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Postby Firenze on October 11th, 2014, 5:48 pm

Appearance and Character Background
Thread List and Goals.
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Postby Firenze on November 3rd, 2014, 3:00 am


Birth Name: Genovieve Elle Marshall
Given Name: Firenze
Nickname: Fire
Race: Kelvic
Gender: Female
Age: 8
Birthday: 21 Summer, 511 AV
Adoption Day 40 Winter, 511 AV
Birthplace: Syliras
Height: 5'11 (Human) / 103 inches (Tiger)
Weight: 120 lbs (Human) / 240 lbs (Tiger)
Species: Amur Tiger
Fluent Language: Feline
Basic Language: Common

Listen to Me

Human Description

In her human form, Firenze can be rather intimidating at a height of 5'11". Her hair is long and blonde with underlying browns, it tends to be more wild then not. She has unusually golden eyes with flecks of yellow, with vision that is better at night then during the day.
Animal Description
Firenze's natural form is that of a sleek and cautious Amur Tiger. Her body is long and muscular approximately 103 inches in length from nose to the tip of her tail. She has mostly orange and golden fur that turns to white on parts of her face with large narrow black widely spaced stripes cover the length of her body, varying in length and darkness. A distinct black pattern in her fur on her head resembles black rain falling down her face and two white spots located on the back of her ears. To the touch, her fur is thick and coarse, most of the year. During the colder times of the year her fur becomes denser, longer, softer, and silkier to aid in warmth. Her tail is longer then average tigers with a length of about 30 inches. Height to shoulder is roughly 3 1/2 feet. Her back legs are slightly longer than her front legs, aiding in her speed, agility and the ability to jump up to 32.5 ft. The pads on her feet ensure her ability to stalk prey unnoticed. Her claws, each 4 inches long, help in taking down large prey, they retract into her paws when unused to make sure they stay consistently sharp and aid in stealth when stalking. Her teeth are sharp and larger then average with both top and bottom canines are approximately 3 inches long. Her eyes are golden, flecked with yellow and her pupils are rounded. She has six times better vision at night, which is when she is most apt to preying. Although her sight is slightly above the same as a human, her whiskers and tail help in communication, balance, direction and hunting.

Scars and Injuries :
Received Description
Younger Years She has a few small scars on her right hand that can be seen in both forms from trying to play with a particularly irritable prey.
8 Fall, 514 A bear fight left her with scratches on hip about an inch or so running along her side, starting about the height of her belly button at the top of her hip, bright red and crooked down to the top of her thigh and curving around to the front of her hip. Kechaiya stitched them up for her and did quit a good job, leaving long thin red marks, without the harsh edges after the skin healed together. The scratches are visible in both forms, but slightly more hidden under her fur and bottom side in her natural state.
36 Summer, 515 Fire has some moderate bruising from the fall, particularly on her ribs, with spots remaining tender for a couple of days, but healing without much trouble.
40 Winter, 515 Fire has some rope burns on her ankles and wrists. Bruising and scratches all over.
41 Spring, 516 Potential for faint scarring from prolonged time spent in manacles. (These have turned permanent in faded pink that is more noticeable when her skin is tanned as it does not match pigment. They are not noticeable in feline form.)

Permanent Scars Quick Glance :
  • Smooth long scars from belly button, along the left hip, to top of the left thigh.
    [Human | Tiger]
  • Small lined pigment discolorations, scaring on hands. [Human]
  • Faded pink scarring on wrists from manacles. [Human]


Character Concept

Firenze is not shy and isn't afraid to speak her mind when she feels aggravated. She's not always growly, actually quite the opposite. She enjoys lounging around in the sun and bathing in cool pools of water. Discovering new things and playing with items unknown to her is a favorite pass time, however this has a tendency to get her in trouble... and sometimes even hurt. Usually in an upbeat mood she does have moments when things are dark and bleak. Losing her bondmate took a toll on her mentally, changing her perspective on love and the world. Although continually searching for another bondmate, she's more cautious; and that situation doesn't stop her from being friendly and polite. Some believe that she has her head in the clouds or generally doesn't pay attention, but it's her overthinking of situations, people, and her inexperience with the world that cause this.


Character History

Historical Information :
In the beginning, she is not entirely sure of her history. The most she knows is from a small locket that was with her when she was given to the Orphanage in Sunset Quarters. She does, however, aspire to find out her true history and where she came from someday.

Some of this knowledge changed after relocating to Zeltiva, in the end days of helping a woman search for her daughter it was found that she was the daughter. Her mother, Melody Marshall, and Grandmother, Misha, were searching for a lost child and it was discovered in a discussion over lunch in the Summer of 515.

Unfortunately, it was also shared that her step-father, Vinicus Marshall, was searching for the two women in an attempt to drag them back to Syliras and return them to their indenturement to him. After having been captured and taken away to Syliras by Vinicus, she found another truth; he was cruel and ruthless. In an feeble attempt to escape she made her way outside the city walls, he tracked her down, and a fight ensued. During the fight for freedom he was slain by a rogue wolf that had been tracking Fire. It was later brought to light that the wolf was Kelvic, but she never came to know the man.

Months after, while trying to gather supplies and money to get back to Zeltiva, she was taken hostage by slavers to Kenash while on a hunt. The slavers, wanting to get a pretty penny for a tiger Kelvic, sold her to the Auction House.

While waiting to be 're-homed' or sold from market, the city officials lent out the slaves that were pending sale. The Endrkyas, having heard there were slaves nearby in some mining pits, freed the slaves and killed the slavers and officials in the encampment. She resided with the misfits tribe in Endrykas for a time.

While staying with the Endrykas there was an underlying feeling of unrest. Firenze still felt the pull to find her family. It was this that drove her to relocate back to the place where she first remembered her home, Sunberth. Not knowing where her family resided she took to the place she had felt, despite her unease with the city itself, was what she would call "home".

