[The Pig's Foot] Hangman

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[The Pig's Foot] Hangman

Postby Rafael Colebourne on May 21st, 2015, 5:47 pm

For the longest while, he didn't know what to say. Having a friend was something new, something he had longed for, yet he wasn't jumping up and down in joy. No. The kisses she had given him had made his heart leap to his throat. He doubted any random drunk girl could have made him feel the same.

He hung his head in surrender. "Yes. Friends. That's fine I suppose." He tried to smile but it came out rather forced. It wasn't just her curly blonde hair or gentle lips that made him regret just being a friend, she was playful and quirky too. And quite dangerous. How could he not love her?

"Actually," he sighed, stormy eyes boring into her, "I am not sorry." He carefully edged closer, worried she might bolt like a deer if he were to startle her. "I don't regret kissing you. You're a fun girl. I like you...when you're not trying to murder me." He chuckled a little, then closed the distance between them again, just like the night before.

Once more he closed his eyes. Once more he tasted her lips. The only difference with last night was that they were standing inside now, and Rafael maintained the contact longer.

"There," he whispered as he backed off. "To help you remember."
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[The Pig's Foot] Hangman

Postby Julia Tristal on May 21st, 2015, 6:06 pm


For a few ticks they just stood there in awkward silence, she didn't know why but her own words echoed inside her head, trying to bore into her mind. Was she really willing to give him up to just be friends? She didn't know, but she felt as if she's making a mistake. Though she doesn't want to admit it.

"Actually," She looked at him, seeing his steely-grey eyes look into her emerald ones. She looked away. "I am not sorry. I don't regret kissing you. You're a fun girl. I like you...when you're not trying to murder me." She looked at him with curious eyes, she did not regret either, but still, her fear of love was the thing that kept her back from kissing him right then and there.

She felt his lips on hers, feeling his rough lips on hers. She was shocked and almost pushed him away, but instead her hands were just placed on his chest, no force was being applied, they were like soft leaves on a rock, one could easily move them aside.

As they backed up, her face was a mixture of confusion and worry. "Y-Yeah, I remember it better now." She stuttered and gave a tiny forced smiled. "B-But, we're just friends, right? I mean, no offense meant, but we only just met. If you are planning on wooing me, I won't be as easy as a couple of cheap drinks in a bar." She gave a small playful wink, trying to keep her head from the heat of the situation.

"O-Oh, umm... How about some breakfast? We can take a few apples and if we're lucky, maybe a pie, you know... just a thought..." She walked over to the door and waited for him to answer.
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