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Postby Allassanachassanya on August 20th, 2016, 5:08 pm


Basic Information:

Full name: Allassanachassanya, daughter of Tshashallassana, of the Eyktol nest.
DoB/Age: Fall 3rd, 413 AV / 108 yrs old
Birthplace: Eyktol nest, near Ahnatep
Current residence: Ravok from Summer 518
Housing: Thorin's Forge
Occupation: Slave from Summer 518

Timeline :
    Fall 1st 511 - Mother dies
    Winter 3rd 513 - leave Ekytol nest
    Winter 13th 513 - found by Drykans
    Spring 36th 514 - kicked out of Endrykas (approved by Prophet)
    Spring 58th 514 - arrive Riverfall
    Autumn 73rd 514 - unwelcome, leave Riverfall
    Winter 32nd 514 - arrive Kenash, with trade cart
    69th Summer 516 - wanderlust, leave Kenash by boat
    4th Fall 516 - arrive Alvadas
    5th Spring 518 - leave Alvadas for Riverfall with Madeira, Allister, and Madeira's ghostly cohort
    Mid/late Spring 518 - become enslaved, travel to Ravok

At a...

Workplace: Slave
Disposition: Ssanya is a friendly individual, who loves a good conversation and likes to meet new people. Her resting face is that of indifference. Her smile, though somewhat fleeting, is usually genuine. Of Spring 518, Ssanya has gradually become more distrustful and angry due to her enslavement.
Public likes: Wine, discussing death, warm places
Public dislikes: Cold places, Kelvics, male flirts
Languages: Snake-tongue | Fluent
Common | Conversational

Faceclaim: Juana Burga
Based on a sidewinder rattlesnake.

Music :

-Representing Ssanya's physical attractions and most primal and essentially need-driven emotions. Her desire for women, her love of wine, of dark evenings filled with the incense of blooming desert flowers, and heady spices of passion and power. Of elegant conversation and decadence, which she enjoys as much as the next person. Representing her curiosity with the feeling of being out of control. Perhaps representing the possibility for Ssanya's darker side, as yet unexplored.-

-Ssanya's desert past speaks through this music, her deep-seated and unwavering connection to the rolling sands and the fierce heat of her homeland. The feelings of sorrow she cannot help but associate with the desert, feelings of pain and sadness as she thinks of her mother. But also of happiness and joy, and of being completely immersed in the empty beauty of endless sands. This represents her homesickness and her deep nostalgia for that connection to the land of her birth.

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Appearance and Concept

Postby Allassanachassanya on August 20th, 2016, 5:26 pm

Human appearance:
As a human, Ssanya stands at a height of 4 ft 5 in. She has warm, light brown skin and long dark hair that she usually leaves lying long and wild around her shoulders and down her back. Her face is somewhat average, with an often indifferent expression on her features. She has brown eyes that gleam when she smiles. She is slim. Most of the time, she is dressed in lightweight, neutral colours, although during Autumn and Winter she will always wear a scarf to stave off the cold. In addition, her mother's bone talisman always hangs from a cord around her neck, hidden by clothes or her scarf. A tiny, tooth-mark scar mars the flesh of her neck, delivered by Allister, in Summer 517. Along her side is a scar, left there by a monster unknown near to Ravok in Summer 518.

Dhani appearance:

As a dhani she is small for her species, at only 10 ft. She is larger than the males in her family, but only by a little. She is patterned all over with light browns and beiges, with a cream underbelly. Over her eyes are peculiar eye ridges that provide shelter from bright light. As she is a rattler, she has a rattle on the tip of her tail, which is dark, almost black. In this form, she is roughly 1.5x stronger than a regular, untrained human, and is very quick and agile with her movements.

Snake appearance:

As a snake, Ssanya is 6ft long. She is patterned in the same way as her dhani form, brown and cream in a speckled pattern over her scales. Her eye ridges are also quite prominent. In this form, she moves in a peculiar fashion, sideways rather than forwards, more at home in the warm sands of her home than the colder climates in the north.

Behaviour and diet:

During Autumn and Winter, Ssanya feels the cold keenly, and will need to sleep or be inactive at night to conserve energy and heat, whilst moving and being active during the day. In hotter climates, she more often chooses to sleep during the day and only come out at night. Ever since moving away from Ekytol, Ssanya doesn't really need to follow these patterns, out of habit she prefers night to day for this reason.

