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Questions on a sunny day (keene ward)

Postby Naos Bluefist on September 21st, 2015, 11:37 pm

73th of fall 515AV

Despite the fact fall was nearly over and the dreary winter day's were approaching. Today was a nice day. Syna was shining brightly and despite the slight chill on the air. It was very nice outside as long as you wore a coat. Many of the people were outside at the moment, taking advantage of what might be the last nice day in a long while. Naos' common watering-hole wasn't any difference. They had moved part of their tables and chairs outside and their musicians were playing outside.

Naos let out a small satisfied sigh as he leaned back in the chair. Decent music, a nice spot in the sun and a pint of salty kelpbeer. There weren't many better ways to relax then this. He took a sip from his drink and slowly began to doze off as he listened to the music.

“No, you ask him!” Naos was pulled out of his nice doze when he heard high pitched kibbling nearby. It didn't take him very long to figure out where the disturbance came from. A duo of young children were loudly talking to each other and gesturinging. Half of those gestures being aimed at him.

“I'm not deaf you two.” Naos grunted out as he sat up straight again. Fixing the kids with a stern stare.

“I told him not to bother you!” One of the kids said as he pointed at the other one.

“Don't pin this on me! You were curious as well.”

Naos rubbed his temple with his free hand. “Just simmer down, you're attracting attention.” Naos said as he motioned towards the rest of the patrons. Granted only some of them were looking over to the noisy kids. But he just wanted to get them to shut up.

“Just come over here and ask whatever you're curious about.” He took another swig from his mug. Praying that izurdin would give him the patience to get this over and done with. The fact both of the kids faces lit up like he suddenly promised them candy didn't give him much hope though.

“Well why are you blue?”

Naos couldn't help but crack a smile at that question. “Because I'm an isur. We got blue skin. Though I heard not all isur got blue arm like this though.” He held up his left arm. Showing of the deep blue colour.

“Is that arm special or something?”

Naos nodded. “Very, I haven't seen anything that can even scratch this arm of mine for one. But that's not all that it can do.” Naos began patting himself down, searching the piece of scrap metal that he usually kept on himself for moments like this. It didn't take him long to find it and he handed it over to one of the kids. “Try bending it.”

The kid gave him a confused look but tried anyway. Not managing to budge it even a little bit. “I can't.” He said as he gave it back. “Just having a strong arm isn't really special you know.”

“It's more then just strong.” Naos said with a smile on his face as he grabbed the piece of scrapmetal with his left hand and lightly pulled on it. The metal stretched underneath his grip like it was a piece of clay. Both of the kid's jaws dropped as I moulded the metal like it was a piece of clay.

“That has to be a trick. You switched it out with something else.” One of the kids claimed as he reached out with his hand.

“Well try it out yourself.” Naos said with a grin as he handed over the warped piece of metal to the kids. Again both of them tried to bend it to no avail. Naos just watched with a grin on his face until the two of them gave up and gave back his piece of scrap. Which he quickly pulled into a crude circle just to show them that it wasn't just a trick.

“That's weird.” One of the kids started to say.

“Bart, Wilhelm. We are leaving now.” A woman called out towards the two kids.

“Coming.” One of the kids yelled back before looking back towards him. “Well, we gotta go. I'm gonna find out that trick you use for that!” The child said before they both went towards their mother. Naos just shook his head as he squeezed the metal piece back into a thick barlike shape. Leaning back into his chair and taking another sip of his kelp beer.
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