During the search, she made a promise to herself that if she were to find her mother and grandmother that she would go back to the place she'd felt most comfortable and welcome, Zeltiva.
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Postby Firenze on November 3rd, 2014, 3:10 am

Skill Experience Proficiency Breakdown
Acrobatics 4/100 Novice 1,1,1,1
Acting 1/100 Novice 1
Astronomy 2/100 Novice 2
Skill Experience Total Proficiency
Bartering 1/100 Novice 1
Body Building 1/100 Novice 1
Botany 1/100 Novice 1
Brawling 2/100 Novice 2
Skill Experience Total Proficiency
Carousing 7/100 Novice 5,2
Cartography 1/100 Novice 1
Cleaning 10/100 Novice 2,1,4,1,2
Climbing 4/100 Novice 1,1,1,1
Cooking 4/100 Novice 4
Copying 1/100 Novice 1
Cosmetology 9/100 Novice 1,5,1,1,1
Skill Experience Total Proficiency
Dance 3/100 Novice 1,2
Drawing 3/100 Novice 3

Skill Experience Total Proficiency
Endurance 24/100 Novice 1,1,3,1,1,2,1,5,2,1,1,1,1,1,1,1
Escape Artist 1/100 Novice 1
Skill Experience Total Proficiency
Fishing 2/100 Novice 2
Food Presesrvation 1/100 Novice 1
Foraging 1/100 Novice 1

Skill Experience Total Proficiency
Gadgeteering 1/100 Novice 1

Skill Experience Total Proficiency
Herbalism 3/100 Novice 1,2
Housekeeping 4/100 Novice 1,3
Hunting 34/100 Competent 10Racial Bonus, 6Starting Points,1,1,3,5,1,4,1,2

Skill Experience Total Proficiency
Intelligence 8/100 Novice 2,1,1,1,1,1,1
Interrogation 17/100 Novice 2,2,2,1,1,3,5,1
Intimidation 8/100 Novice 1,2,1,1,1,2
Investigation 12/100 Novice 3,1,1,1,2.1,1,2

Skill Experience Total Proficiency
Skill Experience Total Proficiency

Skill Experience Total Proficiency
Leadership 2/100 Novice 1,1
Logic 6/100 Novice 3,1,1,1

Skill Experience Total Proficiency
Massage 5/100 Novice 3,2
Medicine 3/100 Novice 2,1
Meditation 7/100 Novice 1,3,1,1,1
Skill Experience Total Proficiency
Navigation 13/100 Novice 1,3,1,1,1,2,1,1,1,1
Negotiation 8/100 Novice 2,1,1,1,1,2

Skill Experience Total Proficiency
Organization 4/100 Novice 2,1,1
Observation 100/100 Master 4,5,5,5,3,4,4,5,5,2,5,3,2,3,5,4,1,4,4,4,2, 1,2,2,4,2,2,2,2,3,1
Skill Experience Total Proficiency
Persuasion 3/100 Novice 1,2
Philosophy 8/100 Novice 1,1,2,2,1,1
Philtering 1/100 Novice 1
Planning 12/100 Novice 1,1,2,1,1,1,1,1,2,1

Skill Experience Total Proficiency

Skill Experience Total Proficiency
Rhetoric 27/100 Competent 2,3,3,4,2,1,3,5,1,1,1,1
Running 5/100 Novice 1,1,3

Skill Experience Total Proficiency
Scavenge 1/100 Novice 1
Seduction 33/100 Competent 1,2,1,4,3,1,1,4,2,2,3,2,3,1,3
Scouting 1/100 Novice 1
Singing 2/100 Novice 1,1
Socialization 80/100 Master 3,4,5,1,2,2,2,4,4,1,3,1,4,1,5,2, 3,2,2,4,3,3,4,2,2,3,1,1,2,1,2,1
Stealth 9/100 Novice 1,1,4,1,1,1
Subterfuge 7/100 Novice 2,1,2,1, 1
Swimming 8/100 Novice 5,2,1
Skill Experience Total Proficiency
Tactics 5/100 Novice 1,3,1
Teaching 7/100 Novice 4,2,1
Time Management 1/100 Novice 1
Tracking 14/100 Novice 1,2,1,5,1,3,1

Skill Experience Total Proficiency
Unarmed Combat 26/100 Competent 19Starting Points,2,4,1

Skill Experience Total Proficiency

Skill Experience Total Proficiency
Weapon: Long-sword 6/100 Novice 1,5
Weapon: Short-sword 1/100 Novice 1
Weapon: Dagger 11/100 Novice 10Starting Points,1
Wilderness Survival (Grassland) 25/100 Novice 15Starting Points,1,3,1,1,1,1,2
Wrestling 1/100 Novice 1
Writing 2/100 Novice 2

Skill Experience Total Proficiency

Skill Experience Total Proficiency

Skill Experience Total Proficiency
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Postby Firenze on November 3rd, 2014, 3:12 am

Ale: a perfect winter warmer
Ale Isn't Half Bad!
Am I Truly Different?
Anxiety keeps me awake
Blissful Unconsciousness
Children should want for naught
Contorting the body to outwit bindings
Excitement is contagious
Family: Barely knew them yet the ties are strong
Firenze: Her travels have changed her
Firenze: Motivated by hate and anger
Fish might be a nice change of pace
Genovieve: Grandmother sent her away
Genovieve: Only a few seasons old when taken away
Haunted by the past
Hunger Breeds Agitation
Hearing the Truth and yet not believing it
I am Drawn to Shiny Things
I Don't Want to Go to the Market!
I Rather Love the Water
I've grown cautious in my travels
I've started to withdraw from others
Kelp Beer: Foul but effective
Kelp Beer: Really is Potent
Kelp Beer: Tastes like the Sea
Kelvic: Can’t shift in a collar
Look, Don't Touch
Life Already Hurts, Why Add to the Pain?
My Locket is Very Precious to Me
Real Name: Genovieve
Pangs of Jealousy
Pycons: Strange talking mud
Pycons: A fascinating creature
Self: An easy target?
Self: Can I take down a horse?
Self: Embarrassed by my stench
Self: Excited to see another Kelvic
Self: Not suited to Sunberth
Self Confession: Terrible Hunter... Being a Predatory Animal (Ironic?)
Self Reflection on One's Morales: Weighing Self-Defense as Wrong
Self Restraint: Nervous to show secret.
Scared to get too close
Shifting: Uses Energy that requires replenishing
Signatures look like little black worms on paper
Survival is making it to the end of the day
Sweet delights: candy and cake
Test limits, Be the Predator not the Prey
The Comfort of Food and Drink
The Dark Path of Jealousy
The Desire for a New Home
The Dizzying Effects of Ale
The Importance of Being Literate
The Impatience of Waiting for a Late Client
The line between friendship and attraction is confusing
To play with one's food or to eat it
Why Did My Family Leave Me?
Winter is the worst

