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Soft Kitty

Postby Jessor Yellowmoss on May 16th, 2015, 7:31 pm

9th of Spring, 515 AV

Jessor's imagination ran wild, creating a picture of beauty before her eyes.

Jessor tilted her head into the wind, imagining that the land in front of her was the prairie and sprawling grass of her homeland, rather than the muck and grim of the Sunberthian ground that was really before her.

Instead of tracking a mangy street cat to steal for the Kennels, Jessor imagined that she was tracking a wild Mountain Lion, ducking in the shadows of tall trees for cover from the wild beast. Jessor ducked and rolled through the "grass", her hands held out to balance herself against the looming walls of nearby buildings.

But it wasn't long before reality came rushing back to her. Her dream was interrupted without notice when Jessor swooped forward to scoop up her prey victoriously, only to fall back, injured. The thing had bitten her!

Jessor swore loudly in Pavi without thinking, and the bitter tomcat took off, frightened by the sound, yowling at the girl as he ran. Jessor shook her injured hand, checking it briefly for signs of infection before giving chase.

"Damn cat! Get back here you Vajik!" Jessor ran as quickly as she could, artfully dodging around walls and over puddles. All was going well, and she was nearly within arm's reach when she missed the cat for the second time that day. This time, the obstacle was not the animal's fault, however. Jessor had run headlong into a passer-by.
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