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A minor mishap creates a bit of extra work

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Rush hour

Postby Naos Bluefist on September 20th, 2015, 6:30 pm

23th fall of 515AV

Naos threw on his leather apron as he walked into the smithy. Pulling a heavy leather glove on his right hand as well to protect him from the heat of the forge. He didn't need a glove on the other hand. In his entire life, Naos hadn't seen anything that could even scratch his left arm. Let alone hurt it.

Something wasn't quite right though, as he walked a few steps deeper into the forge the familiar heat of a burning forge didn't hit him. He knew he was early, but normally the youngest apprentice should have already be lighting the forges so that everybody was ready to go when they arrived.

“Damnit, nil! The forges!” Naos called out towards the apprentice. He only got silence as his reply. The blasted cretin wasn't even here. Well he wasn't going to go out and look for him, He now needed to go and do Nil's work for him. If he got his hands on that little lazy apprentice he was going to wish he was dead. Or at the very least wish he hadn't shirked his work.

He walked over towards his forge and pushed the coals away and out of the firepit in the middle of the hearth. Removing anything that wasn't coals as he was doing so. Pulling out some small shards of detrius out of the coals and throwing them in a bin. After having emptied the fire pit of the forge Naos went and got some firewood to start the fire. The wood they used to start the fire were small dry twigs. Perfect to start a fire. He dumped a fistfull of those twigs in the firepit and with his flint and steel tried to get a fire started. It took him a few tries, but before long a small flame was flickering inside of the fire pit and he slowly fed it more twigs to grow the flame.

“The forges aren't lit yet?” Naos looked up from his work. Noticing his coworker that had entered the smithy.

“Nil wasn't here. The little bastard skipped work.” Naos simply answered as he turned back to his work, feeding the small fire the last bits of twigs and dropping a few bits of coal with it in the fire pit.

“Strange, he doesn't usually do that.” The other blacksmith said as he went to his own forge and started to light it as well.

“Doesn't matter that he usually doesn't do it. He shouldn't have done it at all. He better have a good reason for not showing up.” Naos grabbed the bellows and lightly began blowing air through the forge. Strenghtening the flame within. As the flame slowly grew stronger and stronger he pushed more and more coal onto it until the flame looked to be strong enough. Now he just had to wait till the fire was hot enough so that he could start working. A good time to go and check what kind of work awaited them for the rest of the day.
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