Closed So a Spiritist, a Dhani, and a Myrian walk into a bar...

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So a Spiritist, a Dhani, and a Myrian walk into a bar...

Postby Ita on June 16th, 2015, 4:23 pm

Summer 20, 515

19th Bell

The glory of Syna gleamed through the buildings surrounding The Establishment in the most graceful manner, warming Ita's face and illuminating his eyes. Any follower of Syna would be moved to tears by this expression of her power in the evening light, showering the center fountain in a beautiful golden hue. It was giving him a headache. He didn't often sit in public places like this, like an open target for thievery, but he didn't really pick up odd jobs like this either.

These jobs were usually for mercenaries, but he was meeting with a Spiritist and his associate for a reason. His client needed information gathered on if they were competition in the drug trade of the city. If they were, it was his job to simply tell someone, and the rest would be taken care of. His client needed information, and their client needed something 'bout a ghost hooker or something. Ita didn't pay close attention, he just took the job.

He was getting bored of watching the sketchy people skulk around the square, but soon enough, there they were. A thin man with dreads and a very tall woman. They seemed like a strange couple. But he didn't see anything that he couldn't work with, or went against his morals and nature, so he stood up to greet them.

"Evening," He projected above the bustling passersby, his thick Taloba accent was now successfully hidden and hardly anybody could tell he wasn't a local, "I understand you're looking for help."

It was his job to weave a story so that they'd hire him, even if it meant doing the job free of charge. Then do their job, collecting as much thorough information as possible. It kind of bothered him that, technically, he was doing two jobs and getting paid for one, but he could be doing no jobs and getting paid for none too.
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