Endrykas :

Endrykas: Not feeling like I'm fitting in
Kenash :
Kenash: City in Cyphrus

Sunberth :
A Place to Call Home
A new home (The Drunken Fish)
First Visit to Pig's Foot
General Knowledge of the Daggerhands
In Sunberth, All Illnesses Are Grave
Rumors of Strange "People" Arriving in Sunberth
Sunberth: A pit of Blood
Sunberth City Layout
Sunberth makes you question things
Sunberth: Never let your guard down.
Sunberth: Where to Buy Cosmetics/Fashionable Clothing
The Bolt Hole: Location & Function
The welcoming heat of the Drunken Fish
Location: Home Sweet Home!
Location: Dragoon Training Grounds
Location: The Aquillar Hot Springs
Location: The Drunken Fish
Location: The Dust Bed
Location: The Seaside Market
Location: The Sunset Quarters
Location: The Quay

Syliras :
Syliras Lore: Businesses to look for work at.
Location: Beodan's Place
Location: Nettles District
Location: Soothing Waters
Location: Sacred Arch Hotsprings
Location: The Anthonius Fighter's Pit
Soothing Waters: Expensive to Bathe
Syliras: A lot of people willing to help
Syliras: A city full of wondrous things

Zeltiva :
A Touchy Subject: Does not just deal in the physical interactions
A Touchy Subject: Information Gathering
A Touchy Subject: A metal door in a row of wooden ones
Location: The City of Zeltiva
Location: The Kelp Bar
The relief of a familiar face in a crowd
The layout of Zeltiva
Zeltiva: Ancient Quarter
Zeltiva: Sailor's Quarters
Zeltiva: Sailor's Quarters – General Store
Zeltiva: Old Quarter
Zeltiva: Old Quarters – Pul's Home
Zeltiva: University Library

A Grim Awakening
A Need to Escape
A procession proclaiming the end of the world
An Offering for the Dead
Beach Party: Relief from heat
Be careful near the waters edge
Being Cat-Called
Calling for help
Caravans that move children?
Clamming a Date
Escaping a growing blizzard
Event: My first time seeing another Kelvic shift
Exacting Vengeance on a Bush
Fighting the urge to run and hide.
Kelvic: Shifting in trees is unsurprisingly difficult
Let's have a beach party!
Lost in the Mist
Posters for a party
Revealing a secret: Being a Tiger Kelvic
Scarring the dark haired horse-man
Terror Among the Tombstones
The Sight of a Dead Body
The Bone Masked Murder
The Hot Springs: Therapy in more ways than one
The kindness of a stranger
The Locals Get a Kick out of watching Foreigners try their “home brew”
The Regret of Murder
The true value of "worthless" items
Thwarted by a Cramp
Trying to keep someone else's house
Waking up next to Someone
You Can Find Cool Things Inside Intestines

Azmere :
Azmere: A compelling leader
Azmere: Gives the shirt off his own back to those in need
Azmere: Marked by strange scars
Azmere: Of blue-and-gold eyes
Azmere: Whose discomfort amuses Firenze
Firenze & Azmere: The feeling of Déjà vu

Aider :
Aider: A practice target
Aider Silander: Muscular and Bold
Aider: My First Kiss
An Eyeful of Aider
Narrowly Avoiding a Mistake with Aider

Alexander Faircroft :
Alexander, Religious
Alexander, Very Kind
Alex: Saved a squirrel Pycon
Alex: Is good at ranged and small weapons

Amon :
Amon, the Herbalist
Amon is a Mage!

Ball :
Ball: Is a Pycon
Ball: Is good at unarmed
Ball: The smallest one with the largest mouth

Baelin :
Baelin: A kind stranger
Baelin: Dark hair and unusual eyes
Baelin: The darky broody stranger

Baylin :
Baylin: Fish-man
Baylin: Rubbery skin, not fishy scales

Beodan (Dan) :
Beodan: A horse Kelvic
Beodan: Knows a Kelvic wolf named Nikia
Beodan: Likes to be called Dan

Deltan :
Deltan, the Syliran Guard

Dor’gen :
Dor'gen: The Giant Purple Man
Dor'gen: Safety & warmth
Dor'gen: He blushes!
Dor'gen: Steady as a rock
Dor'gen Doesn't Dance
The Warmth of Dor'gen
Nitai Makes Dor'gen Blush
Fleeing the memory of Dor'gen
Dor'gen threw my life into turmoil

Ferrin: :
Ferrin: Man from Kenash

Garland :
Garland: Good at Long sword

Jade: :
Jade: A Sunberth Native

Kaie: :
Kaie: a half-remembered face

Kelski :
Kelski: Appearance & Mannerism
Kelski: Kelvic

Leeta: :
Leeta: prefers eating to drinking
Leeta: covered in tattoos

Lo'campo :
Locampo: the gentlemen
Loxudeianis or Lo'campo

Nellie :
Nellie: The New Girl
Nellie: Parents died in a lab fire
A brass button: A gift for Nellie
A shiny piece of glass: A gift from Nellie

