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[The Sanctuary] - Whom shall take care of a whiny donkey?

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Un-stable Donkey.

Postby Wikus on October 11th, 2015, 4:18 am

Finally, a glimpse of actual hope shined upon the frustrated man's features, or perhaps it was the rain that covered him what perhaps reflected something that wasn't really there. It was hard to know if he actually realized the scam that was undergoing as the female counted the golden coins and pocketed them, but no protest of any type came out from the man's mouth or posture. He was more like a shelve in that instant, useless and inanimate whose whole purpose was to watch as the chaotic stack of Mizas was slowly taken away from his metaphorical pocket, and seeing how the hard work he had put in earning it was worth nothing but a house for an idiotic donkey.

In fact, as the coin stack decreased, he realized it was an even bigger quantity than what he himself payed to sleep in a tavern, which meant that either this donkey would live like a king while he worked to sustain himself, or the female that was taking the coin would keep the donkey under a roof for a long, long time. The palm quickly emptied, yet his fingers still held the same position it had while full, shocked itself from the extraordinary price paid for a simple donkey. If he had known, he would have cut the donkey's neck off and buy three or maybe four of them. It was hard to know, as any sort of calculation regarding wealth was beyond his knowledge, and hopefully it would remain that way as he certainly hoped never to worry about such matters.

Even the ground was scooped from some of the fallen coins, only furthering his angst as apparently he was paying for a complete cottage an animal that would be living better than he himself. A light whine escaped him, quickly to be suppressed in order to not hint of his actual thoughts about the matter.

The donkey and the wagon it dragged lost themselves inside the barn, and shortly after the female followed them, not even a goodbye or a thank you given to him. This was, by far, the worst business he had ever seen. Any other place that received that kind of weight of coin would treat him like a king, yet here there wasn't even politeness shown to the customers. The worst of all was the female itself, ignorant and completely oblivious to even the basics of signs, the most simple words or even the slightest amount of manners. While he certainly wanted to see how his donkey would be treated, and where it would be staying, the notion of having to interact with the female was obnoxious at best, instead dissuading him of any further attempts to even express care for his donkey's destiny.

Wet and somewhat angry, left alone in the rain shirtless and without a certain weight in his pouch, the decision was clear: leave the donkey and the wagon up for the female to organize and look after. The goof wouldn't be able to cause much damage either way, for he'd make damn sure to check on both donkey and wagon daily if he had to, only to make sure what he paid was worth every last ounce.

And just like that, he'd turn around and leave the way he came, without the weight of the donkey on his back yet with a little more anger than he hoped to achieve this day. At least the rest of his money in a chest, in case this damn place decided to make him pay for something else too.

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