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Postby S'Essy on February 4th, 2014, 3:48 pm



Race: Konti
Gender: Female
Age: 36
Birthday: 21, Spring, 480
Birthplace: Mura
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 110 lbs


S'Essy has a common Konti appearance. Her body is pretty slim, she is not so strong. Her hair is blonde, usually straight, shoulder lenghts. She has a really pale skin, and as well she has scales on her skin. These scales are usually iridescent blue to violet, and can be found on her hands, legs and her neck. Her eyes are indigo.

Character Concept

Fond of the world of Mizahar. After the calm life in Mura, she is seeking some kind of adventure, something more exciting. Exploring cities, new cultures. She likes to meet new people and get know them. She might be a bit too naive, and trust too easily, following her insticts. Just like how she follows her Call that she needs to assist a certain person.

Character History



Fluent Language: Kontinese
Basic Language: Common
Poor Language: Tukant


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Gardening 5 SP 5 Novice
Shielding 10 SP, 5 XP 15 Novice
Medicine 10 RB, 10 SP 4 XP, 2 XP, 3 XP, 3 XP, 1 XP 33 Competent
Meditation 15 SP, 5 XP, 1 XP, 3 XP 24 Novice
Herbalism 10 SP 10 Novice
Observation 3 XP, 4 XP, 3 XP, 4 XP, 5 XP, 1 XP, 2 XP, 2 XP, 4 XP, 3 XP, 5 XP, 5 XP, 3 XP, 2 XP, 4 XP, 3 XP 53 Expert
Rhetoric 3 XP, 4 XP, 2 XP, 5 XP, 3 XP, 2 XP, 3 XP, 2 XP, 2 XP, 5 XP, 2 XP, 4 XP 37 Competent
Socialization 3 XP, 5 XP, 2 XP, 5 XP, 5 XP, 5 XP, 5 XP, 5 XP, 5 XP, 3 XP, 5 XP, 2 XP, 1 XP, 1 XP, 5 XP 57 Expert
Weapon: Bastard Sword 2 XP 2 Novice
Flirting 2 XP, 5 XP, 1 XP 8 Novice
Seduction 1 XP, 3 XP, 1 XP, 2 XP, 1 XP 8 Novice
Land Navigation 2 XP, 1 XP 3 Novice
Leadership 1 XP, 1 XP, 3 XP 5 Novice
Wilderness Survival 1 XP 1 Novice
Interrogation 1 XP, 2 XP 3 Novice
Scavenging 1 XP 1 Novice
Persuasion 2 XP, 4 XP, 2XP, 2 XP, 2 XP, 2 XP, 2 XP 16 Novice
Planning 1 XP, 1 XP, 1 XP 3 Novice
Organization 1 XP, 4 XP, 2 XP 7 Novice
Cleaning 1 XP 1 Novice
Intelligence 2 XP, 3 XP 5 Novice
Investigation 4 XP, 3 XP, 3 XP 10 Novice
Riding: Horse 1 XP 1 Novice
Negotiation 1 XP, 1 XP, 1 XP 3 Novice
Intimidation 1 EXP 1 Novice
Stealth 2 XP 2 Novice
Acrobatics 1 XP 1 Novice
Storytelling 1 XP, 5 XP 6 Novice
Philosophy 1 XP, 1 XP, 1 XP 3 Novice
Cosmetology 1 XP 1 Novice
Subterfuge 2 XP 2 Novice
Acting 2 XP 2 Novice
Tracking 2 XP 2 Novice

