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Postby Karin on July 20th, 2015, 10:13 pm

Example, you are at the market, and you are buying something from an NPC trader that you've made up for that particular story. You don't meet that trader again, so you don't need to apply for them to become a 'real' NPC. Say you then meet a certain person who is also an NPC you've made up for that story. You then become friends, and in another thread you spend some more time with that NPC you've created. You then part ways, and that particular second NPC is never used again.
Would I have to apply for that character to become an NPC for real, with skills and other things that NPCs have, or... well, what would I have to do in that situation?
Thank you!

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Postby Moxie on July 20th, 2015, 11:29 pm

We don't mind you rp-ing robbers, bandits, cutthroats frolicking in the Cobalt Mountains, stalking the Kabrin Road, even brawls in taverns. We do ask if you want to use a Knight in a thread that you PM us and tell us what you need them for. We will then decide if it's something that an ST needs to handle or allow you to do so yourself. As for self modding shops, you can handle that yourselves, however as always if you need help with prices etc, you can PM an ST. Here is an example of how to self-mod a purchase without breaking the NPC rule). You also may not create other NPC workers in the Shops - these are Mod territory and we have characters there already. If you're unsure about whether or not you're breaking this rule, just ask - send me a quick PM and we will gladly answer it. Some of the established players can be trusted to run their own NPCs, but they've built that trust over a lot of scenes. If you're new, you'll have to work up to it.

This is what I go by, but I am playing in Syliras, and here is the example they provide about buying from merchants,

As I am new myself, you may want to wait for another response to clarify it, but it seems that if there are NPC merchants made, then you must use those. Though it seems if you wanted to use a NPC in a social way it would be perfectly fine (As long as your PC is not benefiting from that NPC with training and such), that is what I get out of it, but every region/city is different, so I would wait for clarification on that, then I would also PM the ST of the place your PC is playing in just to be sure as well. Never hurts to ask! :)
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