Through Violet's Eyes

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Through Violet's Eyes

Postby Violet Y'laerth on July 16th, 2015, 3:55 am

(OOC: Violet isn't much for physical journal writing, these are her most significant thoughts at somewhat random times throughout her adventures in Mizahar, whether lazily pondering in her spare time or focused vividly on the heart-pounding action as it happens)

Day 32
First few days outside the frigid wastes of the north were sure a nice relief. I still can't believe my father chose to move there. It's one thing to be stuck in Taldera, it's another, frankly crazy, to seek out a life in that miserable place. Nothing but cold, snow, cold, dark, cold, aaand a little bit more snow. The people are stiff as ice, so stuck up with their traditions and rigid structures. Forget being between a rock and a hard place, that was my entire geiken life!

Yeah, it's good to be out. Away from all the constant nagging "When are you gonna get married?" "All your cousins and siblings have children already." "Isn't it time you flew the nest and find a good man?"
Sure would've been nice to say it, but it could've cost me my head, or worse, an arranged marriage. It's better this way. They'll never hear about me, never have to mourn over my derelict ways, and I don't have to hear them constantly telling me how the entire rest of my life is going to play out according to their perfect plan. Besides, it's a great cover story. Going to the biggest city in all of Mizahar to seek my fortune among the great. Honestly I'd be happy with a rat's hovel as long as it means living my own life by my own means.
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