The Valterrian, Generations and Timelines

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The Valterrian, Generations and Timelines

Postby Colt on December 13th, 2015, 5:50 am

Hey there! So, I was re-reading the lore on the Valterrian, trying to get a sense generationally of where everyone is, since it's only been five hundred years––basically, how many generations have been above ground, and therefore what the timeline is on when they developed their traditions and how much time they've spent integrating into the environment. And at the very bottom, I saw this quote:

Five generations passed. The first and second generations withstood the ravages below ground or in isolated locations throughout Mizahar. The third generation emerged and began to take stock, while the fourth generation began to rebuild. Now, however, is the fifth generation of human life after the Valterrian - the sundering of the world.

I find this statement a little difficult to believe. Keywords being "generation" and "human life" in particular. It states that we are currently in the fifth generation since the Valterrian, but that means that a given human PC's family has only been living above ground since their grandparents, and their great grandparents would have lived an entirely subterranean life. Mathematically, it's also confusing me a bit just in terms of years. Five human generations, in 500 years? Does that mean that each person lived one hundred years before having a child, who lived another hundred years before having their own child, who lived another hundred years, and so on? This would make sense for the Dhani or Akalak or other long-lived races, but the page specifically refers to human life.

Basically, am I reading this terribly wrong? Is there something else on the page that I missed?

The reasons I came to the page in the first place was to answer these questions.

1: How many human generations have lived above ground? If Bob the Human traces his lineage back, how far back does he have to go to find the generation that emerged from underground?

2: Some races, like the Benshira and Myrians, had cultures and ways of life that were in place long before the Valterrian. Others, like the Drykas and Konti, are entirely new. Regarding the new races, exactly how fluid are the cultures? Are they still evolving and figuring out how to live sustainably, or have they already gotten past that part? Again, how many generations have they had to build a new culture from scratch, and how close are they to those past generations that lived underground?
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The Valterrian, Generations and Timelines

Postby Firenze on December 18th, 2015, 2:15 pm

This is a really good question, I'd love to see what the answer to this is.
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The Valterrian, Generations and Timelines

Postby Gossamer on December 18th, 2015, 4:43 pm

My take on it is simple.

I don't see 'human generations'. I see an average of all the races, their lifespans, and generations taken into account. It roughly averages around a hundred years given some live 70, some 200, some are immortal, etc. We are using the general lifespan of 100 years. In your particular family, it could be ten generations above ground but for a Jamoura, they are still on generation one since their creation with a few scatterings of kids for gen two.

You can't think in terms of just one race even though humanity is predominant. They aren't the most successful by far. I'd say the Isur were. They weathered their worlds being torn apart and rebuilt and survived with whole Dynasties intact. The Akalak lost the female parts of their race. And then there are new races.... so... take it as an artistic explanation for a very complex situation.

I know each family should take personal pride in how many generations were above ground and if they have records or memories from below ground. I know I played an Eth that fell the day of the Valterrian who carried those memories around. I loved playing that character because she saw everyone as spoiled and privileged who was alive today. They didn't know how bad things really were.


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