As a dhani and snake, Ssanya's diet mostly consists of rodents, and sometimes larger animals such as rabbits, but rarely anything bigger due to her size.

Click me :
I have slightly adjusted the average rattler dhani heights/lengths to reflect her sidewinder species differences, mostly to make her smaller than an average rattler dhani. Obviously, this means that she is slightly bigger than listed for a real-life sidewinder. Her size differences are due to the fact that her family has lived in the Ekytol nest for many generations, and their size difference (compared to other rattlers) allows them to fit in better amongst the predominantly viper Dhani in the Ekytol nest.

A small note on venom:

Ssanya has small venom glands which produce venom less strong than other rattler species. However, bites from Ssanya can cause: swelling, pain, dizziness, chills, shock, and can cause you to bleed without clotting. She could probably kill a human through venom alone, unless the affected were treated. Luckily for you, Ssanya doesn't bite- much!

*Edited as of: 17/11/2016, to show more accurate rattler Dhani sizes.

Character Concept

The cycle of death...

Chassanya is a dhani driven by a curiosity gained when she was a youngling. Curiosity surrounding death. From a young age, Ssanya was very aware of the presence of death: She came for her two aunts as they were out hunting, She took a brother away before he'd even lived. Ssanya was even a bringer of death when she hunted. It fascinated her that as soon as someone or something died, its life and its soul were gone. A simple thought, really, but one that captivated the young snake.

Living through remains...

Her morbid fascination with death tied neatly with malediction - the magic she learnt from her mother. Although Chassanya wasn't terribly important to the family, being a middle child who showed little interest in leadership, her relationship with her mother was strong. Through her, she learnt malediction- her mother's first love. Through the magic, a death brings meaning to the world, even after they are gone. In a sense, they are living through their remains, a thought that Ssanya found deeply fulfilling and endlessly fascinating. After her mother's death especially, the girl turned to malediction to remember her mother and understand death. Malediction, in a sense, is the lens through which Ssanya views the world.

The drive to survive...

It was after her mother's death that Chassanya realised that her heart didn't belong to life in the nest. She loved her family, but she also knew that she had the wanderlust in her. She wanted to know more about her mother's magic, to discover what she could of the world, just as her mother had done before her. Despite this desire, she is not one to plunge head first and foolhardily into danger. Having grown up in the desert, she is well aware that Mizahar's pockets of civilisation are pebbles in a pool of danger.

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Skills and Lores

Postby Allassanachassanya on August 20th, 2016, 5:27 pm

(Novice: 1-25, Competent: 26-50, Expert: 51-75, Master: 76-100).

Skill EXP Total
Acting +1 exp 1/100
Agility +2 exp 2/100
Caretaking +2 exp 2/100
Cleaning +2 exp 2/100
Climbing +1, +1 EXP 2/100
Dancing +3, +1 exp 4/100
Deduction +1 EXP 1/100
Drawing +1, +1, +1, +1 EXP 4/100
Embalming +2 EXP 2/100
Endurance +2, +1, +2, +1, +1, +1, +2 exp 10/100
Hunting 5 SP, +1 EXP 6/100
Intimidation +1, +1, +3, +2, +2, +2, +1 EXP 12/100
Investigation +3, +1, +1, +3, +1 EXP 9/100
Land Navigation +1 EXP 1/100
Larceny +1 EXP 1/100
Leadership +1, +2 EXP 3/100
Logic +2, +1, +1 EXP 4/100
Meditation 5 SP, +1, +3, +1, +1, +4, +1 EXP 16/100
Painting 10 SP, +2, +2, +3, +1, +1 EXP 19/100
Persuasion +1 EXP 1/100
Philosophy +1 EXP 1/100
Poison 10 RB 10/100
Planning +1, +3, +1, +3, +1 EXP 9/100
Prayer +1 EXP 1/100
Rhetoric +2, +2, +1 EXP 5/100
Running +1, +1 EXP 2/100
Scavenging +1 exp 1/100
Seduction +2, +3 exp 5/100
Singing +2 EXP 2/100
Stealth 5 SP, +1, +1, +2 EXP 9/100
Socialisation +5, +3, +2, +3, +1, +2, +3, +2, +1, +1, +2 EXP 25/100
Spiritism +1 EXP 1/100
Tactics +2 EXP 2/100
Teaching +4 EXP 4/100
Tracking +1 EXP 1/100
Unarmed Combat +1, +3, +1 EXP 5/100
Weapon, Dagger +1 EXP 1/100
Wilderness Survival +1, +1 EXP 2/100
Skill EXP Total
Carving 5 SP, +4, +4, +1, +5, +3, +1, +5, +1, +3, +1 EXP 33/100
Malediction 20 SP, +2, +3, +1, +4, +1 EXP 31/100

