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Postby Wikus on September 16th, 2015, 5:41 pm



Name: Wikus.
Titles: -

Race: Drykas.
Gender: Male.
Age: 38.
Birthday: 51 Winter 479

Height: 6'5'' [1,96m]
Weight: 199 lbs. [90kg]
Build: Well-shaped, smooth.
Hair: Blond.
Eyes: Blue.

Birthplace: Sea of Grass.
Location: Alvadas.
Profession: Slave.

Fluent: Pavi.
Poor: Nari. *Acquired in 513 in Syliras, through a young Inarta farmer.
Poor: Common.



Wikus is Blight Marked.

He is immune from diseases and sickness, while everyone around him begins showing symptoms of disease the longer their contact with him. Usually, these symptoms begin after 10 days of close, constant contact.

If one suffers a disease and comes into contact with Wikus, such illness may escalate to become something much more severe and be harder to treat even by Rak'keli's marked.

His mark is a diamond shape tattoo right on his sternum, in the middle of the chest, black in color and perfectly blended between the windmarks the man possesses.

The Blight does not affect him, and instead enhances his beauty to unnatural levels. He bears no blemish or otherwise outward signs of being marked by Vayt as his mark takes the form of the disease they carry. He projects an aura of strength and beauty that allows him to draw others in close where their sickness and disease can take hold. It is that same aura that spreads the sickness to others.


Standing at an even 6'5, the breathtakingly handsome man stands tall with pride and an overall correct posture. Head tall, his features are somewhat aged yet undeniably attractive nonetheless. With somewhat perky ears, a bushy blond beard takes control of most of his face with its well-managed and properly trimmed glory. With a somewhat small nose, blue eyes creep from their height with coldness as a light pout or frown decorates his brow. His hair is very short on the sides and back of his head, while the top of his scalp is often tied into a top-knot to remove any signs of hair from his vision.

His large body is somewhat thin for a man of his height, causing a bit of contrast between height and width yet still in overall acceptable proportions. His back and shoulders are more developed muscle-wise, while his chest and abdominal region are plain and weaker in strength and volume. His legs are well-developed strength-wise, lacking volume yet presenting acceptable definition. Across his entire flesh, countless doses of ink have been spread in the multiple and colorful tattoos that decorate him, the only place in which no ink is present being his head and below his knees. His tattoos present different themes in different areas: flowers compose the main theme in right arm, flowers and snowflakes on his left arm, wild animals on the front side of his torso, a Dhani matriarch on his back and shapeless tribal tattoos on his legs.

His clothing is usually partially missing, most times wearing an open shirt if any, and footwear is completely missing from his attire. His pants are usually made of light and flexible materials, usually too loose for his waist yet fixed with an improvised belt made from his 9 foot bullwhip. His clothes are usually filthy in one way or the other, and it is not rare to be able to detect their rancid smell from a couple of feet away. Very rarely he is seen without a flower, common or not, adorning some region of his body - the main places to be found being his beard. A basket of these flowery decorations hangs from his elbow pit while kept close to his body.



Frustrated for not being able to rise his position in his Pavilion throughout hard work, Wikus took it upon himself to rise at the cost of others. He ultimately failed, and found himself ousted from his home and his people. Never being able to settle in a place for too long, as the inhabitants died and withered around him, this lonesome man wanders about without a set goal with only his donkey and his wagon - his twisted and hateful thoughts being his only company.

Special Ability

As of Riverfall's plot of Winter 515 AV, Wikus has gained a new magic ability that allows him a certain amount of control over ink and an enhancement of his tattoos. Depending on the quantity of ink stored within his skin, he gains different degrees of control over his tattoos, including movement, reshape, ink absorption or even ink secretion. Other features include stealing tattoos, and acquiring knowledge by stealing a book's ink.

Stage 0

  • Wikus does not hold ink in his body.

  • Where his original tattoos laid he displays exact copies in scarring, and he experiences intense itches while the ink is missing.

  • He suffers from inverse ink poisoning, meaning he must find ink to refill his tattoos by absorption as quick as possible.

  • Cannot change tattoos, control ink or segregate ink whatsoever as long as he doesn’t absorb ink.