Noah Amuel :
Noah: Came to my aid
Noah: lives in Traveller's row

NPCs :
Biological Father: Passed away shortly after birth
Faolan: A stranger who saved her
Father Manowar of the Drunken Fish
Helping a Total Stranger
Kevith: Old Gruff of the Rearing Stallion
Max: Co-Owner of the Aquillar Hot Springs
Melody: White Blonde hair, Golden eyes.
Melody: Missing her daughter, Genovieve
Melody: Shy but determined
Melody: Mother
Melody's Bondmate – Faolan – is a "bad man”
Misha: Grandmother.
Misha: Melody's Mother
Misha Running the Show
Misha's Daughter: A Kelvic
Miriam: has grubby hands
The Madame: Owner of A Touchy Subject
Vinicus: Abusive, Assaulting, and “courageous”-- more like cowardly
Vinicus: Likes causing pain
Vinicus is not Fire's Father.
Vinicus: Is disgusting
Will: Blue eyed bartender

Matthew :
Matthew: a prostitute

Pulren :
Trust and a Key
Living with Pulren Marsh
Pulren Marsh: The green eyed savior
Palaren's Special Ability: Making Rocks
Palaren's Special Ability: Green Ooze (Djed) seeping from his hand

Raus :
Raus: A Rude, Gruff Cook

Talya :
Talya: Fun Companion for a Night on the Town
The Horned Person: dark mane and deep green horns
The Horned Person is kind

Bartering: Paying this for that
Basic Sword Stance
Bears are Tough Creatures
Brawling: Anything counts... Even Biting
Cartography: Learning how to read a Map of Zeltiva
Catching a Distracted Squirrel
Chasing Down a Hare...Sort of
Cleaning: Breathing, Fogging, and Wiping clear the surfaces of Metallic objects
Cleaning: Prepping One's Face for Makeup Application
Cleaning: Washing of one's Brushes between applications and afterwards
Cleaning: Scrub with the grain
Cleaning: Using Lemon Leaves
Cleaning: Scrubbing with Hot Water
Cleaning: Protect the Knees
Constellations: Atila, a collection of 15 stars
Constellations: Pictures amongst the stars
Constellations: The stars have stories
Constellations: The story of Atila
Cooking: Measuring out the goods needed
Cooking: Following a recipe
Cooking: “Feeding” yeast with ale
Cooking: Crackings Eggs. Too much force makes a mess.
Cooking: A well is a hole in the ingredients
Cooking: Over-risen cake spells fire hazard
Cooking: Burnt cake = Tough
Cosmetology: Braiding One's Hair
Cosmetology: Keep One Eye Open when doing Own Makeup
Cosmetology: Knocking the Brush on the Jar to remove the excess
Cosmetology: Kohl marks straight narrow lines when dampened
Cosmetology: Kohl used to line one's eyes
Cosmetology: Kohl when wet stains
Cosmetology: Scented Water
Cosmetology: Using Pomade to Color Lips
Cosmetology: Using Water to Aid in the Brushing out of Knots and Tangles in Hair
Dancing: More Difficult in Heels
Endurance: Suffering under the weight of chains and fog of hunger
Endurance: Traversing through the cold
Endurance: Using pain to motivate
Escort: A possible job
Escort: Doing nonsexual activities as well as prostitution
Familarizing with an unknown area
Fishing: Cupping the hands to trap a guppy
Fishing: Grabbing at fish barehanded
Food Preservation: Storing powdered goods in glass jars
Gadgeteering: Key Slides into lock, turns and Lock opens
Herbalism Tools: Mortar and Pestle
How to Tie a Basic Knot
How to Turn Brinetooth Berries into Jam
How To Preserve Dried Herbs
Hunting: Catching a mouse
Hunting: Patience is a virtue
Hunting Takes Patience
Hunting: Thwarted by stiff muscles
Hunting: To kill a Squirrel
Hunting: Tracking down a dead but fresh carcass
Improvising: Using One's Fingers to mix instead of a spoon
Intelligence: Knowing a Building is Just as Important as the People Within Through Inspection
Interrogation: Bartering with coinage
Interrogation: Learning the Inner Rooms from the People Within Through Questioning
Intimidation: Trying to sound tough and in charge
Investigation: Examine body for hints at the cause of death
Keeping your body loose in combat
Land Navigation: Picking out landmarks like streams
Learning to Draw Herbs
Massage: Knots feel like small rocks
Medicine: Infection weakens the body's immunity to illness
Medicine: Testing the limits of an injury
Medicine: The rancid smell of an infected wound
Meditation: Breathing in and out to calm down
Navigation: Taking and Using Hand Directions
Negotiation: It's not always possible to cut a deal
Organization: Checking over belongings
Organization: Setting belongings out to dry.
Philosophy: Asking the big, important questions
Philosophy: Do mice fart?
Philosophy: Happiness is the best choice
Philosophy: Killing for gain and glory is wrong
Philosophy: We either live or we die
Philtering: Yeast bubbles and foams when added to ale
Improvising: Using One's Fingers to mix instead of a spoon
Planning: Using Rainwater to soak dishes
Powdered Alfafa Stops Bleeding
Prostitution: Engaging in sex for money
Properties of Lemon Balm
Reading: Patient Teacher Required
Rhetoric: Telling yourself something until you believe it
Seduction: Like a hunt
Seduction: To draw a man's attention - watch him
Singing: Humming with the Lips
Socialisation: Friendly teasing
Stashing Goods in Hollow Logs
Stealth: Avoiding the road
Stealth: Holding one's breath to maintain silence
Stealth: Keeping every muscle still
Subterfuge: Going along with presumptions
Subterfuge: Only telling half of the truth
Subterfuge: Half truths are still concealing of the full meaning.
Swimming: Take it slow
Swimming: Treading water
Tactics: Out-maneuvering prey
Tactics: Using non-verbal cues to plan an attack
The Applications of Brinetooth Berries
The Difference Between Real and Practice Swords
The Sweet Taste of Brinetooth
Tracking: Boot prints
Tracking: Following blood
Tracking: Rabbits
Tracking: Squirrels leave few prints in snow
Tracking: Scent of deer
Tracking: Scent of dog
Tracking: The scent and sound of a horse
Tracking: Urban Tailing
Treelines may yield more animals to hunt
Using Tiger Paws and Teeth to Manipulate Objects
Wilderness Survival: Check lists to prep for travel
Wilderness Survival: Teepee formation for Fire Starting
Wilderness Survival: Softly blowing to fuel the fire with oxygen
Wilderness Survival: Feeding the fire slowly but dilgently.
Wilderness Survival: How To Start a Fire
Wilderness Survival: Identifying bear scratches
Wilderness Survival: Preparing for hunting and trapping
Wilderness Survival: Taking a team vs going alone
Wilderness Survival: The advantage of night in unfamiliar territory