Skill EXP Total
Observation +1, +5, +5, +5, +2, +3, +1, +1, +4, +4, +2, +2, +4, +2, +2, +2, +5, +3, +5, +3, +1, +2, +2, +3, +1 EXP 70/100

Skill EXP Total

Resolve score
Modifier Amount Total
Base +26 26/100
Endurance, novice +1 27/100
Intimidation, novice +1 28/100
Leadership, novice +1 29/100
Meditation, novice +1 30/100


Lore organisation :
  • Skill (Lores that accompany skills)
  • Mizahar Knowledge, including:
    • Location and Geography (Cities)
    • Place and City Information
    • Races and Animals
    • Religion and Gnosis
    • Language
  • Person and History (Meeting a person for the first time, lores about that person)
  • Arcane (Magic-related lores and thoughts, including malediction)
  • Personal Knowledge/Misc. (Things my PC knows/feels/remembers)).

  • Acting: White lie {*}
  • Caretaking: Comforting a lover {*}
  • Carving: Bone Arrowhead {*}
  • Carving: The importance of sandpaper {*}
  • Carving: Keeping a light grip helps avoiding cramps {*}
  • Carving: Utilising engraving tools {*}
  • Carving: The smaller the object, the harder it is to carve a pattern {*}
  • Carving: Drilling holes {*}
  • Carving: Pendants {*}
  • Carving: Simple indented patterns {*}
  • Carving: Using touch to assess quality {*}
  • Carving: The darker the wood, the tougher, usually {*}
  • Carving: Sawing with a knife {*}
  • Carving: Simple wooden feminine statue {*}
  • Carving: Using a file for detail work {*}
  • Carving: The delicate nature of the human form {*}
  • Carving: Removing layer by layer for greater accuracy {*}
  • Carving: Using engraving tools to examine {*}
  • Carving: Engraving simple aymbols {*}
  • Climbing: Harder with limbs {*}
  • Deduction: Making an educated guess {*}
  • Drawing: Making sketches as an aide-mémoire {*}
  • Drawing: Using ink and pen {*}
  • Drawing: Finding your own style {*}
  • Embalming: draining blood {*}
  • Embalming: how to skin a rabbit {*}
  • Endurance: Carrying a body {*}
  • Fortune-telling: Fortune-telling stones, or runes {*}
  • Hunting: the scent of rabbit {*}
  • Investigation: Examining a dead body {*}
  • Intimidation To Hide Uncertainty {*}
  • Intimidation: Invoking your goddess {*}
  • Intimidation: Threatening violence {*}
  • Intimidation: A tool to protect loved ones {*}
  • Introspection: Lore of Introspection {*}
  • Larceny: Breaking in through a window {*}
  • Leadership: Giving orders {*}
  • Logic: Seperate yourself from a tense situation {*}
  • Medicine: Finding a pulse {*}
  • Meditation: Harder with a lot on your mind {*}
  • Meditation: Allassana's exercise {*}
  • Meditation: Using imageries of sand to cleanse the mind {*}
  • Meditation: Concentrating whilst not simultaneously {*}
  • Observation: Paying attention to flavour {*}
  • Painting: Preparing a workplace {*}
  • Painting: Separate from Malediction {*}
  • Painting: Paint separates over time {*}
  • Painting: Simple colour mixing technique {*}
  • Possession: What it feels like {*}
  • Singing: Humming {*}
  • Singing: Song 'Unnamed Eyktol lullaby' {*}
  • Socialisation: Making an introduction {*}
  • Socialisation: Remembering the correct language {*}
  • Socialisation: Asking questions {*}
  • Tactics: A plan of escape {*}
  • Teaching: Using leading questions {*}
  • Unarmed Combat: Choking an opponent {*}
  • Wilderness Survival: Building a fire {*}
  • Wilderness Survival: Finding shelter in a storm {*}

Mizahar Knowledge
Location and Geography (Cities)

  • Layout of Ahnatep; SP
  • Memories of Ekytol and the Dhani nest there {*}
  • Suvan Sea: Is massive {*}