  • Ink absorption is painless at this stage as his body suffers from the lack of ink instead.

Stage 1

  • Approx. 10oz of ink in his body.

  • Wikus holds his ‘natural’ amounts of ink. His original tattoos are completely filled and he regains total control.

  • He can shift his tattoos at will, grant them a swaying motion, change their color and move their position freely. At this stage, his tattoos are clearly visible as tattoos and cannot fool the eye.

  • He can segregate ink through his skin’s pores or alternatively force the ink into his digestive system, where he loses control and returns to stage 0.

  • Ink poisoning is not existent at this stage, unless the ink is forced into the digestive system where it would produce nausea, stomach aches, and diarrhea until the body disposes of it naturally.

  • Ink absorption becomes painful at the same intensity of getting a new tattoo.

  • Ink sweating is minimal, occurring very few times and most of the times in his sleep.

Stage 2

  • Original 10oz + 1 absorbed book/10oz = Up to 20oz of ink in his body.

  • His tattoos become more vivid, and actually become alive, now being able to interact with each other and completely move at Wikus’ will, their obedience being almost absolute. He can imitate tattoos by merely looking at them.

  • If a book was absorbed, he holds its memory, being able to recite the book’s contents with perfection if said book was in a language pronounceable to men. This does not, however, mean he knows it all – recital is equal to reading it for the first time, and still requires a knowledge of the language read despite his apparent proficiency while he recites.

  • He can reproduce exact copies of the book’s pages in his skin, but cannot ‘copy’ said book.

  • He can print the memory ink into an empty book by swiping a plane surface of his flesh against an empty page, losing any memory of said page and therefore being unable to recite it or reproduce it again unless reabsorbed.

  • Ink sweating is bearable at this stage, occurring whenever he’s not focused on retaining the ink, losing the ink memory if the ink is not reabsorbed if any.

  • nk absorption loses intensity, becoming slower but also less painful, at half the intensity of getting a new tattoo.

  • Ink poisoning comes into play but is minimal, characterized by frequent stomach aches, partially negating his sense of smell and taste.

Stage 3

  • Original 10oz + 2 absorbed books/20oz = up to 30oz of ink absorbed.

  • Wikus can now cover the entire front side of his body with ink.

  • Wikus’ tattoos become alive and rebel against him, sabotaging him by trying to distract or scare him, moving around his body freely or disappearing completely at times. They interact with other beings. For example, if Wikus was trying to seduce a female, his tattoos could display an image of him hurting said female or displaying gruesome scenes to repel her.

  • Wikus can only control his ink if completely still.

  • The vivacity of the tattoos allow him to use the ink as camouflage that can fool the human eye if used correctly - it depends on his observation and camouflage skills.

  • Book recital becomes a bit harder, occasionally mixing pages of the two books or causing some stutter.

  • ‘Printing’ the books is also somewhat more difficult, sometimes the ink smearing or mixing with other contents, which calls for constant corrections.

  • Ink absorption is almost painless, instead causing great discomfort instead of pain.

  • Ink segregation becomes tricky as few times it leaks from whenever Wikus chooses.

  • Ink sweating becomes a problem, constantly leaking from one spot or another – plug one hole and it leaks from another one, being a very demanding task to retain the ink’s memory without losing knowledge if any.

  • Ink poisoning causes frequent nausea as well as muscle soreness and general discomfort, as well as completely negating his sense of smell and taste.

  • Wikus no longer can force the ink onto his digestive system.

Stage 4

  • Original 10oz + 3 absorbed books/30oz = up to 40oz of ink.

  • Wikus’ body can be completely covered by ink and becomes that of a true chameleon, being able to form tattoos that defy logic and the third dimension, offering a baffling sense of realism that even imitates textures perfectly. If he was to fake a wound with his tattoos, for example, he could display a sword that had stabbed him in the chest, the wound bleeding, and his flesh torn. It is merely an optical illusion.

  • Ink control can only occur whenever he’s completely still and holding his breath, otherwise the ink flows through his body without any shape.

  • Book recital is almost impossible, always interrupted by mix-ups and constant stuttering.

  • Book ‘printing’ is very hard, often being nothing more than smears, forcing his printing to be done on a smaller scale and with constant corrections.

