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Two Guys, One Loot (Sh'Ky Naes)

Postby Roan Mayfall on May 29th, 2015, 9:36 pm

89th Day of Spring, 515 AV
The Streets of Sunberth

Patiently watching, steady, eyes focused, and always at a distance, a predator gradually narrows in on its prey, and so too does Roan as he tails a target. He was following a dark skinned fellow wearing vibrant shades of green, a short sword was strapped to the man's left side, but he was clearly a sheep. The man's eyes suspiciously darted from side to side, he cyclically patted his right hip, and he shied away from every passerby—he was gold on legs. This man, a merchant of some sort, was currently transporting a message and Roan's employer wanted it.

By utilizing Sunberth's labyrinthine street map, Roan stayed out of sight but watchful. He was always a turn away, always ready to look busy. In theory he'd never be spotted, but unfortunately reality, with all of its unpredictable deviations, rarely played out like theory. With muted foot falls, slowly working his way closer and closer, Roan ducked behind debris and pressed against ledges. He knew opportunity would come knocking.

The target turned into a deserted alleyway; this was his chance. He tied his hair into a bun, slipped on a black mask that covered the upper half of his face, turned the corner, and hid behind an old barrel with his right hand on the assassin's dagger that he kept strapped to his lower back. There was only a couple meters between him and his goal.

Roan grabbed a stone off the ground and lobbed it over the merchant. Its impact echoed in the alley; the man was distracted. It was time for Roan to pounce.
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