Place Information

  • Alvadas: Full of strange people {*}
  • Alvadas: Nothing remains stationary {*}
  • Alvadas: Impossible to be on time {*}
  • Alvadas Spring 517: Solid Mist & Fog {*}
  • Alvadas Location: The Bizarre Bazaar {*}
  • Alvadas Location: The Sanity Centre {*}
  • Alvadas Location: The Wolf's Cave {*}
  • Alvadas Location: Matilda's Jewels {*}
  • Alvadas Location: The Crooked Playhouse {*}
  • Crooked Playhouse: Not What It Seems {*}
  • Local Legend: Verlyna & The Emerald Pond {*}
  • Alvadas: Predictably Unpredictable {*}
  • The Stallion's Rear: A place with wine {*}
  • Alvadas Location: The Stallion's Rear {*}
  • Alvadas Winter 516: Map of the world illusion {*}
  • Cultural Event: Festival of Illusions {*}
  • Alvadas location: Alvahnatep illusion Winter 516 {*}
  • Location: Madeira's cottage {*}
  • Alvadas Location: Ionu's Mercy {*}
  • Alvadas Illusion: "Ravok" Winter 516 {*}
  • Riverfall: Not a bad place to live {*}
  • Ahnatep: Accepts the Dhani {*}

Races and Animals

  • Nuit: affront to Dira {*}
  • Dhani hate the cold! {*}
  • Eypharians: Often keep slaves {*}

Religion and Gnosis

  • Prayers to Siku and Caiyha {*}
  • Caiyha: Goddess of the wilderness {*}
  • Siku: Goddess of serpents {*}
  • Laviku: God of the sea {*}
  • Siku: Fierce, Cunning, And More Sensible Than Morwen {*}
  • Ionu: Mysterious, odd, and beautiful {*}

  • Lore of learning strange Common phrases {*}

  • The Eth from Verlyna's Pool: A second meeting {*}
  • Eth from the Pool: Knows malediction? {*}
  • Person: Armoured hunter of 'Change-Bloods' {*}
  • People: 'Dandelion' the junk collector {*}
  • Aurea: Messy, drunk lion Kelvic of the Wolf's Cave {*}
  • Anta: Catherine's friend {*}
  • Aquiana: Beautiful dressmaker of Alvadas {*}
  • Anthere: a Nuit {*}
  • Person: Arisia {*}
  • Allassana: Mother and teacher of malediction {*}
  • Allister: "Useless", weird Kelvic {*}
  • Allister: An unwanted attraction {*}
  • Allister: A strange magic? {*}
  • Allister: Enjoys a position of submission {*}
  • Allister: Unknown relationship with Madeira {*}
  • Allister: Both detestable and enticing {*}
  • Alexander Faircroft: First Impression {*}
  • Belugnir: A neccessary inconvenience {*}
  • Catherine: A ghost {*}
  • Emma Chamelle: Madeira's ghost {*}
  • Faradae: A Kelvic eagle woman in Alvadas {*}
  • Kawari: Most call me 'Kawa' {*}
  • Kawari: From Syliras {*}
  • Lester: Strange name for a woman {*}
  • Madeira: A Craven {*}
  • Madeira: A spiritualist {*}
  • Madeira: Stronger than she looks {*}
  • Madeira: A driven woman {*}
  • Madeira: First kiss {*}
  • Madeira: Love confession {*}
  • Lore of the scent of Madeira's fear {*}
  • Madeira: Possessed and cursed {*}
  • Madeira: A woman Ssanya trusts {*}
  • Madeira: Needs Ssanya {*}
  • Maro: Dira-blessed Eiyon {*}
  • Nephti: Eypharian fortune teller from Ahnatep {*}
    Nephti: Made slave by Dhani {*}
  • Vera: Owner of "Wooden Bones" {*}
  • Vera: Mistrustful Old Woman {*}
  • Vera: Dexterous, hard worker {*}