The Weight of a Wooden Training Long-Sword
How to Swing a Long-Sword
How to Grasp a Long-Sword
Self Preservation: Knowing when to back away from a Fight.
Proper Form for a Kick

Amorous Cuddling
Flirting with women is different from men
I Am Not Embarrassed of My Natural Form
I'd Rather Be Naked Than Scare Off My Follower
Separating Business From Pleasure
The First Client
The Stillness of Water as a Reflective Surface
Using a Smile to Sell My Wares

Dira: Some kind of man eating fish?
Eyris, the goddess of Wisdom
Kihala, the goddess of Life.
Priskil the goddess of Hope
Yahal, the god of Faith and Purity

Song: Happy Birthday
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Postby Firenze on November 26th, 2014, 3:21 pm

HD Ticket

Current Status: Enroute to Syliras


AP: 79

Stationary Personal NPC
Age: 4 yrs Kelvic (27 yrs Human)
Race: Kelvic (Arctic Fox)
D.O.B.: Winter 10, 511 AV
P.O.B.: Syliras
Relation: Mother

Bio: Met in The Kelp Bar. Fire is aided her in finding her lost daughter. While having lunch and sharing stories it was discovered that Firenze, originally named Genovieve Elle Marshall, was her daughter.
Title: Busker
Skills: Begging (10), Singing (12), Dancing (10), Busking (18)

HD Ticket

Current Status: Enroute to Syliras


AP: 72

Stationary Personal NPC
Age: 18 yrs Kelvic (71 yrs Human)
Race: Kelvic (Black Bear)
D.O.B.: Winter 10, 497 AV
P.O.B.: Syliras
Relation: Grandmother

Bio: Met in The Kelp Bar. Mother of Melody. Found that she was the grandmother to Firenze in the same conversation that they discovered Melody was her mother.
Title: Artist
Skills: Drawing (27), Painting (23)

HD Ticket

Current Status: Dead


AP: -86

Name: Vinicus Marshall
Relation: Mother’s Husband
Race: Human
DoB: Fall 21, 472 AV
DoD: Winter 45, 515 AV (43 years old)
PoB: Syliras
Title: Drunkard/Gambler
Skills: Gambling (15), Rhetoric (9), Intimidation (9), Persuasion (8), Tactics (9)
NPC Type: Stationary
Additional Info: A drunkard and cruel, Vinicus is a bitter person. Firenze is not fond of him and in fact is one of the few people she despises. He arrived in Zeltiva hoping to find Melody but instead found Firenze. He takes her in an attempt to lure Fire's mother back to Syliras. While in Syliras he has kept her bound and collared in the back room of his apartment housing on the third tier in the castle.

NoteThis character will arrive in Zeltiva approx Fall 27, 515 AV but will be killed in either Winter 515 AV or Spring 516 AV

Vinicus, in his attempt to control Melody, sought after her in Zeltiva. Instead he found his step-daughter, Genovieve, who'd refused to tell him of his wife's whereabouts. He took her, from her mother's temporary home, to Syliras in an attempt to draw his wife back to him. After a few weeks his step-daughter managed to escape and he chased after her, not wanting to lose the hold he had on being able to draw Melody out. In his attempt to drag her back he was attacked and killed alongside the Kabrin Road on the 45th of Winter of 515 AV.

HD Ticket
Current Status: Unknown
Last Seen: On the outskirts of Syliras


AP: 20

Name: Faolan Clathony
Relation: Biological Father
Race: Kelvic
DoB: Spring 7, 510 AV (5 years Kelvic, Approx. 36 y/o Human)
PoB: Syliras
Title: Thief
Skills: Stealth (9), Larceny (11), Subterfuge (8), Wilderness Survival (12), Hunting (10)
NPC Type: Stationary
Additional Info:

Faolan is constantly on the move, he generally doesn’t stay in one location long within the city, always searching for the next job and finding a way to make means and not get caught. He has been to several other cities but not without the risk that came from traveling so much, he has several scars on his body to show the trials he has endured. However, his Kelvic form aided him in being able to survive from scavenging off the land. He hasn’t worked an honest day in his life but his personality is honest to a fault. While is trade is rather frowned upon by the general public, he tries to keep himself as honest as possible. Stealing from those he believes can afford to be stolen from, taking from children and poor is never an option for him. If he can’t steal enough to pay for a hot meal in a tavern and a comfortable bed then he will find his own food and shelter in the wilderness surrounding a city.

He met Melody in a bar while he was working. Instantly attracted to her he decided to put his work off for the night. His bond to her was swift, after their night together she had explained to him the next morning that they could not be together, no matter how much it hurt to separate because of the situation that she was in. The blow to his heart left him speechless; she'd left him. Never having been able to say goodbye, Faolan took the pain of being separated by his bondmate and searched other means of trying to dull the ache. He began taking on Mercenary jobs, working long hours and traveling to gain coin. He stopped drinking for fear that if he began that he’d not be able to quit again. Without the aid of alcohol to dull his aching heart this gave him more reason to delve into his work.

During the time away he tried to formulate a plan to get Melody and Misha out of Syliras and save enough coin that they could all live off of and find a city that they could hide away in. Knowing even from their brief time together that Melody would never leave her mother behind if she were to escape. He saved any money that was left over after expenses from traveling, food, housing and living expenses. It took him several years to get enough money together, but eventually he felt he had enough and when he went back to Syliras to find Melody, all he found was the empty housing and no sign of her. However, the whispers of the neighbors in the tavern that she would entertain caught his ear one day and he inquired about her and found that she’d managed to flee and that she’d taken a caravan out of town.

