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[The Kabrin Road] Constant Suplication (Caesarion)

Postby Leeta Snow on August 2nd, 2015, 7:42 am


“Oh gods!” Leeta exclaimed when she was nearing the end of their journey. Poor Caesarion’s face looked like a strawberry and she was positive hers did too. Sweat covered her and she really wished she had enough room to bring a little cart with her attached to the horse at this point. Though she wouldn’t want to have to try to lift this beast into the cart in the first place. It seemed that Caesarion agreed with her suggestion and nodded. “Oh thank the gods…” She held on, not wanting to let go of her grip.

He gave her explanation on what he did and it interested her greatly, but she found it hard to talk. Her now returned lanky body looked tired and she breathed deeply. She was not a physical type of woman so this was hard for her. “I...see…interesting...” The blade of air cut down on the beast and severed it in two, then cut again. “Oh…! That’s so much better.” She watched as the blade of air cut again and hacked through the spine, but didn’t cut it all the way through the bottom of the flesh. The thick hide of the beast stopped it it seemed. This interested her and she thought perhaps her companion really was pooped. She was of like-mind about his suggestion to just carry the head back. They could come back and cut up the rest with one of her knives.

“It would make...a very good weapon...Although you are a little off.” she winced and finally started to catch her breath as she walked with him with the head in their hands. “This antler...think of it like a mansion, or a house. It is full of power. If I break it into seven pieces and make a knife...from one of the pieces, that is like taking all the other rooms of the house and leaving just the kitchen. Your power in this antler has now been divided seven ways and is not nearly as powerful. So it is best to keep all things together as much as possible.” She took in a deep breath and continued, camp now coming into sight. As they got toward the outer edges of camp she slowed down to speak to Caesarion.

“We could stop here. I can get my tools and run back, then we can take this stuff into my tent out of the sight of everyone, or we can just not care what they think and bring a moose head into my tent. I leave that up to you. Did we want to bring the rest back right now and then have the cook make something with it? Or do you just want to experiment on the head and then go get the rest?”

She then could see he was a bit confused so she said, “I think that is accurate to what could possibly happen, but there are a few other factors to keep in mind. One is the strength of the item, and two is the strength of the creatures djed. This moose is not vulnerable to lightning, although lightning killed it. Perhaps if it was the case that you stopped its heart, then made an artifact from its heart, then it would give you a vulnerability to lightning. What would more likely happen is that this beast would likely give you a benefit to speed, hard bones, and great endurance. But that’s only if you took from its leg. You see, you want to take its antler, but that won’t give you speed or endurance, it would only likely give you a boon to bone density, strength, perhaps attack power, maaaybe even attractiveness, but if I were to take the antlers from a complex being like a super magical moose, one that is one of a kind, its power would be greater in these aspects if I made a maledicted item from its antlers, because the djed is more complex.”
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[The Kabrin Road] Constant Suplication (Caesarion)

Postby Okara on September 7th, 2016, 10:49 pm

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