  • Malediction: Circles must have meaning; SP
  • Malediction: Have to keep it a secret {*}
  • Malediction: weaving a mistake into the design {*}
  • Malediction: Cleaning and preparing bone {*}
  • Malediction: Cow hoof (untested) {*}
  • Malediction: Cow horn fragment (untested) {*}
  • Malediction: Cow leg portion (untested) {*}
  • Malediction: Understanding the animal first {*}
  • Malediction: Risky to test own creations {*}
  • Malediction: Checking for damage before starting {*}
  • Malediction: Pig rib {*}
  • Malediction: Passing on the family tradition {*}
  • Malediction: Neither good nor evil {*}
  • Malediction: Human remains are difficult to handle {*}
  • Malediction: There is no 'right way' {*}
  • Malediction: Bringing trust out of remains {*}
  • Malediction: Testing a fetish {*}
  • Lore of Malediction activation {*}
  • Ribs: Full of emotion and love {*}
  • Ribs: Offer protection {*}
  • Skull: Symbolic for speech and listening {*}
  • Malediction: Signs of a curse {*}
  • Malediction: Interweaving lines to symbolise unity {*}
  • The Lie: Changing what a ghost sees {*}
  • Spiritism: How to make soulmist {*}
  • Lore of Voiding {*}

Personal Knowledge
  • Ship Travel: One of the most uncomfortable modes of transport {*}
  • Mam's knucklebone: A long ago memory {*}
  • The loss of one's mother {*}
  • Sailors are annoying {*}
  • Shifting is sometimes inconvenient {*}
  • You break it, you make a new one {*}
  • Hurried work is ugly work {*}
  • Small things can do huge damage {*}
  • Arrowheads need to be balanced {*}
  • Hands: Valued by a beautiful woman {*}
  • Pieces that used to be one belong together {*}
  • "Wooden Bones": Left Job {*}
  • Luiana: Ship To Alvadas {*}
  • The Cold Is No Place For A Snek! {*}
  • Self: Not bothered by nudity {*}
  • Self: Loves wine {*}
  • Wine: Evokes a sense of home {*}
  • Self: Distracted by great beauty {*}
  • Lore of the properties of the Kelvic Fur Coat {*}
  • Lore of Madeira's forgiveness {*}
  • Dhani hunger: The struggle of denying the animal inside {*}
  • Ssanya: Doesn't like Kelvics {*}
  • Ssanya: Enjoys delivering pain and the power it brings {*}
  • 'Sunshine': Strangely giggly drink {*}
  • Laughter: Good for the soul {*}
  • Ssanya: Misses her sister {*}
  • Ssanya: Broke Madeira's arm {*}
  • Ssanya: Nervous about going to Riverfall {*}
  • Ssanya: Feels guilt over attacking the Eth woman {*}
  • Ssanya's Fortune: Fall 516 {*}
  • Ssanya: Prideful of her race {*}
  • Lore of trepidation {*}
  • Lore of jealousy {*}
  • Self-identity: Dhani or something less? {*}

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All 's' sounds are hissed in Ssanya's speech.
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Sifting through the bones
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Heirloom, Ledger and Equipment

Postby Allassanachassanya on August 20th, 2016, 5:27 pm

    Chassanya's heirloom is a deeply personal one- her mother's left hand index finger knuckle, carefully connected to a loop of leather cord tied around her neck at all times. Although it is not maledicted, the bone means a great deal to Chassanya. From it, she draws inspiration. After all, the dhani it belonged to was her greatest idol, her mentor, her teacher, and most of all her beloved mother. The bone itself is aged and stained with time, and the cord it is tied to is darkened with age and frayed on one end.
    +Ssanya has since maledicted a rib and attached it to her necklace, so that the knuckle bone and the rib lie side by side. The Dhani has not fully tested the rib, and hasn't felt any great effect from wearing it. Instead, she finds a comfort knowing it lies against her skin and believes it to protect her from harm, though in reality there is little to no real effect to her person.

Lost or destroyed Spring 518 :
  • Detail paintbrush
  • Black paint pigment and binder
  • Small chest with average lock and key
  • Engraver's toolkit
  • Parchment scroll
  • Leather scroll case
  • Quill and Ink

  • Leather-handled hunting knife
  • 2x Clay basins
  • 1 sq yd cloth, torn into four pieces
  • Pillow case*
  • Small basket

  • Catherine's rib (unmaledicted) *
  • Washed bones of a rabbit (minus one paw) {*}
  • Pelt of a rabbit (minus one paw) {*}

  • Paper with sixteen-pointed star encased in a circle drawn on it*
  • Bone dice set
  • Rune stones
  • Small iron mirror
  • Maledicted rabbit foot fetish, unknown properties. {*}
  • Catherine's skull (acquired here) (maledicted here, effects yet to be decided.)
  • +Cursed Fetish: the maledicted rabbit skull is worn around the neck on a simple leather cord. Though capable of enhancing the senses of the wearer, but will also give them the overwhelming anxiety of a prey animal.

