Magecraft and Magecrafted Items

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Magecraft and Magecrafted Items

Postby Gillar on July 5th, 2015, 1:12 am

Magecraft. It is a wonderful discipline of magic that allows for the creation of magical items that can possess any number of fantastic powers and properties. These items are not easy to craft and the materials and processes for production can be expensive to say the least. Because of that, they can be quite valuable, even priceless.

Magecraft, like most other types of magic, is not viewed all that favorably by the majority of average people living in Mizahar. It is important to remember, that despite the existence of some institutions that teach the use of magic, magic itself is distrusted and feared by most. The Valterrian and the wild djed that tore the land asunder, destroyed entire civilizations and forever changed life in Mizahar. In the centuries that followed, the destruction that was caused by magic (though divinely inspired, it was still djed), continued to wreak havoc across the land. The Djed Storm of 512 and the waves of wild djed released then only furthered the negative feelings most people have toward djed and the practice of its various forms of manipulation (magic).

While there are some races and cities that are more open to magic than others, they are few and of those there are often only specific types of magic that are acceptable.

As far as Magecraft is concerned, items that can be crafted through its use are quite expensive. The materials aren't cheap and can also be difficult to acquire. Finding an appropriate place to craft them SHOULD be at least somewhat difficult to find and/or gain access to. This is because the potential these items have is great.

Also, due to the general atmosphere of distrust of magic use as well as the high cost, it should be very difficult to sell even the simplest of Magecrafted items. The lowest powered item has a Magical Coefficient (MC) of 1 which costs 1,000 gm to create. It has an estimated market value of 3,000 gm. An item of this level also has very minor capabilities. It may look nicer than normal or be a little lighter or heavier than normal or be slightly harder or softer than normal but otherwise it isn't overly special. These are the types of items apprentices craft during the beginning process of learning the discipline. While these items theoretically would be easier to sell due to their muted magical properties, there are few if any NPCs out there that have 3,000 gm in disposable funds to buy such an item. Those that do would not be easy to find.

It is RARE to find Magecrafted items for sale with an MC of more than 5. This is because of the astronomical cost involved. An MC of 5 would cost someone 27,000 gm to purchase. Only the most wealthy of merchants or political leaders MIGHT have this sort of disposable funding.

This brings me to the part of, "Is it even possible to sell these items then?" The answer is yes but you'll most likely have to find a PC willing to buy or someone to contract you to craft a specific item with specific properties for them. Which would involve an ST quest where you would likely have to gather certain materials needed to craft the specific item with the reward in the end being skill points, lores and of course, the gold mizas.

Also, if a Storyteller feels that they do not have individuals within their city that would want and/or could afford Magecraft items that a player would like their character to sell, that is for the Storyteller to decide and players WILL accept such a decision.

The idea behind Magecraft isn't to create a cash cow from which you can draw upon to make ever more powerful and expensive items. It is meant to be a magical discipline that allows one to create all manner of unique, creative, fantastic items for personal use. The creation of these items should be an involved, personal experience that reflects the skill, personality and style of a character and not just another money maker. The end reward is an amazing work of art with the potential for fantastic abilities.

This leads me to the main update that you can also find in the Magecraft Lore. From this point foward, ANY AND ALL Magecraft items, Past, Present, and Future must acquire all of the following: Storyteller Approval, Help Desk Approval, Addition to Storyteller Secrets. This can be done by the Storyteller wishing to award an item or if it was an item awarded in the past by a Storyteller that is no longer present, the Player can submit a Help Desk request to have the item approved and added. For past items that do not have approval and have been gifted or sold to someone else, the current owner must get approval through the HD.

The purpose of these requirements is so that we can get a better idea of what magical items are out there, who possesses them and who is making them. This will also allow us to see what sort of creativity is going into these items, perhaps give us ideas for future development of the discipline based on player driven, in-thread development. In addition, it will provide a greater ability at curbing potential abuse both intended and unintended.

Unless you have the appropriate approvals, any magecrafted items you may have in your character's possession may not be sold, gifted or have any real use or value in-thread.
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Magecraft and Magecrafted Items

Postby Gossamer on May 31st, 2018, 12:32 am

Bumping this because its relevant.

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