Lores :
Lore of Riverfall
Following Your Call
Syliras: Fortress City Of Peace
Location: Bronze Woods
Healing: Rak'keli's Gnosis To Mend Wounds
Markus: Squire
Bastard Sword: Basic Stances And Grips
Knights: Crusaders Of Peace
Markus: His age
Markus: Annoyed by fake expressions
Markus: S'essy's boyfriend
Location: Pavi Lake
Stern Mason: Markus' master
Stern Mason: Prefers Ser mason
Meaning of "Low-balling"
Challenge to Dira
Wilderness Survival: How to make a fire
Pain Brings Out the Worst in People
Love of Working
Riverfall: Lots of Activity
Using Rak'keli's Mark to Close Wounds
Akalak Anatomy
Medicine: Repairing Major Wounds
Medicine: Stopping Bleeding
Medicine: Cleaning Wounds
Medicine: Binding Broken Bones
Medicine: Bandaging Wounds
Medicine: Checking Breathing
Medicine: Finding a Heartbeat
Travel: Having Pre-Trip Insomnia
Organization: Packing For A Trip/Moving
Planning: Moving From One City To Another
Medicine: Healing Bruising
Medicine: Watching for Head Trauma Signs
Medicine: Performing an Exam
Medicine: Treating snakebites
Detection of fellow Rak'keli Gnosis Bearer
Aoren: Studies at the College of Djed
Divination Gnosis Abilities
Meditation: Assists Divination
Auristics Magic: Basic
Intelligence: Shifting Methods of Investigation
Father: Loving, Musical Vantha
Vantha: Changing Eye Color
Markus: A Sergeant Knight
Markus: An Important Part Of The Calling
Sergeant Knights Are Rich
Healers Need Self-Defence Too
Revisiting Old Friends
Blind Chance Is The Best Matchmaker
Negotiation: Setting Conditions
Markus: Marked by Sylir
Riding: Don't Be Afraid
Markus: A Bad Childhood
Relationships Don't Start That Quickly
Riding: The Basics
Seduction: Drawing In With A Kiss
Wright Memorial Library: Hard to navigate
Archives in Sylira: For knights only
Spiritism: Deals with spirits and ghosts
Ghosts: Still have business
Practice: The real way to learn magic
Ghosts: Possibly unreliable
Shielding: Protects Things
Shielding: Two shielder weaves are possible
Shielding: Takes time and focus
Reimancy: Controls the elements
Aoren: Similar stories
Balican: An acid spitting beast
Gods: Test our strengths and reactions
Location: Worlds End Grotto
A Love of Laviku's Realm
Zeltiva: Murderer At Large
Simon: Markus's Elder Brother
Simon: Not Friendly To Konti
Michelle: Simon's Wife
Caroline: Markus's Ill Sister
Anne: William's Wife
William: Markus's Eldest Brother
Johanne: Markus's Niece
Johanne: Pregnant
Richard: Markus's Third Eldest Brother
The Andres: A Terrible State of Affairs
Markus: My Reason To Wander
Markus: Beneath the Knight, A Tender Man
Alaia: A Kindred Spirit
Rak'Keli's Gift: Wasn't Asked For
The Deepset Desire to Experience a Bond
Acrobatics: Finding Balance In Mud
Location: Zastoska Bathhouse
Markus: My Lover, My Call, My Devotion
Observational Insight: Gauging A Man’s Temper
Social Nuance: Cutting Through Verbal Tension
Pulren: Wave Guard
Pulren: A Friendly Fella
Pulren: Born In Zeltiva
Sunberth: A City of Slave
Trouble Sleeping Without Kvist
Telling Kvist About My Pregnancy
Markus: Truly Desires a Son
Pray to Rak'keli for Our Daughter
Markus Won't Leave his Daughter Fatherless
Birthday Fun for Markus
Trusting Markus
Nitai: just okay at Kontinese
Dor'ger the Akalak
The Hunger: of mother with child
Identifying a Svefra by their Tavan Bond
Laviku: The Look of the Oceanus Mark
Svefra: Live in Families Called Pods
Don’t Need to be Marked to be Loved
Laviku: The Power of Oceanus
Bow and Stern – Front and Back of a Ship
Questioning One-Night Enjoyments
Sunberth: Intimidating
Location: the Quay
Blitzer Redwulf: Acquaintance
Medicine: Dissecting a body
Dissection: Opening the chest
Fat: Yellow and soft
Dissection: Cutting through the muscles
Anatomy: Human organs
Cause of death: Suffocation
Dark organs: lack of oxygen
S'Essy: New resident at the Quay
Bitzer's True Name: Fallon
Remembering Fallon, the Little Knight
Outranking a knight
Birth: Just a waiting game
An expectant mother's fear
Medicine: birthing a baby
Medicine: Cutting the umbilical cord
Swimming: The Diving Bell
Jason: Worshipper of Syna
Jason: Blind
Jason: Son of a Wealthy Family in Zeltiva
Syna: Goddess of the Sun, Joy, Energy and Sight
Oath to Syna: To Spread Joy In The World
Leth: God of the Moon
Story: Leth and Syna’s Love
Location: Priskil’s Spire
Winter: Brings about illness and misfortune
Sunberth: Draining
Markus: Reminiscing out first meeting
Bitzer: Markus' ex-lover.
Markus' previous journey
Reminiscing about the Djed storm.

Rak'keli's first mark, Healing, on her forehead
Syna's first mark, Inavalti, on her left eye

Konti Gift

Just like every Konti, S'Essy has her own special gift as well. By touching a person she can feel if the person has any kind of bond with someone. Like a Drykas with a strider, a bond with a kelvic or cheva mark. She will only feels what kind of bonds this person has, but she won't know their bondmates' name.


1 Set of Clothing
- Simple Dress
- Sandals
- Cloack
- Purple Silk Dress
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Bone)
-Brush (Bone)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
-3 oz of Tolm
-3 oz of Vyfox
-3 oz of Jile
-Mixed Breed Horse
-Bridle and Bit
-Pairs of saddle bags
-White bandanna

Heirloom: Earrings from her mother


House: The Quay with Markus Andres


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Selling her apartment on the 29th spring, AV 514 +500 GM 600 GM
Paying for the ship from Riverfall to Syliras -90 GM 510 GM
Living Expense: Spring, AV 514 Common -135 GM 375 GM
Seasonal Wage +336 GM 711 GM
One night in the Traveler's Row - 1 GM + 9 SM 710 GM, 9 SM
Toothpaste, 3 oz of Tolm, 3 oz of Vyfox, 3 oz of Jile -1 GM - 45 CM 708 GM, 9 SM, 55 CM
Living Expense: Summer, AV 514 Common -135 GM 573 GM, 9 SM, 55 CM
To Zand for the white bandanna -2 SM 573 GM, 7 SM, 55 CM
To Elea as a deal - 8 GM 565 GM, 7 SM, 55 CM
Purple silk dress - 20 GM 545 GM, 7 SM, 55 CM
Living Expense: Fall, AV 514 Common -135 GM 510 GM, 7 SM, 55 CM
Living Expense: Winter, AV 514 Common -135 GM 375 GM, 7 SM, 55 CM
Seasonal Wage: Fall 514 AV +1001 GM 1376 GM, 7 SM, 55 CM
Paying at the bathhouse - 1 GM - 2 SM 1375 GM, 5 SM, 55 CM
Living Expense: Spring, AV 515 Common -135 GM 1240 GM, 5 SM, 55 CM
Living Expense: Summer, AV 515 Common -135 GM 1105 GM, 5 SM, 55 CM

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