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A wonderfully weird night

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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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[Seasonal Event] Ethereal Service

Postby Zephari on June 18th, 2015, 8:25 am

84th of Spring, 515
late afternoon
Zephari had walked this road over easily over a hundred times now, but something felt a little was off about the route today. Usually this time of day was a little windy, and this was something she can come to enjoy, as it cooled her down after a hard day's work at the mines. But now there was no wind at all, the air perfectly still.

She was about half way towards the split in the road that lead back toward riverfall when Zephari noticed something else unusual. A column of smoke rising from near the split in the road up ahead. At first this was alarming, as it could be a grass fire, which this near to the end of the season could be entirely destructive, as all the grass in the area was very dried out.

Instead it turned out to be a column of smoke spouting from a chimney, that was attached to an inn sitting at the corner between the road split. This was very strange, as that building had never been there before. It was a ratty old looking tavern that was in rather bad shape. Things like broken windows, missing roof tiles, and full on wholes in the roof really gave it that run down look.

Continuing with caution, Zephari approached the inn, rather confused as the how this building came to be here. As she drew closer she began to hear what sounded like music. A combination of flute and violin music, but it sounded... Off, not quite real. As she came within about twenty feet she could see movement of several white shapes within the building. They seemed to look like people, but different. They weren't entirely opaque, being slightly translucent and somewhat misty. The tavern seemed pretty busy, and sounded like there were at least twenty or thirty people inside.

"There is no way that I could have missed this place all this time... How on Semele did it get here?" she asked, and almost in answering, a man opened the front door, and waved Zephari over. He was certainly not a normal man, as you could clearly see all the way through him into the inside of the tavern behind him.

Is this a ghost tavern!?!? I can't say I've ever seen anything like this! That ghost seems friendly enough... The ghost was smiling, making a welcoming gesture. Shrugging, figuring there was only a reasonably high chance of this going extremely badly, Zephari walked over to the doorway and stepped inside. Inside was bustling with many ghosts, most of them were waiters and bartenders working the tavern. There were also a few other normal non-dead people here, a few of them eating fresh cooked meals.

The ghost man who had opened the door said; "Welcome, have a seat and I'll be right back around to you."

Thanking him Zephari took a seat at the front bar, and waited while the ghost hovered over to behind the bar, taking a route through the bar.What is even happening?

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[Seasonal Event] Ethereal Service

Postby Rathan on June 19th, 2015, 3:51 am

Rathan walked down a road, a road he didn't really know all that well. He found himself extremely nervous ever sense he lost his arm. But he discovered that walking down streets like this helped him become calm and peaceful. Rathan walked in a waltz like motion, swinging his legs in a circular motion instead of his normal walking style. He let the light shine in his face as he breathed in the fresh air. Rathan looked from side to side and breathed deeply. That is when he noticed something... A pillar of smoke rising out in front of him. It caught his curiosity and Rathan began to walk towards the pillar of smoke.

Rathan stared at the new building in front of him, it looked like it has been through a lot and one good storm would could demolish it. The smoke was coming from a chimney... My god. Rathan thought, this building sounded like it was full, from where he was he could here violins and a flute... But it sounded off, like it wasn't fully there, Rathan noticed that the building was full of pale figures.

Rathan started to walk towards the building with caution, it was to odd for him almost. Rathan opened the door to see tons of ghosts, all of them waiters or bartenders, What the heck is happening? Rathan said, he approached the bar where a semi familiar woman sat. "Do you have a single clue what is happening?" Rathan asked.
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[Seasonal Event] Ethereal Service

Postby Shen Wilder on June 22nd, 2015, 1:11 pm


Shen wanted to explore, and so that’s what he’d been doing all day. Weird things were happening all the time, and they were all so incredibly fascinating! He didn’t find anything today, which was very disappointing. It was getting late and his mother would be expecting him home soon but he wasn’t going home, because there was one place he hadn’t looked, and that was outside the city. The road was nice in the late afternoon, and he could go down to the river if he didn’t find too much to do her. He knew he shouldn’t stay out after dark, but there was still a little sun left and he would go straight home when sundown begun! That was a promise to himself that was bound to be broken however when he saw the smoke from the distance, and didn’t turn around.

Shen looked at the smoke curiously and many thoughts went through his head all at once. The first was the most obvious. It could be a fire! There could be people hurt. Or alturnitively there could be people using it for warmpth. It was a bit chilly, with this wind gushing past. He noticed how it seemed to almost be urging him to walk forwards towards the smoke in the distance. As if Shen needed any further encouragement. He began to run. There was no other reason for him to run except he liked running and he wanted to get there and satisfy his curiosity as soon as he could. He was quite nimble, but his stamina was definitely not suited to long distance, and he found that he’d underestimated how close he was. He had to stop a minute to catch his breath. When he’d caught it he started running again at a more manageable trot.

As he finally approached the source of the strange smoke and what he found made him stop and gape. “A building! Was this always here!?” He exclaimed out loud. He looked it over. Definitely a tavern, but it was in such disrepair. What if rain got in? And when it was windy all the fires would go out inside! But all of these throughts were swept aside by excitement, and a little bit of nervousness. He’d found the next strange occurrence! Now it was time to check this place out! Shen gathered up his courage and walked around to the door. He could hear music inside, which gave him all the courage he needed to open the door.

Inside there were people… no not people. They were too see through to be people. Were they ghosts!? Did that mean they were dead people? Did he walk into another world? Was he DEAD? He panicked for a moment, but then he noticed there were living people here as well and after pintching himself a couple of times to make sure he could still feel, and then walked on inside a little more. There was a human woman who looked as surprised as him. Oh, he knew this woman a little, the 5-armed man she was talking to however surprised him. He hadn’t seen anything like it. Though right now it was the least surprising thing he’d encountered this afternoon so he marched right up to them “Hey! Hey! Is it rude to ask if someone is dead? I wanna ask them what it’s like! Do you know ghost etiquette!?” He paused for breath, and then continued right on babbling all the thoughts that were coming to mind. "Shouldn’t they fix their roof if they are going to have human guests that feel rain? I mean they put this whole building here in no time!” He hissed, cupping his little hands in front of his mouth so that those he was speaking about wouldn’t hear him whisper. Again he paused and then blinked realising he was babbling on nonsensically again. People usually didn’t like it. “Sorry! This is crazy isn’t it?"

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