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Fire tries to make a cake for her birthday and Pulren is the test subject of her cooking.

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Burning the Cake

Postby Net on September 5th, 2016, 3:37 pm


Oh gods I am so so sorry for forgetting to grade this (and the rest to follow!). I feel horrible. I hope you enjoy these grades! Any questions please feel free to throw questions in my inbox.

For sake of clarity and validity, I saw that you already noted the awards and the prices in your character sheet and ledger.

Bartering +1
Food Preservation +1
Wilderness Survival +1
Time Management +1
Cooking +4
Philtering +1

Bartering: Paying this for that.
Food Preservation: Storing powdered goods in glass jars
Wilderness Survival: Teepee formation for Fire Starting
Wilderness Survival: Softly blowing to fuel the fire with oxygen
Wilderness Survival: Feeding the fire slowly but dilgently.
Cooking: Measuring out the goods needed
Cooking: Following a recipe
Cooking: “Feeding” yeast with ale
Cooking: Crackings Eggs. Too much force makes a mess.
Cooking: A well is a hole in the ingredients
Cooking: Over-risen cake spells fire hazard
Cooking: Burnt cake = Tough
Philtering: Yeast bubbles and foams when added to ale
Improvising: Using One's Fingers to mix instead of a spoon

Rewards and Costs:

Fresh Fish (1 lb)-2 GM
Almonds (1 lb)-3 GM
Bread Loaf-2 CM
Cheese-2 SM
Ale (Gallon)-2 SM
Sugar (1 lb)-1 GM
Butter (1 lb)-1 SM
Wheat Flour (1 lb)-3 GM
Yeast (8 oz)-5 CM
Salt (10 oz)-1 SM
Egg (Dozen)-1 SM
Milk (Gallon)-1 SM
Poppy Seed (1 oz)-8 GM
Bowl 8"-4 CM
Bowl 6"-2 CM
2 Plates 8"-8 CM
Pitcher (Gallon)-7 SM
Cooking Pot (Gallon)-3 SM
Jar 6 oz-6 CM
Jar 8 oz-7 CM
Jar 16 oz-1 SM
Jar 32 oz-2 SM
Pan 16"-4 CM
2 Soup Spoon-2 CM
Serving Spoon-3 CM
Teaspoon-1 CM
Tips4SM2 for the recipe, 1 each for the delivery fees
Recipe for a Poppy Seed Cake

Fire: This was amazing writing! So funny to see ya mixing the batter with your fingers (I do that in real life... Spoons are sooo for the fancy people.. >.>)

Pulren Marsh

Bodybuilding +2

Bodybuilding: Warming up one's body through stretching and cardio
Bodybuilding: Feeling Strain in the right places

Pulren: Unfortunately there was not much in this thread to give you anything worthy. In my eyes, as there was only one post of yours. Please let me know if you feel I have missed anything.

Thank you to Sayana for this lovely template.
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