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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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[The Pig's Foot] The Alehouse

Postby Sh'Ky Naes on May 20th, 2015, 8:44 pm

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Ahhh... 'Ky drew a deep breath of the night air. Nothing quite like the smell of filth in the evening. Sauntering down the street, he headed towards the center of the city. The Pig's Foot would seem to be the place to go. Checking his pockets, and making sure he had only the exact amount of coin needed to buy two rounds at the bar, he whistled, hat tilted backwards, exposing his face to the dimming light. The cheerfulness was an act, a facade, but not a hard one to perform. There were several reasons he should be cheerful, such as not attracting any attention from the gangs, not being dead, and also having enough coin to spare to spend on the drinks. But years of living in Sunberth had made him become pessimistic and jaded, not easily able to find joy in the simple things. However, he dispelled any other thoughts as he reached the location of the tavern. It was time to work, or if other pursuits distracted him, it was time to drink. The evening had no purpose, at least not tonight.

Entering the bar, he swept his hat off with a flourish, and looked into the room with a cocky grin. Waiting until silence swept about the bar, he said, "What's up, petchers?" The room exploded with laughter as everyone promptly turned back to their drinks, forgetting the man as quickly as they saw him. Sometimes, an over-the top entrance was better than a subtle one. If people saw you as harmless, they would leave you alone, most likely. Sitting down, and tossing his hat down on an empty table, he winked at the serving girl, and said, "Hey, Miss, one ale please!" The waitress smiled and performed a mock curtsy, and headed up to where Merv was at, and began to retrieve his drink. Scanning the room, he looked for someone to steal from, or at least talk to.
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