Ferrins Journal of Entries and Seriousness.

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Ferrins Journal of Entries and Seriousness.

Postby Ferrin Al'Mandrikan on November 29th, 2015, 4:00 am

OOCTis been awhile since I have started this journal entry. I'll come up with more later. :)

Fall: 11th 515AV

First Entry:
The Fortress City of Peace, now I do believe that is an interesting title for a city. Especially when one has already been named after a god. Sylir. I'm not one to be intellectual about religious beliefs and religion in general. But anyways I have found myself another friend and teacher today. Joanna Familiaris, such a wonderful person she is. Even willed to train me, she's very kind. I appreciate her kindness and generosity. There is just one thing that makes me feel confusion about this wonderful being. Whenever I get near her I feel warm, even on aa chilly autumn day. Such as today. Things have been made up quickly, and I'm surprised of hownfast things had changed for me since I've been in Syiliras. Living in Kenash was one of the toughest things for me. Especially since my parents volunteered to be the temporary magistrates.

Things ended up being crazily mad. I had to leave. So one night I snuck out and gathered my things and took off to Syliras, with my horse companion Cyprus.
Really though, I had arrived here around mid summer actually. Things have been improving, besides the lack of sleep. Ever since I've been staying at the Heralds Arms, constantly loud noises and chattering wake me up. I usually take my stress off by hunting, but since the season is nearing to winter I think I'll delay on the part, but I'll need some sort of income. And besides the forest animals are either going into hibernation or they are just very good hiders. It is really late though, I'll post back on the morrow. If I will have time. But I also think that my life is certainly being changed around, I'm hoping that this is a good thing for me. The only thing that I'm worried about is if my parents will eventually forgive me. Did they make my sister and brother come look for me? Why do t things ever so get confusing? Anyways, I'm definitely thinking of renting a room at the Travelers Row. Soon though, maybe when next season begins.
That's it for today, now that I'm going to sleep.

"With a heart of steel, I raise my blade in combat. The only thoughts I have in my mind is whether I'd return home to my family. I am a soldier, and will fight for love and peace. That is the way of being a Syliran Knight"-Ferrin.

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