Hello, new friends!

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Drop on by, introduce yourself, and let us know how you found us. In addition, don't be afraid to tell us what you'd like to get out of your Mizahar experience. Check out the stickies for more information.

Hello, new friends!

Postby Chandler Manning on June 1st, 2015, 9:04 am

1. Name - or what you'd like to be called!
Hi! I'm Nikki. I'm a female playing a male. That's okay, right? I assume that's okay.

2. What sort of RP experience do you have if any?
I come from a forum-based fantasy roleplaying game where I rose to one of the many Admins/DMs after years and years of game play. I juggled lots of characters (PCs and NPCs) and interacted with dozens of other players. It was great fun! The boards dissolved and all of us have gone our separate ways. Since then, I've done tabletop roleplaying only and now I'm looking for a place to get that online community back. Mizahar looks great! I look forward to playing with you all.

3. How did you find us?
Google. How else?

4. What sort of RP style is your favorite?
Tabletop will forever be my favorite, but I miss my tight-knit online community too.

5. What do you like to write about - not write about?
I love writing complicated, polarizing characters and using roleplay to test the boundaries of their flaws. As for what I don't like... nothing comes to mind.

6. Whats your favorite thing about Mizahar so far?
The lore! There is so much information and endless backstory to tap into.

7. What, if anything, has frustrated you about Mizahar so far?
...The lore! Honestly, the sheer volume of it is a bit overwhelming. I tried getting a handle on it, but it's a little much for me. I figure the best way to learn is to just throw myself in.

8. What would you like out of the mizahar experience?
A regular, fun series of threads like I had in my old forum.

9. Is there anything you'd like to see expanded?
So far, it looks like everything is covered and then some.

10. Anything else you want to talk about?
This is the first time I've played a forum game with XP and Ledgers, so please forgive me for screwing stuff up! I'm very open to feedback, please let me know if there's anything I can do better. Apologies in advance!
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Hello, new friends!

Postby Lisana on June 1st, 2015, 2:20 pm

Welcome to Mizahar. It seems like you've fond your way around, but if you've got any questions, go ahead and PM me, or pop into chat.
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Hello, new friends!

Postby Neologism on June 4th, 2015, 3:50 pm

Welcome Chandler! It's always excited to get new experienced players! :D

Yes the lore can be a bit overwhelming, but soon you'll learn to navigate it easily and it doesn't turn out to be too bad. Anyhoo, you seem to be adjusting great to the Mizahar atmosphere, and I can imagine you will find your way in the Mizahar community soon.

If you need any help with anything, please don't hesitate to ask someone or discuss your ideas. We have quite a few resources in the form of our site chat, a questions and answers forum, a discussion forum and moderators (colored names). You can even find things from other players and the Mizahar vLogs which have been re-popularized recently.

So welcome! I can't wait to see you around more. :)
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