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Escorting ‘hot’ items from dock through Sunberth

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One Stolen Crate One Chance

Postby Aliara Cantrell on May 15th, 2015, 9:42 am

79th of Spring 514AV

It was almost summer yet Aliara found herself shivering in the cold breeze that came off of the ocean. It lifted strands of her hair and blew through her clothes as if they were nothing. Scanning the docks Aliara waited with the two other Mercenaries who were to aid in escorting the weapon shipment to the Proving grounds for the summer practise. If Aliara remembered correctly their names were Tomas and Bert. They were both big men with tree like forearms and constantly looked like they would punch the nearest person to them, This was the second time Aliara had been paired with them so she knew for a fact that Bert enjoyed his daughter's tea parties and Tomas enjoyed fine silks, so if she was to be with any other mercenaries Aliara liked these ones the most.

“S’pposed to be six creates in total, so i reckon 2 each?”

The rough voice of Tomas mumbled as the three mercenaries watched the docking ship, Aliara grunted in agreement and took a step forward to get a closer. It was said to be coming in from Zeltiva and a small voice in Aliara’s mind began to wonder if her father was on the ship. Sighing softly Aliara tried to push the thought as far away as she could. Taking a step back towards the two other mercenaries she thought on the job. They would escort two crates each, it seemed simple enough yet Aliara felt as though Bert was a bit too twitchy to be comfortable.

“Relax Bert… It's a simple job.”

Aliara muttered as the creates began to file off the boat and wondered what was inside them. Food? gems? weapons? though Aliara knew better then to ask, she was just the muscle not the brains. Tomas began to crack his knuckles as the crates and their carriers were brought in front of their guards. With the start of the job nearing Aliara felt Berts angst grow. Taking a sidelong look at Bert Aliara saw his shoulders twitching and his nervously rubbing his hands together.Weird.

“Attention! You will all guard two creates as they make their way towards their destination. So you will guard four in total you got it?”

The voice drew Aliara’s attention with in ticks, it was loud and commanding and belonged to the captain of the ship. He was a burly man with a large beard, bright orange in colour. Trying not to stare Aliara nodded in agreement.

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