Solo Lashing out

Drusilla trains in a weapon she's fearfully familiar with

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Lashing out

Postby Drusilla on July 22nd, 2015, 11:53 pm

31st of Summer 515AV

It was like dancing... Sort of. Dancing with the lash as your partner. You had to keep in the lead and maneuver the lash as you wanted. Drusilla held the handle of the weapon in her right hand and in her left she had a loose hand on the lash line. Her right hand held strong, while her left danced the string delicately at her target which was a tree. It was elegant, like many of the trick lashers who preformed at festival and very much unlike her step-mother's wielding of this weapon that had marred her back so many times. Drusilla hoped that by learning to use a this lash, she could overcome those memories and in a way her step-mother.

Drusilla backed up and let go of the lash in her left, she swung her right hand back and with good force Drusilla swung her arm forward sending the lash flying with force at the tree. It hit the tree and bounced off. Quickly she pulled it back with the pointer of her left hand and kept herself in the lead of her dance. Gaining good control of the lash she repeated her long distance swing at the tree and reeled it to her via her left hand again. The Symenestra did this a handful of times, until the cloth covering the sharp bone tip flew loose and the lash became stuck in the bark of the tree.

Drusilla gave a sigh and a light breeze ruffled her hair. Dumb luck. She'd get the bone tip out of the tree, that was no problem. It just seemed like something like this almost always happened to her.


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