Unfortunately, the gossipers didn’t know which caravan. Eventually he found the owner of the caravan who frequented travels back and forth between Zeltiva, Sunberth, and Syliras carrying goods and the like. He'd informed Faolan that there were two women that he’d previously dropped off in Zeltiva enroute to Sunberth, a year prior, who had decided to stay and move on to Sunberth on his next round back. This man also shared that the two women were after a child, and the bits and pieces of conversation that he'd heard them discussing. The child was 5 years of age, with blonde hair and golden eyes. The caravan driver knew of the child because it had been 5 years previous that he'd delivered the child to an orphanage. After sharing the small amount of information he knew, it was then that Faolan connected the pieces and realized that the child could be his daughter.

After gathering more information to determine the location of the child and women did he realize that they should all be within Zeltiva. Traveling to the city Faolan managed to find them too little to late. Vinicus, Melody's husband, had found them first. It was then that he'd had to choose between reuniting with his bondmate or chasing after their child.

Knowing that Melody was safe he'd made the trek back to Syliras to locate Vinicus and his daughter. It was alongside the Kabrin on his way into town did he find them in a struggle. It was then that he ended the life of the man who'd ruined his.


Current Status: Unknown
Last Seen: Sunberth

AP: 43

Nickname: Dor'gen, Dor
Race: Akalak
Character Sheet

Having rescued her from a bear that was attacking her in the forest, Firenze became fascinated by the large warrior. While losing blood and seriously hurt, Dor'gen carried her through the streets of Sunberth in search of a Doctor/Herbalist. After receiving treatment for her wounds Dor'gen stayed with Firenze through the night, ensuring that she would make it safely into Syna's light.

After this chance encounter, Firenze became so intrigued that she wanted to find out all that she could about the man.

Later in the season while she was out hunting, he happened upon her again, as if the Gods were bringing the two together. In a snug cave just outside of Sunberth Firenze asked Dor'gen to be her bondmate. Her feelings were immediately strong toward him, wanting to be near him every moment and constantly thinking of him.

Shortly after bonding with Dor'gen a turn of events that no one, not even Firenze had seen coming, leaving her shattered and emotionally wounded. Dor'gen had vanished. While pining daily for his comfort and presence she slowly picked up the pieces. Not fully whole, yet not entirely shattered, she continued her hunting and daily mundane tasks while constantly questioning the whereabouts of her new bondmate.

Unsure of what had occurred to him, she did know one thing, unable to feel his connection any longer... He was lost to her.

Pulren Marsh

Current Status: Unknown
Last Seen: Zeltiva

AP: 37

Nickname: Palaren, Pul
Race: Human
Character Sheet

Pulled Firenze out of the Baroque Bay after she'd fallen in, they got to know one another while he teached her how to swim and sunned themselves on the dock. She regretted not being able to stay longer, wanting to get to know him better, she didn’t get to see him again after this encounter while in Sunberth. After arriving in Zeltiva they bumped into each other. He kindly housed her in Zeltiva, which she was grateful and gave a feeling of content with him than anyone in a long time. She thinks fondly of him and has begun to feel the need to make him happy. Whenever she encounters him she becomes excited and happy. She wants to to learn about him and finds herself wanting to know more.


AP: 25

Race: Human
Character Sheet

Met in the Sunset Orphanage in Sunberth and exchanged trinkets. She immediately took a liking to Nellie, especially after sharing their history. Her heart went out to the girl because she shared a similar situation. However, she was slightly jealous because Nellie knew her parents beforehand.

Baelin Holt

AP: 15

Race: Mixed - Human/Dhani
Character Sheet

Met in the Soothing Waters in Syliras. This stranger kindly paid her way into the baths. He seemed kind yet distant, his broodiness giving her an air of mystery which intrigued her. She wanted to know more about the dark haired man.

Aider Silander

AP: 15

Race: Human
Character Sheet

Met in a bar and slept over at his apartment. The initial feelings were strong, mostly due to the ale, she was instantly attracted to him. However, the feelings wanned as the ale wore off and the evening became awkward. Ran into each other again at Touchy Subject and although she was still attracted to him her “sober self” was more reserved.

Deltan Colari

AP: 15

Race: Human
Character Sheet

Feeling sorry for Deltan’s situation Firenze donated some mizas to him. They ate lunch together at the Aquillar Hot Springs. Worked on some unarmed training together in the park in Sunberth where Fire learned that he was almost less skilled in unarmed than she was. She had amicable feelings toward him and thought it was nice that he trained with her.

Markus Andres

AP: 14

Race: Human
Character Sheet

Met on the ship to Zeltiva. Markus discovered Firenze was Kelvic when stumbling into her in tigress form in the forest with S'Essy. She recognized him first during the encounter, excited to see other people that she knew in Zeltiva she let her guard down during their encounter and felt that the friendliness was mutual.


AP: 12

Nickname: S'Essy
Race: Konti
Character Sheet

Met on the ship to Zeltiva. S'Essy discovered Firenze was Kelvic when stumbling into her in tigress form in the forest with Markus. She’s not extremely familiar with S’Essy, but she has kind feelings toward her.


AP: 10

Nickname: Bitzer, The Wolf
Race: Human
Character Sheet

Met briefly at a party at The Quay. Ran into in a dark alley while being attacked. Fallon gave Firenze advice on how to deal with killing humans and gained Firenze’s respect. Fire told Fallon that she owes her a favor after she helped her back to her living quarters. Traveled on the same ship to Zeltiva. She found Fallon to be somewhat gruff and very straightforward, this was another reason Fire came to admire the woman instead of disliking her.


AP: 8

Race: Myrian
Character Sheet

Met on the ship to Zeltiva. Drank together at The Kelp Bar. She has an appreciation for the Myrian’s strength and resilience in tough situations from observing her on the escape from Sunberth.


AP: 8

Nickname: Lo’Campo
Race: Akalak
Character Sheet

Met at The Quay party and danced together. She had felt kindly toward the giant man since he gave her focus away from the flash of jealousy caused by Dor’gen and Tara. Although not a very good dance partner the effort did not go unnoticed.


