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Unsavory Serendipity {Orion}

Postby Hadyn Skellig on August 4th, 2015, 4:08 am

4th of Summer
515 AV
10th Bell

Fucked. Absolutely fucked. Viciously whispered curses were covertly murmured from the woman's lips as her brow furrowed, sweat gathering in a sheen across her skin. Three bells since the ship, The Sea Snake, made port in the cesspit of Sunberth. It was not a place Hadyn wished to be, despite the captain's consistent reassurances they would leave immediately following the restocking of food and necessities. Hadyn was seriously doubting the very purpose of this endeavor to Zeltiva.

Convinced with shocking enthusiasm by her brother to depart Ravok in early spring Hadyn and the two children found passage on The Sea Snake en route to the scholarly southern city. Ravok never truly suited the weaponsmith, though they lived well enough during their stay. She worked for commission and remained tenants of her brother and his wife, never quite committing to citizenship. The city was not a place to raise Liam or Emily. Hadyn was faced with a dilemma, her desire to return to Syliras hampered by Ioan's coaxing that the children receive an education in Zeltiva. The scholarly city was barely on the weaponsmith's horizons but the incessant nagging of both Ioan and his wife began slowly convincing her that Liam and Emily might have a better life and become learned.

"When can we leave?" the sleepy voice across the narrow cabin echoed Hadyn's fatigue and ennui with a life at sea. None of them were cut out for the jostling and poor weather associated with ship living. But Hadyn was adamant they would not be leaving the Snake while docked in Sunberth. The captain expected to depart the lecherous city by 17th bell, at the earliest. Had everything gone to plan the wait was worth it.

But - of course - nothing was going to plan. Almost the entire crew exited the ship to partake in dry land, food and bodies. And Liam was running a fierce fever and coughing with such force even Hadyn, normally willing to wait maladies out, was concerned.

"Emily, please bring the waterskin here," she replied, intentionally ignoring the girl's question. The six year old rustled against the blanket and dug around in the low light before acquiring the item, shuffling across the floor to give it to the brunnette. Leaning against Hadyn's hip Emily peered over the narrow pallet to watch her brother, concern knitting her brow.

"What's'a matter with him?"

"I don't know,
" the woman confessed, pouring a small amount of water onto the already damp rag before applying it gently to the child's forehead. "This is beyond my remedial skills."

"Will he be alright?" Emily's voice didn't quite reach the quavering quality of weaponsmith's, her tone more curious than fearful as she held an arm around the woman's leg. As if in response the baby gave a rattling cough, closing his blue eyes with effort and turning his face away from Hadyn's.

"Daddy could've fixed him," the girl murmured, almost as an afterthought. Hadyn made no comment, instead giving the blonde's shoulder a reassuring squeeze with her free hand. She couldn't argue with Emily's logic, nor did she have a response to her comment. They were without the childrens' medic father and Hadyn was on her own, without much in the way of healing to her name.

"A pox on this ship," the brunette muttered as she stood up straight, placing blame of the vessel rather than her own lack of skills. Pressing her lips together Hadyn took quick stock of their tiny cabin. There was nothing close to a medical kit and she certainly wouldn't know what to do with one even if they were privy to it. It was time to seek the help of someone who could do some good. With a small smile toward the blonde girl who looked nothing like her Hadyn wiped damp hands on her trousers, having made her up mind.

"Gather your doll in your sack, Emily. We're leaving the ship to find a doctor for your brother."

Unlike Hadyn the blue eyed girl's lips pulled into an innocent smile, the thought of quitting the wretchedly boring ship increasingly exciting. She moved with a swiftness forgotten during the days of travel to collect a few possessions (toys mostly) into her rucksack while the woman did the same. Once they were packed Hadyn carefully lifted the sick Liam, who cried in protest and wrapped him carefully against her chest. Normally she carried him on her back but in his state she wanted to see him. Besides, Sunberth was no place for children. The closer she could keep both of them the better.

"Should you rebraid my hair?" Emily inquired as they exited the cabin and Hadyn locked the rest of their possessions within. Slipping her hand into the brunette's the six year old gazed up at the woman as they moved quickly down the wooden corridor.

"No, sweetheart. Your hair looks lovely as it is. And we must move quickly."

