 1st, 2015, 1:00 am

Vince Angel

11th of Spring.

Vince yawned and stretched out on his... rather uncomfortable cot. Not that it bothered him any. After living in a shyke house in a shyke city for twenty-six years, it tends not to matter how uncomfortable one's bed is. The first few years, it gets bothersome. The next few, you get used to it, and the last few, it's an every-day thing that one actually looks forward to after a long, hard day. It sure as Hai was not the best, but it was home... Or more likely, all he could really afford.

He sat up and stretched a bit more, his many tatoos seeming to move as his muscles flexed. He searched through his backpack for his comb and began to straighten the knots out of his hair. It angered him greatly that he had no mirror to look into, and instead had to rely on his hands to check for any small strands of hair that would often stick up. He hoped that one day, he would be able to afford a large mirror that he could hang up somewhere in his house, but most of his money had gone toward his savings. What he was saving up for, he was not sure exactly, but he mostly hoped to finally be able to leave this poor city and see new things...

He sighed gently and put away his comb, satisfied once he was sure there were no more knots in his hair. Stuffing his backpack under the cot, he grabbed his small wrist knife and headed out the door, cautiously glancing up and down the streets. Living in Sunberth his entire life, he knew just as well as everyone else how dangerous it was walking down the streets. There did not seem to be many walking about, and he had a hard time deciphering whether or not that was a good thing. He kept his knife hidden against his wrist and made sure that his door was locked before closing it. Once done with that simple task, he began walking down the street, eyeing anyone who passed by with suspicion, while also feeling hopeful that they may have something of worth in their pockets.

After about ten minutes of walking, Vince finally spotted his first target. He noticed the man's seemingly expensive apparel and the way he glanced around at the run-down houses with a face that resembled a mix between surprise and disgust. But what really caught the thief's eye was the decent-sized coin purse swinging lazily by a thin rope at the man's side. Apparently, this person has never been in Sunberth before, and obviously had no idea the way things worked in the city. Well... Time to give this outsider a proper welcome...

Vince watched the man, shadowing him carefully and glancing away whenever the man would look over his shoulder. He was sure that, at least once, the man grew suspicious. But if he did, he shrugged it off really quickly. Not smart... Not smart at all. The thief finally saw his chance once the man stopped at an intersection in the road, apparently wondering which way he was going to turn next. Eyeing the coin purse hungrily, Vince pulled out his wrist knife and prepared to make his move...
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A Little Cash on the Side...

Postby Tubby on May 2nd, 2015, 3:04 am

Tubby burped slightly, looking at the tiny bit of clay he held in his three-fingered grasp. The little black slit that stretched from his eyes opened to reveal small mouth that contained a few block-like teeth on the top and bottom of his mouth. He flicked the clay into his mouth, chewing noisily with many smacks and a few bits of clay falling to the ground. He gulped it down, patting his fat belly.

Moving his hands behind him, he extended them to push his body up to a standing position, his giant head setting him a little off balance. He steadied himself before looking around, looking for a good place for adventure. He had already took down his tent, which was safely hidden inside the chest, and strapped his scabbard to his back, Ice nestled within it safely. He kept a strand of clay around the hilt, so that if someone were to try to take it, he'd come along, protecting his precious weapon. He'd yet had someone try to take it from him, but that didn't mean he'd become lax in protecting it. He turned his head, looking down the street where he was at. He had been camping in this spot for some time now, but he'd guess it was time to find a new place. Someone might find him when he was sleeping, and that was never good.....

He let a hum come from his Nexus, his voice oddly deep despite his small body. The hum sounded as if had come from a man much larger and older than him, and pretty much everyone was larger than him. Standing less than a foot off the ground, most people thought he'd have a small squeaky voice; except, his voice was the exact opposite. He wondered briefly if his voice could become squeaky; he'd never tried. It probably could, if he knew how. His voice had always been deep. The size of his head had always made his voice low, though smooth at the same time.

Scratching his belly, he shook the small train of thought from his mind, looking about again. He turned his head a full three hundred and sixty degrees; he had to see where he was at. It was never good to be unable to see what was happening around you.

Taking a few steps, or waddles, as his legs were quite short, he moved down the street, looking up at the men and women around him; even the short ones were giants to him, though he had long come to terms with that fact. He had never really been angry or discontented with it, actually. He just thought it a way of life. Some people were Pycons, as he was, and were really small. It didn't matter much to him.

As he waddled, making his feet splay slightly to keep balance, he continued down his chosen street, letting random turns and guesses take him around the city. After waddling a few blocks, he stopped at an intersection; he wondered which way to go. Decisions, decisions.... He narrowed his eyes, or what could count as narrowing in his Nexus; his eyes transformed from being big circles to triangles, making his pudgy face take on a slightly evil expression, though he was just deep in thought. He didn't know why he did it, it just happened when he was thinking or deciding something, as he was.

His eyes moved back into circles as he saw a richly dressed man walk down a direction, and stop as he had. He was probably deciding where to go, too. Hrm, everyone doesn't know where to go today, he mused, looking around. Behind the man, he noticed, was another figure, coming from the direction of the man. He watched as the guy pulled out a weird shaped object; it was sharp and shiny, was all he knew. His eyes on it, Tubby nearly bounced to the man with the oddity in his hand, intending to ask him.

"Hey, mister, whats that thing in your hand? Its all shiny and sharp, like Ice!" As he mentioned his sword, he pulled it out from the scabbard slung across his back, holding it out proudly.
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