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[Kalla's Scrapbook] Stuff and Things

Postby Kalla Whitevine on July 15th, 2015, 2:05 am

My thoughts are more than a little bit of a jumble so I figured why not try writing it out all here in relation with Mizahar. This can also be counted as my off to the side 'hello world' since I refrained posting in any introduction threads due to nerves. Better posting Kalla's own deep thoughts or random snippets of my own and all than a hello specifically meant for a hello.

So if anyone reads this: belated hello :)

I'm not entirely certain as to what this scrapbook will entail as time goes on, but it'll be sporadic and random and basically my brain just throwing something out, I'm sure. If for some reason you find my musings entertaining, glad to hear it and apologies for it being very random and nonsensical in most cases I am sure.

I've been contemplating writing up a second character. I know it's nothing to do without thinking about it, but I've done that. So it's not as if I'm taking it lightly. But why a new person? Partly because I have ideas and partly because, well, probably because Ravok is so quiet for the moment and I am too stubborn to move Kalla until the end of the season, if (and it looks like it) Ravok does not find a storyteller. Plus, I like the place. It fits for Kalla in it's own weird way.

Hopefully someone will be able to take up the mantle of that, but, if not, it's the way of the world and I'm sure someone will be able to some day. Hopefully. It's nice to have seen that a good portion of other cities had gained story tellers, if only because each one is intriguing in its own right.

But this other character I've been toying around with (even writing a mock char sheet on my laptop) is pretty much the exact opposite of Kalla. Kalla is different from most characters I have ever roleplayed anywhere, so this other one would be a bit more in my comfort zone. And by that, I mean something not so nice happened to her. And she's not happy all the time. Not that Kalla is, but she's happier than what I'm used to writing. It's something that is taking a bit to really truly figure out her mindset, but I'm getting there and she's more alive, I suppose. Optimistic is weird to write, but I'm faking it til I make it. While the other character I'm thinking of is darker, in her own way, I already know it would be a bit easier to slip into her mind. Because that's what I'm used to. No, I'm not someone who usually plays people who stab first, ask questions later, but most anyone I write for has a darker twist someplace in them or in their history. Be it that they have suffered heartbreak and that changed them in some way or they simply are the type who grew up in streets and would steal first, ask questions later. No one I play is ever violent. Manipulative maybe, but never violent.

Now that I think about it, it's an interesting thought to maybe compare all characters I have played on any platform and any main characters in books I'm working on. Put them all side by side. I'm of the thought that someone's character speaks something of someone, even if it's just their dreams or fears.

But the character I'm toying with. I might write her up, save the character sheet for a little bit longer, then implement her. Or she might not come to fruition. I'm not sure. Right now I'm leaning more to waiting a couple more days to see, but she might be given life soon.
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