Clothing, inc.
    -Simple brown cloak (SP)
    +Kelvic fur coat
    -Purple scarf
    -Orange sash
    -Brown coarse woollen tabard
    -Grey (fine) woollen dress
    -Purple cotton dress
    -Red dress
    -Leather sandals
    -3x Undergarments

    Waterskin (SP)
    Backpack containing balanced rations (1 Week's worth) (SP)
    Toiletries, inc.
      -Wooden comb (SP)
      -Wooden brush (SP)
      -Soap (SP)
      -Razor (SP)
    Carried on person (in pockets):
      -One eating knife (SP)
      -Flint & steel (SP)

    -Iron dagger
-Sharpening stone
-A set of dual wielding daggers[/list]

Ledger and equipment list

    -Simple light grey shirt (SP)
    -Black woollen cloak
    -Simple dark brown pants (SP)
    -Simple undergarments (SP)
    -Simple brown leather boots (SP)
-100 GM (Starting package, please see ledger for up to date money).

Images :


518 AV

Purchase Date Cost Total
Carry over - - 166 gm
Seasonal expenses (Common) Season -135 GM 31 gm
Slavery x -31 GM 0 GM
Expenses paid by NPC - - 0 GM

517 AV

Purchase Date Cost Total
Carry over - - 813.8 gm
Seasonal expenses (Common) Season -135 GM 678.8 gm
91 days rent at the Wolf's Cave (1 SM/day) season -9.1 gm 669.7 gm
Hot tea 52nd -0.1 gm 669.6 gm
Orange velvet mask 15th -0.9 gm 668.7 gm
518 AV

Purchase Date Cost Total
Expenses paid by Belugnir - - 0 gm

517 AV

Purchase Date Cost Total
Carry-over NT - 668.7 gm
Quill, Crow's Feather NT -0.05 gm 668.65 gm
Ink, Black NT -1 GM 667.65 gm
Sash, Orange NT -0.15 gm 667.5 gm
Dress, Red NT -1.2 gm 666.3 gm
Sandals, Leather NT -0.4 gm 665.9 gm
Belt NT -0.2 gm 665.7 gm
Basket, Small NT -0.05 gm 665.65 gm
Soap NT -0.3 gm 665.35 gm
Dice Set, Bone NT -0.05 gm 665.3 gm
Mirror, Small Steel NT -10 GM 655.3 gm
Rune Stones NT -10 GM 645.3 gm
Dagger, Cold Iron x2 *Both with handle tip NT -42 GM 603.3 gm
Scrollcase, Leather NT -1 GM 602.3 gm
4x 'Sunshines' 34th -4 GM 598.3 gm
Seasonal expenses (common) NT -135 GM 463.3 gm
91 days rent at the Wolf's Cave (1 SM/day) season -9.1 gm 454.2 gm
518 AV

Purchase Date Cost Total

517 AV

Purchase Date Cost Total
Carry over - - 454.2 gm
Seasonal expenses (Common) Season -135 GM 319.2 gm
91 days rent at the Wolf's Cave (1 SM/day) season -9.1 gm 310.1 gm

516 AV:
Purchase Date Cost Total
Starting Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Cash-in housing Starting +500 GM 600 GM
(SP)* Detail brush Starting -0.5 gm 599.5 gm
(SP) Black paint pigment, .5 gallons Starting -0.8 gm 598.7 gm
(SP) Paint binder Starting -0.5 gm 598.2 gm
(SP) Engraver's toolkit Starting -50 GM 548.2 gm
(SP) Small chest with average lock and key Starting -61 GM 487.2 gm
(SP) Iron dagger Starting -2GM 485.2 gm
(SP) Parchment scroll Starting -0.2 gm 485 GM
(SP) Travel from RF to Kenash Starting -65 GM 430 GM
(SP) Travel from Kenash to Alvadas Starting -40 GM 390 GM
Silver ring 5th {*} -3 GM 387 GM
Purple scarf 8th Non-Thread (NT) -0.15 gm 386.85 gm
1 sq. yd. cloth 8th NT -0.5 gm 386.35 gm
Black woollen cloak (undyed) 8th NT -0.5 gm 385.85 gm
3x Undergarments 8th NT -0.3 gm 385.55 gm
Brown coarse woollen tabard 8th NT -0.5 gm 385.05 gm
Grey (fine) woollen dress 8th NT 2.4 gm 382.65 gm
Purple cotton dress 8th NT -1.5 gm 381.15 gm
Scrap of sandpaper 6th {*} -0.05 gm 381.1 gm
2x Clay 2 quart basins 8th NT -0.4 gm 380.7 gm
Sharpening stone 8th NT -10 GM 370.7 gm
Leather-handled hunting knife 8th NT -1 GM 369.7 gm
Seasonal expenses (Common) Season -135 GM 234.7 gm
87 days rent at the Wolf's Cave (1 SM/day) Season -8.7 gm 226 GM
Wages- 4GM/day ({*},{*}) Season +364 GM 590 GM

