Suvaris' Plotnotes

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Suvaris' Plotnotes

Postby Suvaris on August 6th, 2015, 9:13 am

For the moment, this will serve as a place to very roughly jot down my plans, hopes and idle daydreams for Suvaris.

  • First and foremost, become a well known name in character. Become one of those figures that are spoken of with either awe, fear, respect, or some such.
  • Develop custom fighting style that incorporates both armed an unarmed.
  • Champion a God. Priskil or Myri are primary candidates.
  • Rise high in the ranks of the Knights.
  • Bond to at least one Kelvic.
  • Learn alchemy, mage craft, morphing. Make some interesting items and creatures.
  • Do something interesting with Suvaris' parents.
  • Acquire Araka status.
  • Kill a god. Also Uphis.
  • Meet Myri. Duel Myri.
  • Attempt to earn acceptance and respect of Myrians.
  • Forge a lasting organisation of some sort.
  • Acquire interesting weapon and armour.
  • Earn 1000 shield points and cash them in for something fun.
  • Never achieve any of these essentially impossible goals!
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