  • Ink sweating is constant, leaking in great quantities that are easily noticeable.

  • Ink absorption becomes unnatural and feared, requiring the same mental strength needed to hurt oneself.

  • Ink poisoning is at very high levels, barely allowing him to move, not allowing him to eat nor drink, and only allowing him to see a few feet away.

Stage 5

  • More than 40oz of ink.

  • Wikus body is as much as ink as it is flesh.

  • His tattoos automatically assumes the same characteristics as the environment, the realism being absolute.

  • He lacks any kind of control of the ink, having ‘overdosed’ on ink.

  • Book recital, printing, absorption and intentional segregation are impossible.

  • His body begins disposing of the ink by random orifices of his body, said ink being rendered useless and being impossible to be reabsorbed.

  • Wikus cannot move at all except for breathing. His only remaining sense is hearing, and it is still affected.

  • After his body purges the ink, he is back at stage 0 in a weakened state.


  • Wikus can steal tattoos. Wikus requires direct contact with the desired tattoo, slowly draining the ink from the victim. This is painless for said victim and is subject to Wikus’ absorption pains. He can later on return said tattoo while keeping the memory. He can only return an exact copy of it without modifications.

  • Cannot mimic, hide, or modify gnosis marks.

  • All segregated ink is black and non-toxic beyond the regular parameters.

  • ‘Book recital’ is subject to language, as well as skills that can influence the book. Absorbing a poetry book doesn’t mean he can recite the poem correctly, he can only quote it literally. Being able to recite any of a books pages doesn't mean he knows what are the contents of that book - he cannot use the knowledge without having studied it. He obviously cannot recite a book of drawings, or a language that requires seven tongues, a two headed lamb and a farting machine to pronounce.

  • Cannot 'shoot' ink. At stage 3 or 4, however, the segregation becomes more powerful.

  • Cannot control the memory loss from ink sweat. If he has one book absorbed and an additional 10oz of ink, this does not guarantee it will be the latter the one to affected by ink sweat. It's random, and ink memory loss is always a factor.

  • Holding 15 oz of ink still qualifies as Stage 2, for example. There is less ink available for use, but he can still benefit from alive tattoos. Also, a book's ink quantities do not matter. One absorbed book would count as 10oz regardless of size unless it was a gigantic book, where it could count as two or even three.

  • The book's ink memory is not permanent. They are a one-time-use only items. He cannot become a printer and copy the same book a hundred times for profit. Given that he stole it, he can only return it once onto a different surface. For more copies, more books are required to be absorbed. This does not apply to tattoos - the ink's memory is permanent.

  • Link to the original write up and approval.


Season Location Current Status
Winter 515 Riverfall Like every winter, the Worm's behavior experienced a major change once flowers stopped blooming and he found himself deprived of their company. The shyness was removed from his being and instead a violent confidence emerged, hinting of his obsessive and violent nature as well as his damaged psyche. A new power emerged with the arrival of winter: the ability to change the ink of his tattoos, to secrete it and absorb it. It is later revealed that said bizarre ability was given by Kesser, an apparent God that is chasing after another one. Said ability brought many bizarre encounters with various visitors to the city, most of them immediately branding Wikus as a madman or lunatic.
Fall 515 Riverfall Having emerged from the Sea of Grass after an unknown time spent traveling, the Worm displayed clear signs of social anxiety and extreme shyness, which combined with the poor vocabulary resulted in his overall isolation from the crowds during most of the season. Relevant threads: When the Light Wanes