*NT= Non-Threaded out.
518 AV

Purchase Date Cost Total

517 AV

Purchase Date Cost Total
Carry over - - 310.1 gm
Seasonal expenses (Common) Season -135 GM 175.1 gm
91 days rent at the Wolf's Cave (1 SM/day) season -9.1 gm 166 gm

516 AV

Purchase Date Cost Total
Seasonal expenses (Common) Season -135 GM 455 GM
92 days rent at the Wolf's Cave (1 SM/day) season -9.2 gm 445.8 gm
Wages 4x92 season +368 gm 813.8 gm
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History and Thread List

Postby Allassanachassanya on August 20th, 2016, 9:39 pm

413 - 438 AV :
3rd Fall 413 BORN - 3rd Fall 438 AV Youngling (25 yrs old) learns dhani form

Ssanya was born in the hot desert sands of Ekytol, with two sisters and a brother. Although she never knew much about it, she would have had two other sisters, but they were stillborn, much to the family's grief. Even so, Ssanya had a good childhood. She and her closest siblings joined the already large group of brothers and sisters in her mother's nest, and lived together not altogether peacefully, but happily nonetheless. On 90th Spring, 419 AV, Ssanya's mother Tchachallasana gave birth to another clutch. Whilst her older siblings soon learnt how to shift into their dhani forms, Ssanya waited patiently along with her clutch and her younger siblings until the day she too could form into her dhani shape...

438 - 463 - 511 AV :
5th Fall 438 AV
    Shortly after her 25th birthday, Ssanya finally learnt her dhani form. For the coming years, she started learning more, too - lessons with her mother and father Ssonoren in the nest. She learnt about their goddesses, about Siku and Caiyha. She learnt how to hunt, how to survive in the fierce desert sands. Yet most of all, she started learning what would become the most important thing in her life: malediction. Those lessons came from her mother, when she could spare the time to teach one of her daughters. Yet, Tchachallassana found Chassanya a receptive and eager learner, and soon the two were deep in lessons.

3rd Fall 463 AV Young adult (50 yrs old) - Spring 40th 508 AV
    As Ssanya grew into a young adult, her love and fascination with death and malediction only increased. As her mother grew older, she was spending more and more time with her other siblings, and malediction lessons decreased. Yet, the snake practised wherever she could, with the bones of animals killed for food, with scorched skeletons found in the desert. However, it soon became apparent that there was something wrong with her mentor and mother. Her scales started to become brittle, her movements slow and painful. On the 40th Spring, 508 AV, Tchachallassana transformed into her human form for the last time.

Fall 1st 511 AV - Mother dies
    For three years, Tchallassana lived a good life. Yet living became more and more difficult, until the turn of the season from Summer to Fall, 511 AV. That was the day Ssanya lost her mother to death. The whole family mourned, for she had been a good woman, a proud and clever leader of their nest. But life had to go on. Ssanya mourned in her own way, quiet, lonely, deep and long.

511 - 513 AV :
Fall 511 - Fall 513 AV
    Life went on. The only thing that her mother left her in death was the left knuckle bone of her mother's index finger, yet to her it was a priceless treasure. By this time, Ssanya had developed her own connection to bones, and the life they held even after death. Her mother's bone was her anchor, her guide, her consolation. In the years ahead, Ssanya continued her education, and spent a lot of time in Ahnatep, learning of the outside world. Her mother's death had left the nest feeling empty, somehow. And besides, she wanted to learn more about her mother's magic. She began making preparations to leave. Her family stopped her though, her father telling her to wait, just a little.

Fall 11th 513 - learns human form
    It was a wise decision. A few days after her 100th birthday, Ssanya learnt her human form. From then on out she began her preparations to leave the nest...

