[Marricks Plotnotes] The Iron Cage

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[Marricks Plotnotes] The Iron Cage

Postby Marrick Corvis on June 29th, 2015, 1:40 am

Character Goals

Seasonal Challenges

☐ Update your wardrobe with at least one item.
☐ Purchase any type of perfume.
☐ Buy a drink for a stranger.
☐ Help a young child or elderly citizen navigate through a street.
☐ Go fishing by the sea.
☐ Swim with a friend!
☐ Get a sunburn, or assist/console someone with a sunburn.
☐ Spend an afternoon riding a horse.
☐ Take someone you know out to a picnic in the fields.
☐ Take someone you know on a tour of the docks.
☐ Visit the orphanage and do something kind for the orphans.
☐ Spend the day out of town visiting the Mithryn Outpost.

Short Term Goals

☐ Competent Wilderness survival
☐ Competent Trapping
☐ Competent Tracking
☐ Novice Skinning
☐ Novice Taxidermy
☐ Competent Land Navigation
☐ Competent Wilderness Survival
☐ Competent Stealth

☐ Competent Longsword
☐ Novice Spear
☐ Novice Hand Axe
☐ Competent Dagger
☐ Competent Tamos
☐ Competent Reimancy
☐ Competent Longbow
☐ Competent Riding
☐ Competent Acrobatics
☐ Novice Duel Wield
☐ Expert Hand to Hand Combat
☐ Competent Brawling

☐ Novice Lyre
☐ Competent Cooking
☐ Competent Animal Husbandry
☐ Competent Meditation
☐ Competent Singing
☐ Competent Medicine
☐ Competent Music Composition
☐ Competent Drawing

☐ Add Items to the Kit. After Marricks long term stay in the wilds with Oriah and Sera Mora he has made a list of new items to make life easier in his travels. Its time to update his kit.

☐ Learn More Shiber From Oriah
☐ Usher a newly fallen Ethaefal into their new life

Long Term Goals

On Hold

On Hold

On Hold

On Hold

☐ Build a Small Home away from Home in the Cobalt Mountains possibly in a cliff.

☐ On Hold

Thanks Kat for the Template
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