Talya's Travels (Solo)

Talya makes her way from Ravok toward Zeltiva

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While Sylira is by far the most civilized region of Mizahar, countless surprises and encounters await the traveler in its rural wilderness. Called the Wildlands, Syliran's wilderness is comprised of gradual rolling hills in the south that become deep wilderness in the north. Ruins abound throughout the wildlands, and only the well-marked roads are safe.

Talya's Travels (Solo)

Postby Talya on May 30th, 2015, 5:47 am

Timestamp: Spring 53, 515 AV

Talya had been lucky, she had set off from Ravok after having consulted a few maps, but not bothering to think that she should bring one with her, memory serving well enough. She had wandered around for several days after leaving her home city, the city of Rhysol, and lost herself more often than she had found herself out in the wilderness. After a few days, when her Chaktawe form had begun to sink into the grips of hunger, thirst, and exhaustion, a traveling caravan had happened upon her, and explained that they were heading down south. Toward Syliras to drop a few people off, and pick up a few supplies, before heading into Zeltiva, where they would break off into groups who wished to stay, and others that wished to continue their travels throughout the world of Mizahar. These people, of the caravan, humans mainly, but a smattering of the world's many races, were the group that Tal decided it would be best to continue traveling on her way with. As they had food and maps, and some level of companionship, which was bound to either make her lose her mind all the more, or maintain some level of her sanity, depending on the day.

Part of being with the group, however, meant also that Talya had to contribute to it. Sometimes, she would have to stay up and keep watch, to make sure bears and wolves, and other like creatures didn't attack their camps. On other days, she would have to fend off attacks of bandits and thieves, (but these days were rare, thankfully), and on other days, it meant she had to contribute in other ways- perhaps by foraging for food with some of the other women, or building fires. Today was one of those days- a day when she had to build a fire for her group of people, of about seven, or maybe it was ten, something like that. And then, when she was done, she was to call Emilie over, and have her start cooking supper for the group. That was the deal anyway, if everyone contributed something, everyone could benefit.

Tal began her task by about four, judging from the sun's position alone, in the western sky. She kept her pack about her, and headed alone into the forest, with her dagger strapped to her hip, just in case she needed it for protection. After all, one could never be to safe out in the forests.

Tal pushed past the underbrush; a few thorny shrubs as she delved more deeply into the wildlands, and away from the grouped caravans. She kept her eyes trained on the forest floor, and slowly, began to pick up fallen sticks, which looked like they could be useful in building a fire. She also gathered several small twigs for kindling, as well as some leaves, and headed back to the caravan when her hands were full. This first pile she dumped at the center of her group's site, before heading back out and retrieving another pile. By then, it was nearly five, and Tal assumed that now would be a good time to start building her fire. So, she drew a circle in the center of the site with one of her sticks, signifying where she wanted it to go, and then set to work.

First, Tal sorted all of the things she had gathered. She put all of the twigs in one pile, the leaves in another, and the sticks in a third pile. She then broke the pile of sticks into another two piles, based off their size. Keeping the larger together, and pairing the smaller together as well. With this done, she began pulling some of the larger sticks off the pile. With one in each hand, she knelt outside of the circle, and placed their points on either end of the circle, just inside the lip. She then pushed the sticks in, until they were leaning against each other, and formed a triangle with the ground. She then did this with another pair, and another, until she had formed a slightly lopsided teepee with a small opening on one side, (as she had seen some of the other firemakers do on previous nights).

When she was done, and had determined that the structure seemed sound enough, Talya retrieved the kindling, and tucked it neatly into the structure through the opening she had left in the teepee. When it seemed as though it had been lain out fairly evenly, the Ethaefal gingerly pulled herself back, and retrieved her flint and steel from her pack. She then held a piece in each of her hands- the steel in the left, and the flint in the right, and inched herself closer to the site of the fire. Drawing her knees against the cold, unrelenting earth. She slid her left hand toward the opening in the teepee, so that the steel was angled downward toward it. Then, she raised the flint a little, and began to bring it down repeatedly on the steel. Dragging it against the surface so that they clicked softly. Over and over again until she began to produce sparks. Little wisps of flame that danced in front of her hands, and around the twigs, never quite catching.

That was until a few minutes later, when finally, the sparks caught, and flame took to the kindling, allowing Tal to set her things aside. As she had seen others do, Tal placed her hands in front of her, and lowered her body, so that it looked as though she were preparing to crawl, or perhaps even pray before the fire. She watched the flame as it chipped away at the leaves. Framing their jagged edges in a bright, glowing orange, as it licked hungrily, also at the twigs. Their edges furling as Tal blew lightly on the flame. Urging it to grow. Gradually, it did, until it climbed up the sides of the teepee, blackening the wood, as it consumed the kindling, turning it to ash.

The scent of smoke rising to meet the girl's nostrils as the heat radiated off her face. Reflected in her eyes, and the dark glow given to her skin. Slowly, she pulled away, and dry washed her hands as she watched the flame continue to mature. To grow until it slipped through the slender openings in the wood, and crawled all over and around its surface. Rising like a flaming teardrop over the structure. Crackling and smoking. All consuming.

Talya smiled.

Her work was done.

So she called the cook; satisfied that she had done everything she was supposed to, and could now, wait silently, for her dinner to be served.
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Talya's Travels (Solo)

Postby Elias Caldera on June 13th, 2015, 12:11 am

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