Condensed timeline :
Winter 3rd 513 - leave Ekytol nest
Winter 13th 513 - found by Drykans
Spring 36th 514 - kicked out of Endrykas (approved by Prophet)
Spring 58th 514 - arrive Riverfall
Autumn 73rd 514 - unwelcome, leave Riverfall
Winter 32nd 514 - arrive Kenash, with trade cart
69th Summer 516 - itchy feet, leave Kenash by boat
4th Fall 516 - arrive Alvadas
5th Spring 518 - leave Alvadas for Riverfall with Madeira and Allister and Madeira's ghost entourage.
50th (Proper date tbd) Spring 518 - taken into slavery and shipped to Ravok.

Pre-creation history
Thread List

516-518 AV :
516 AV



517 AV





518 AV



From Autumn 518 - Summer 521 AV, Ssanya was inactive.

521 AV


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Family, Friends and Acquaintances

Postby Allassanachassanya on August 22nd, 2016, 2:14 pm

Mother: Tshashallassana, born 299 AV
Father: Ssonoren, born 301 AV

'Sher' clutch, born 23 Summer 400 AV:
    (b) Sherssalen
    (b) Shershss (died aged 4)
    (b) Nesherssun
    (b) Sherelss
    (g) Sselshera (Head of the family at mother's death)
    (g) Sherassa
'Ssa' clutch, born 3 Fall 413 AV:
    (g) Stillbirth
    (g) Stillbirth
    (b) Yanessan
    (g) Renssassa
    (g) Ssessanyen
    (g) Chassanya (PC)
'Ess' clutch, born 90 Spring 419 AV:
    (g) Essiya
    (g) Ssei
    (b) Yisess (died aged 41)
    (b) Eless
    (b) Rayess
    (g) Saless

Chassanya is fond of her family, most especially of her brother and two sisters in the Ssa clutch. Her father was a good man who she was very proud of, and everyone was respectful of Tchashallassana. She does miss her family sometimes when she is away, and one day wishes to return.

On Malediction
    This magic practice was a hobby and an obsession for the Dhani mother. In her younger years, she was introduced to the magic by an acquaintance she met through travel. Gradually as she progressed through life and settled down to breed her nest, she started to hone her skills. The magic was a way to defend her family by making totems and talismans from bones. Sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn't. Because she feared the stronger effects of the magic, she refused to use more volatile materials and so in effect the magic simply became a hobby as opposed to the obsession she had fostered in her youth. She taught Ssanya the magic when the young snakeling showed an interest, and although she didn't have the time to teach as in depth as she would have liked, she grew fond of her middle daughter. Her style was rich and elaborate, mainly hinging on designs of the landscape around her, such as undulating sands that she wove into representations of the animals that lived in such an environment.

Friendships and Connections

Description Meetings Status
Madeira Craven
Image A pale, blonde Spiritist with a surprisingly strong core despite her wispy appearance The Darkest Corners, Where Crowns Rest, Festival of Illusion, Don't Panic, Warmth and Wine, We're Going on an Adventure Ssanya views Maddy in high regard. Her equal interest in death and what lies beyond gives the two a close bond, and their shared exploits in a somewhat warily regarded magic give Ssanya a feeling of companionship which has since deepened into desire and something not yet named as love. She sees the woman as a treasured friend, lover, and adventurer through life. Madeira is someone Ssanya has shared the best part of her stay in Alvadas with, through thick and thin she has found herself relying on her strange and beautiful friend and as such she thinks very highly of her.
Image A sickly looking Kelvic with unusual tattoos and a strange, grinning manner Liquid Laughter, We're Going on an Adventure Allister is almost impossible to figure out, but Ssanya believes she likes him. The man is strange and makes her uncomfortable sometimes, but in a way that also excites her. Though she has yet to develop a bigger relationship with the man, his link to Madeira is enough to make her hackles rise, even if it is internally. At the end of the day, Allister is a fascinating man that Ssanya desires to understand deeper, though she fears he might draw her into his madness.

Description Meetings Status
Image A startlingly beautiful Ethaefal, possessing dark brows and an almond-shaped face. An Uncontrolled Urge, Getting Your Hands Dirty Ever since the time Ssanya's mind and body was overtaken by a parasite, she has been ashamed of her conduct towards the beautiful Ethaefal. Though the two have met since in a different time and a different place, Ssanya still does not know how to approach the subject and she fears the old madness will overcome her as it did back then. As such, though she doesn't expect to see her again, Ssanya wonders what would happen if they were to meet...
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All 's' sounds are hissed in Ssanya's speech.
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