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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Prevent burning

Postby S'Essy on May 7th, 2015, 6:41 pm

AV 515, Spring 19th

After her little bath with the Harlot she went out from the bathhouse. Maybe she wouldn't swim in Laviku's waters alone but she wanted to go there, visit it. Zeltiva wasn't that dangerous anymore or so she thought and she couldn't not visit her Father everyday. It was even more urging since His visit. It was decided for her, the Konti would go to beach.

She arrived there rather quickly. S'Essy never wasted time, if she would go to the Ocean. As she stood there to admire the beauty of the Sea God's water, she also looked up to admire the Sun Goddess' light. It was strange, ever since the Healer got mark from Syna not being touched by Her light became rather uncomfortable. Nights especially were stranger for her. Not unbearable but still weird. Leth's light tended to ease that, but not entirely, it was still not Syna's light even if the Goddess smiles up on Her Lover.

Also ever since her bond with the Sun, S'Essy could feel Syna's affection more close. She couldn't really describe. And that reminded her, she didn't even try her new power. And being there was a great opportunity. She could check if someone was around her. Because this would be also a perfect opportunity to try some Shielding. She has been neglecting that for a long time now. And she needed peace to do so.

She carefully sat down on the hot sand. S'Essy tried a little meditation before using her power, since she also had to focus on what to see. Slowing down her breathing a bit, closing her eyes. It was not that easy as she was pregnant. She had to focus on something to distract her mind. The waves and the sounds from the Ocean was perfect for that. She just had to calm herself a bit. She was also forcing her mind to focus on what to see.

Which was tricky, she didn't wanted to see anything special. She wanted to see that no one was around. She had to see herself and the near place around. She opened her eyes, and activated her gnosis. The orb was shining with a bright light and she no longer saw the Laviku's water. A new wonderful sight opened before her. No sound, no touch, no smell, only sight was active.

She could see from above, in Syna's perspective. First she noticed herself. She was too far and couldn't see so clearly. She saw a blonde woman, sitting on the sand. She could see her gills shining in the light. Definitely that was her. She was checking her around if she could see anyone else close. Not really, she was all alone there. No people. She could see a little glimpse of the dock but that was out of her sight. It was the limit.

It was exciting and a liberating feeling. All those images... Syna could see so much! With more details and more closely. S'Essy had hard time to stay focus and not get lost in her sight. Before it would even happen she stopped using the gnosis. She blinked once or twice and she found herself back. She had to admit, it was a lot to take at once, but the feeling and the sight, it wasn't something she have ever experienced.
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