Why Did It Have To Be Bears? (Thaloyss)

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Why Did It Have To Be Bears? (Thaloyss)

Postby Richard Blow on July 10th, 2015, 8:49 pm

oocHoooly heck this got eaten by the fog. Sorry I took so long. D:

The Spiritist was not particularly pleased by the newer, braver Thaloyss. For one, she totally nudged away a perfectly good projectile weapon in the form of the dog corpse, and that was just wasteful. For two, both of the unsavory gentlemen were armed, if a little more interested in looking scary with their knives than holding them with any measure of skill. If Richard was a little more versed in such matters, he may have realized this was due to genuine incompetence as opposed to gaudiness, but that was not the case. He opened his mouth to voice his protest, but it was around this moment that Thaloyss decided flight was the superior option and took off with him in tow.

The alley they went down split off into yet another alley, offering them two options of flight... Or attack. The ground had a fair share of debris littered around, including a rusty old pipe, but Richard was more interested in the fork. "Lemme go!" he barked as he squirmed free and unspooled the chain. As they approached the end of the current alley, Richard tossed Thaloyss one end and asked with a grin "Y'ever roped a dope?"

When they hit the end of the alley, Richard scrambled to one side, stopping at the corner, squatting and laying the chain against the ground, and motioned for Thaloyss to do the same on the other side. "When you hear them about to show up, stand and pull the chain to your chest." Straining his ears, the Spiritist could hear rapidly nearing footsteps. "Y'ready?" he said quietly as their shadows came into view. "One... Two..."
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Why Did It Have To Be Bears? (Thaloyss)

Postby Thaloyss on July 29th, 2015, 6:32 am


Slippery little mouse, Richard was. Thaloyss had half a mind to grab his hair and keep him from running away, even throwing him onto a roof and dealing with the thugs herself, but it was Richard and she figured she could trust him and his (occasionally poor) judgement.

She caught the end of the chain and copied her friend, kneeling and letting the metal links lie on the ground. She didn't respond to his question, feeling it was mostly rhetorical. She also had no idea what a 'dope' was. Judging from the context, it was probably an insulting term. Dope... Gotta remember that one.

The Dhani heard the men running towards them and Richard counting down. Or was it up? Either way, he was counting once they saw the shadows. She held her breath in anticipation, tightened her grip on the chain as the brutes rounded the corner-

-and stood straight up just before they reached the duo. The chain was held taut and despite the height difference between Richard and Thaloyss, both of the men were clotheslined. Once they collapsed she dropped the chain and leapt over the fallen pair to grab Richard and hoist him up by the armpits.

The expression on her face could only be described as panic. "Let'ss go, let'ss go! Go, go, go! Ehhh!" she yelled as she hauled ass with her wriggling, writhing partner in tow. Adrenaline was flowing through her veins and she ran as fast as she could because there was no way in Hai she was going to face another dog. If Richard wanted to find Jacko Quombi he would have to be very persuasive.
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