AP: 7

Race: Ethaefal
Character Sheet

Met in The Wildlands in her natural form. Talya originally scared Firenze having bumped into her while in her celestial form and Fire had never met an Ethaefal prior to this. Ran into each other in the courtyard of the University.

AP: 5

Nickname: Alija
Race: Human
Character Sheet

Met at a birthday party for her. Gave her a gift of a white dress. Is not very familiar with her but enjoyed her sweets and cakes just the same. Noted: Pulren is friends or familiar with her.


AP: 4

Race: Human
Character Sheet

Met after accidentally stumbling into at A Touchy Subject. She finds him somewhat intimidating with his formality but he has given her valuable information to further her in her job and this influenced her to have some appreciation toward him.


AP: 2

Race: Human
Character Sheet

Met each other in the courtyard of the University while him and Talya were having an intense conversation. Firenze was initially intrigued but then discovered that she was not his prefered taste. His distant emotion and formality also persuaded to keep Caesarion as more of an acquaintance.


AP: -5

Race: Human
Character Sheet

Firenze sold game meat to him. The gruff man came off abrasive and she didn't care for him too much. There was no further interaction afterwards so nothing ever developed past the distaste.

Affection Point Table :
Point Value Category Description
-76 to -100 Arch-Enemy (Loathed) Considered to be extremely hated by Firenze. She will not try to be in the presence of or even speak of this person. If this person is brought into conversation it is very apparent of her hatred toward them. If this person is encountered she will try to avoid them entirely. If unavoidable, she will quite possibly try to kill them.
-51 to -75 Foe (Despised) Firenze will barely tolerate their presence let alone enter any sort of conversation with them. She will completely avoid this person and it extremely noticeable that she dislikes them if they are spoken of or in the presence of Firenze. She will actively go out of her way to make this person uncomfortable and aware of her dislike for them.
-26 to -50 Rival (Hated) Strongly disliked Firenze will not go out of her way to speak to this person, however if in conversation, a few terse words and short lipped responses would be just about it, followed by a hasty departure.
-1 to -25 Annoyance (Disliked) Firenze doesn't necessarily hate people in this tier. She doesn’t enjoy their company. Although she won’t avoid this person she doesn’t necessarily like to be around them either. She's kind enough to engage in conversation with a person in this tier.
0 Neutral Neither liked nor disliked. A person at this tier has the potential to swing either way in Firenze's point of view.
1 to 25 Acquaintance (Liked) Someone well on their way to becoming a friend. Firenze will make a point to be friendly and inviting toward someone in this tier. This is generally the first area that most new people will go until they prove themselves to be not of the friendly sort. This person may suspect or know that she is Kelvic, unless stumbled upon when in natural form she will not actively show herself in that form to them. She will generally not let them know that she is Kelvic unless asked.
26 to 50 Friend (Appreciated) Firenze will make an effort to get closer to someone in this tier. She'll start to open up on a deeper level and may pursue some of a friend's interests in an effort to make more common ground. She enjoys this person and if spotted in public will go out of her way to say ‘Hello’ to them. This person will know that she is Kelvic, but she is still slightly uncomfortable being in natural form around them.
51 to 75 Best Buddy (Fondness) Firenze will go out of her way for this person. She will try to be there whenever needed, do favors and share fears, wants and desires. This person means quite a lot to her and will without a doubt know that she is Kelvic and will comfortably stay in natural form around them.
76 to 100 Confidant (Adored) Deeply cherished and loved, someone who Firenze will go out of her way to do anything needed for this person, try to please them in anyway and know everything there is about them; likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests. There's no secret she wouldn't share. This person will know everything about her. She is completely comfortable with this person in every way. They will know without a doubt that she is Kelvic, she will shift in front of them and be comfortable in natural form with them around. Firenze will fiercely protect this person with her life, if need be.

Affection Point Overview :
Firenze's Affection Point System. All threads prior to Summer 515 AV are grandfathered and have been assigned a random point value depending upon their relevance to my character.

What are all of those number and how do they affect my character?

They affect how Firenze interacts with your character on a deeper level. They don't affect your character directly, just how Firenze may view them. This can help when interacting with Firenze and how she may view/react to certain situations.

Why do you need to a system for people?

This will aid me to keep true to how Firenze interacts with certain people when threading. Sometimes there can be a tendency to be overly friendly in situations that she may need to be reserved or react differently. This will help to bring her true personality out more and aid others who interact with her.

How does this help me?

Your characters can view her however you wish, but this may give you a better understanding of how she will react to your character or how she may view them in certain situations and aid you in the development of their relationship.

What about her job? Will this affect my characters score?

As an Escort/Prostitute most of the time she tries to keep her personal relationships out of work, sometimes situations can happen that will greatly influence her view toward the person. If a situation occurs while working it can change how she may view your character and with this can quickly change what category they will reside in.

What's the point of all of this?

It’s mostly for me, I have been stuck in a rut on how Fire reacts in certain situation and I doesn’t feel that I’m keeping the integrity of her personality and I’m hoping that this will help to ensure that I stick to more of how she will actually react rather than what I think she might do at the time that I’m writing the response.

Coding and Layout courtesy of Aoren.
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Postby Firenze on November 26th, 2014, 4:33 pm

Heirloom: Small worn locket that was given to her when she was a baby, inside are 2 pictures, one on each side. Drawn by hand one picture depicts a small tiger cub resembling Firenze and on the other a roughly drawn black bear.

Heirloom: A small flame charred piece of glass, given to her by Nellie as a token of friendship while they'd lived together in the Orphanage. The small glass is a remnant of Nellie's past. Starting it's life as something a bit delicate, probably a glass flask or jar; flames had melted it, morphed it into something new and different. After almost losing the precious piece of glass, Firenze took it in one day and had it put into a setting, so that she could always keep it with her.