Season Location Current Status

Season Location Current Status

Skills & Lores

Skill EXP Total Level
Wilderness Survival*Plains and Marshes 26 SP +1 +1 28 L2
Weapon: Whip 19 SP +1 +2 +1 23 Novice
Riding: Horse 10 RB 10 Novice
Webbing 5 SP +1 6 Novice
Observation +2 +3+3+4+4+3+3 22 Novice
Wrestling +4 +2 6 Novice
Acrobatics +4 4 Novice
Endurance +4 4 Novice
Body Building +4 4 Novice
Scouting +1 1 Novice
Logic +1 +2 3 Novice
Cooking +1 1 Novice
Organization +1 1 Novice
Animal Husbandry +1 +1 2 Novice
Philosophy +1 +1 +1 +3 6 Novice
Botany +1 1 Novice
Planning +1 1 Novice
Running +1 1 Novice
Detection +1 1 Novice
Larceny +1 +1 2 Novice
Drawing +1 1 Novice
Massage +1 1 Novice
Intimidation +2 +1 3 Novice
Socialization +2 +2 +1 5 Novice
Beekeeping +1 1 Novice
Unarmed Combat +1 1 Novice
Brawling +2 2 Novice
Meditation +1 1 Novice
Interrogation +1 1 Novice
Subterfuge +1 1 Novice
Culture and People
(SP) Lore - Sea of Grass' fauna
(SP) Lore - Drykas Culture
Culture - Food, nothing wasted
Drykas - Hard working team players
Drykas: Women are not Warriors
Endrykas - The Diamond Clan
Kavala: Kindness Incarnate
Location - Sea of Grass
The cold of an Endrykas winter
The Flower Girl: Learn the World's Cruelty
The uses of trade and travel in Endrykas
Tradition: The Diamond Hunt
Valkalah Library: A Buffet for the Brain
White: The color of Diamond Clan
Whitebloods: Elite Traditionalists
Skills and Trade
A longer whip is harder to control
Beekeeping: The Importance of The Queen
Botany - Lilac
Cooking - Working with spices
Cracking a whip
Finding ground for a pavilion
Hunting: Ash neutralizes scent
Intimidation: Screaming in a Fight
Larceny: Steal what you Need, not what you Want
Medicine - Frostbite
Meditation: The Art of Mental Transportation
Observation - The crack of a whip
Observation - The howl of the wind
Philosophy: Not Just Knowing the Words, but Understanding Them
Philosophy: Drawing Understanding from Metaphor
Philosophy: Suffering Breeds Survival
Socialization: Never Easy
Socialization: Sometimes It's Better to Talk
Unarmed Combat: a basic tackle
Woldflowers: Hardy But Modest
Wilderness Survival - Animal grease to protect skin from the wind
Wilderness Survival - Animal oil to feed the fire
Wilderness Survival: Starting a fire in the winter
Wrestling: Exposed Stance
Wrestling: Hip Toss
Wrestling: Standard Position
Wrestling: Standard Stance
Wrestling: Takedowns
Wrestling: Throwing An Opponent
Wrestling: The Surplex

Abilities: Absorbing Words and Thus Knowledge
An obsession with fame
Bathing in Geysers
Blight: No Defense against Freezing
The kick of a healthy baby
Falsely suspected of murder
Losing touch with your spirituality
Opinion: The Diamond Clan is above all
Protecting a scarred boy
Wikus - Both parents dead
Wikus - Forging a life worth living
Wikus - Holds flowers above all else


Historical Purchases :
Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Cash-in Home +500 GM 600 GM
Donkey -8 GM 592 GM
Halter -1 SM 591 GM 99 SM
Tent, four-person -10 GM 581 GM 9 SM
100 ft of rope -2 GM 579 GM 9 SM
Flint and Steel -1 GM 578 GM 9 SM
Lantern, Hooded -7 GM 571 GM 9 SM
4x Torches -8 CM 571 GM 8 SM 92 CM
Bedroll -1 SM 571 GM 7 SM 92 CM
Blanket, Winter -5 SM 571 GM 2 SM 92 CM
Fishing Kit -10 GM 561 GM 2 SM 92 CM
Traveller’s Stock -3 GM 568 GM 2 SM 92 CM
Camouflage Tarp (10 sq.ft.) -12 GM 556 GM 2 SM 92 CM
Mortar and Pestle -1 GM 555 GM 2 SM 92 CM
Picnic Basket Set -5 GM 550 GM 2 SM 92 CM
Toothbrush -3 GM 547 GM 2 SM 92 CM
Pipe -5 GM 542 GM 2 SM 92 CM
Wagon -35 GM 507 GM 2 SM 92 CM
Whip -1 GM 506 GM 2 SM 92 CM
5xOz Kline Tobacco -25 CM 506 GM 2 SM 67 CM
Living Expenses Fall 515 -135 GM 371 GM 2 SM 67 CM
Fall 515 Rent -174 GM 2 SM 67 197 GM 2 SM 67 CM
Living Expenses Winter 515 -135 GM 62 GM 2 SM 67 CM
Winter Wages 515 +368 GM 430 GM 2 SM 67 CM
Winter 515 Rent -273 GM 157 GM 2 SM 67 CM
1x Feed, 10lbs -5 CM 157 GM 2 SM 62 CM
5x Hen -10 CM 157 GM 2 SM 52 CM
Toolkit, Woodcarver's -50 GM 107 GM 2 SM 52 CM
Living Expenses Spring 516 -135 GM NOT GOOD