They passed one of the few sailors patrolling the deck, the weaponsmith making quick work of an explanation. The fellow was no help in directing the trio to a doctor, instead shrugging and waving in the general area of the gangplank. Tightening her grip on Emily's hand Hadyn surveyed the port, smelly, loud and chaotic as it was as they descended the plank.

Stepping into Sunberth was like entering a chasm, the sounds and smells enveloping them as they moved through the crowd. Hadyn felt the little girl press herself close to the woman and she wished dearly to pick the child up so she did not have to squeeze herself between the bodies of the deviant masses of Sunberth. Hadyn herself was no stranger to raucous foul behavior but it was an entirely different world here. Syliras was nothing compared to the underbelly of Mizahar. Regret threatened to send her back to the ship but Liam's burning body against her torso encouraged her on.

The trio were afforded occasional glances but to Hadyn's relief they didn't arouse much interest, most folk more concerned about their morning business. The woman had been careful to dress herself and the children modestly, leaving the finely woven gowns gifted to Emily by Hadyn's sister-in-law in the cabin. For herself the woman sported thin dark britches, sooty and well used in the forge. The sand colored tunic was covered by a fitted vest of leather befitting of a laborer. Dark hair was braided and wrapped around her head in a coronet, though the humidity of the day already saw wisps escaping. Even Emily's dress was nothing to write home about, the simply spun material an equal shade of boring brown. But it kept the trio inconspicuous. Regardless of their ability to fit in, however, Hadyn was equipped with weapons about her person, not leaving their fate to the charity of good Sunberthians should a problem arise.

Everything about this place was seedy. In her younger years Hadyn might've taken a liking to this kind of living. But with two children, one of whom was plagued with a malady she could not cure, Sunberth was not a place she wanted to be. Already cursing her brother's advice to leave the weaponsmith made her way to a building close enough to the marina to suggest a pub. The pungent scent of booze and vomit was never wrong. Entering the establishment the woman immediately set her jaw, hoping to avoid any manner of confrontation by the drunks and jackasses wasting Miza midmorning. Ignoring the raised eyebrows and occasional incredulous stare the woman pulled up to the bar, still holding fast to Emily's hand.

A large... large man waddled over to her, brows piqued. His girth was impressive though his swiftness was more so. He eyed the baby on her chest and peered over the bar to see the golden haired child hugging the woman's leg. Raising his gaze to the weaponsmith he let out a snort.

"Ye look like the start of a bad joke," he began, his expression relaxed. Hadyn offered a smile and an agreeable nod.

"Aye, one not likely to end well lest we leave soon." The man nodded and waited a tick as she took a quick glance around the establishment before speaking again. "The boy's sick" she dipped her chin down to indicate Liam. "Where can I find a doctor to see him?"

"Doesn't look right, poor lad," the barman agreed, wiggling his fingers at the baby. Rubbing his wide chin he nodded in the general north-westernly direction. "The Clinic, I'd say. Yet..." he paused, taking the woman and her children in for a moment. "Wouldn't put yer bets on bein' seen, even with the wee man. No. You'd have better luck at Sunset Orphanage."

"The Orphanage?"

"Aye. Least they're used to seein' children. Sure an' their tykes see their fair share of sickness. Ain't too far from here either. Take this road followin' the water. Should see the sign, petched though it is. They'll see you, I've no doubt. Worse comes t'worse, you could always leave 'em there."

"That would surely put me in the runnin' for world's best mum award,"
Hadyn replied dryly with a small grin before canting her head. " 'Preciate the advice."

Surprisingly painless, though the expression on Emily's face as they exited indicated the child was less than pleased with their excursion. Squeezing her hand gently the weaponsmith proceeded down the lane the barman indicated, weaving through the throng of Sunberthians. Though they hadn't garnered much attention Hadyn was ever vigilant of the folk they passed and those around them. It was easy enough to be mugged in the poor neighborhoods of Syliras. It was easier than breathing here.

It was a longer walk than Hadyn expected, having almost entirely lost sight of the Snake's masts. But they reached the building with its dilapidated sign. This was an orphanage? Gathering her wits and offering a smile she hoped was encouraging to Emily they proceeded to the door, rapping on its wooden exterior as Liam began to stir.

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