Closed [Guest ST] A Guardsman's Request (Pulren)

Pulren goes in to meet his idol, Tyler, for a long overdue reunion

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[Guest ST] A Guardsman's Request (Pulren)

Postby Allassanachassanya on December 12th, 2017, 10:08 pm

Grade Rewardsss



Cosmetology: +1
Rhetoric: +1
Reimancy: +3
Intimidation: +1
Meditation: +2
Weapon (Trident): +1


Pulren: Bearing your soul to Tyler
Playing with fire will burn you
Trident: Wave Guard defensive stance
Martial Society: Common tasks
Tyler Johnson: The shock of his disapproval
Reimancy: Control of Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire
Reimancy: Attract the elements around you
Zeltiva Location: Martial Society Headquarters
Tyler Johnson: A personal hero
Observation: Noticing smells
Rhetoric: Keeping explanations short and to the point
Pulren: Enjoys material goods
Pulren: The memories of Sunberth's "maddening spirit"
Pulren: Personal honesty
Tyler Johnson: Heroics get people killed
Delia: Head Mage at the Headquarters
Meditation: Focus on the palm
Tyler Johnson: Friendly yet sharp
Reimancy: Requires constant practice to improve
Delia: Does not appreciate vulgarity
Djed: As much a part of you as your flesh and blood


This was a delightful read. Pulren is such a warm and interesting character, and I especially liked the prick of sadness at hearing the disapproval from his hero. It was a shame that the thread wasn't able to be completely finished, but I think you tied it off very neatly. Enjoy your grades, and if there's anything you feel I missed, I would be happy to review it as long as you send me a PM. :)

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