Purchase Cost Total
Nothing Nada Null

Due to a lack of funds, Wikus has been enslaved and has no possessions whatsoever.

Image Item Origin



Name: Unknown.
Nicknames: 'OI!', 'Ye-HA!", 'Whee-PAH!', '*tongue-click*'

Race: Ass.
Gender: Male.

Animal Information :
This once overworked donkey was now living the good life. At the price of dragging a cart without any rush, he gets to graze day after day in the Sea of Grass and continue living his now perfect life. Bought for 8 Golden Mizas, he had long surpassed the living expectancy given to him by both seller and buyer.

Loyal to his new owner, whom doesn't exploit him nor abuse him that much, he has also proven to be an excellent traveling companion - as his bray is loud enough to alarm an entire region whenever he sees himself as prey for some of the dangers that lurk around. The proper diet along with the constant light-weight exercise he performs had indeed made him extremely healthy, and is able to chew an entire acre in merely 27 hours.

Other than that, with his ascension into the Donkey's Nobility due to the comfort in his life, he has proven most times to be a fierce enemy under attacks of the predators, his hooves being lethal to anything that wishes to neglect his right to continue moving on to greener grass. Literally.


Name: Fantastic Five.
Nicknames: 'Beauties', 'Dear ones', 'Treasures'.

Race: Hens.
Gender: Female.
Age: unknown.

Animal information. :
With the wake of spring 516 in Riverfall, Wikus was cursed with an unusual addiction: bestiality. Terrified at first due to the effects of his changed preferences, it took five days for him to finally accept that he had no other choice but consumate his new scorn. These five hens were bought along with a bag of feed by another addict of the mad city, and later on another of those crazed citizens crafted the small and somewhat comical attires his hens wear. Depending on his mood, Wikus will always hold one of his dear hens in the same arm he carries his basket of flowers, and pets his chosen one with disturbing sensuality.

Thread List

Date Name Status
23rd Winter 496 Cursed Seed - Part I Completed
23rd Winter 496 Cursed Seed - Part II Completed
42th Summer 500 Rough Diamonds On-going
14th Spring 513 Long Spring Nights + Watermelon Woe Grade-pending
Fall 515
Date Name Status
33th Arrival at Riverfall N/A
40th Un-stable Donkey Abandoned
41th On the River Paved Road Abandoned
44th Slow kicks, lazy punches Abandoned
45th When the Light Wanes Completed
48th Smoking Hut Abandoned
56th Training Day Abandoned
87th Like Shattered Glass Completed
Winter 515
Date Name Status
6th Journey of the Wandering Mind Completed
8th Warm Hearths, Warm Hearts On-going
9th Cold Feet On-going
10th [Winter Blaze] A Little Party Never Killed Nobody On-going
11th A Shift in Power Abandoned
14th You and I... and the dead guy Completed
22nd Resound Abandoned
27th Out in Town, a Stumble and a Start Dropped
28th Opposites On-going
30th Uncivilized Attire On-Going
52nd The Lie Completed
54th Snap City Completed
56th Mandatory Fondness Completed
56th ^ Love and Losers Completed
60th Messages for the Missing On-going
80th Mistakes of Old Completed
xxx xxx xxx
Spring 516
Date Name Status
5th Message in a bottle Completed
6th Hen-tai Completed
6th ^ Skin and Bones On-going
32nd Stuck Between Seas On-going
41st The Meat and Greed On-going
42nd Monster Meets Money Completed
43rd The Flying Thief On-going
45th Let The Word Go Forth On-going


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