Image Item Use
Image Comb (Wood) --2
Image Brush (Wood) ---
Image Soap --1
Image Razor ---
Image Gold Eye Powder (1 oz) ---
Image Gold Eye Powder (1 oz) ---
Image White Eye Powder (1 oz) ---
Image Brown Eye Powder (1 oz) ---
Image Cream Eye Powder (1 oz) ---
Image Beige Eye Powder (1 oz) ---
Image Grey Eye Powder (1 oz) ---
Image Rose Eye Powder (1 oz) ---
Image Rose Tinged Lip Pomade ---
Image Black Eye Kohl (1 oz) ---
Image Cosmetic Brushes ---
Image Blue Perfume Bottle (2 oz) ---

Firenze’s previous home was a small, 20 x 20 single room house. As with most buildings of Sunberth, it is shabby in appearance.

After leaving Sunberth she moved to Zeltiva and resided with Pulren temporarily. She now has her own place in the Old Quarter. It contains the following:
Image Item Quantity
Image Hearth 1
Image Bunk 1
Image Chest 1
Image Chairs 1
Image Small Table 1

Location: Sunberth

Image Item Quantity
Image Eating knife 1
Image Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth) 0
Image Tin Cup 1
Image Spoon 1
Image Soup Spoon 2
Image Serving Spoon 1
Image Teaspoon 1
Image Bowl 6" 1
Image Bowl 8" 1
Image Plate 8" 1
Image Plate 8" 1
Image Pan 16" 1
Image Pitcher 1
Image Cooking Pot 1
Image Jars (6oz, 8oz, 16oz, 32oz) 4

Image Item Quantity
Image Fresh Fish 1
Image Almonds 1
Image Bread Loaf 1
Image Cheese 1
Image Ale (Gallon) 1
Image Sugar 1
Image Salt 1
Image Wheat Flour 1
Image Yeast 1
Image Butter 1
Image Milk 1
Image Eggs 1
Image Poppy Seed 1

Image Item Use
Image Dagger --1

Image Item Use
Image Flint & Steel --1
Image Rope, Hemp (50 ft.) --1
Image Pulren's House Key ---


Image Item Use
Image Simple Shirt ---
Image Cotton Top --1
Image Blouse w/ Lace ---
Image Item Use
Image Simple Pants ---
Image Cotton Skirt --1
Image Cotton Skirt ---
Image Item Use
Image White Cotton Dress Gifted to Alija
Image Black/Gold Damask ---
Image White Lace Dress ---
Image Red Chiffon Dress ---
Image White Chiffon w/ Embroidery Dress ---
Image Item Use
Image Simple Boots ---
Image Black Slippers --1
Image Black Felt Heels w/ Buckle ---
Image White Sandal w/ Chain/Buckle ---
Image Red Felt Heels ---
Image Item Use
Image Simple Cloak ---
Image Item Use
Image Simple Undergarments Disposed
Image Chemise ---
Image Black Silk/Lace Undergarments ---
Image White Silk/Lace Undergarments ---
Image Silk and Gold thread Swimsuit ---
Image Item Use
Image Sack --1
Image Backpack --1
Image Leather Shoulder Bag --1
Image Belt --1
Image Scabbard, Dagger --1
Image Waterskin --1
Image Towel ---

Jewelry Box

Image Item Use
Image Copper w/ Black Agate ---
Image Copper w/ Black Agate ---
Image Copper w/ Red Zircone ---
Image Item Use
Image Heirloom Locket ---
Image Copper w/ Black Glass ---
Image Copper w/ Red Zircone ---
Image Slaver's Collar ---
Image Item Use
Image Silver Bracelet ---
Image Copper w/ Gold leaf ---
Image Copper Cuff ---
Image Item Use
Image Copper Cat Brooch ---



She first remembers the Orphanage of Sunset Quarters, Sunberth. Having fled Sunberth with the Scars she resided briefly in Zeltiva, until she was taken by her Mother's husband to Syliras.

After her Stepfather was killed she was enslaved and taken to Kenash where she was kept in the slave holds. During which she was taken to work mines until sold. During a battle at the mine she was set free, among all the other slaves, by the Drykas.

While Firenze's house still resideded in Zeltiva holding her things, she was housed in the Stormblood Pavillion in Endrykas. After recovering from an infected wound, she gathered what little she had and made the long trek back to whence she came, Sunberth.

Her Mother and Grandmother currently reside in a 20 x 20 apartment in the Syliras Stormhold Castle on the back end of the Jordan district just before the bend in the street headed toward Kova's wishing well. The housing that of her stepfather (deceased), mother and grandmother.

Current Residence: The Western Heights, Sunberth

Old Zeltiva Housing :
Located in the heart of the Old Quarter of Zeltiva. The small cottage is the basic house. A 20 x 20 are furnished with just the basics. There is an armoire that sits near the door. The hearth is center on the west wall, the bed against the east just near the window. A medium sized table sits in the corner with a small chair in the corner near the hearth. Candles and sconces decorate the wall and a small chandelier with a few candles hand in the center.

House Images :

Job Information

Previous Employment :
Previous Employment: The Touchy Subject

Position: Prostitute

Wages: 2 GM/day

Related Skills:

  • Acrobatics
  • Cosmetology
  • Dance
  • Endurance
  • Massage
  • Stealth
  • Flirting
  • Interrogation
  • Lovemaking
  • Negotiation
  • Persuasion
  • Seduction

Current Employment :
Current Employment: Self

Position: Hunter

Wages: 5GM
Modifiers: +2 Competency
Total wage: (7gm/day *91) = 637gm per season

Related Skills:

  • Acrobatics
  • Climbing
  • Endurance
  • Foraging
  • Hunting
  • Intelligence
  • Intimidation
  • Interrogation
  • Navigation
  • Running
  • Scavenge
  • Stealth
  • Observation
  • Tactics
  • Tracking
  • Unarmed Combat
  • Weapon: Dagger
  • Wilderness Survival

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Postby Firenze on August 19th, 2015, 2:59 pm


Old Ledger :
Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Dagger -2 GM 98 GM *Starting Purchase
Rope, Hemp (50 ft.) -1 GM 97 GM*
Belt -2 SM 96 GM 8 SM*
Scabbard, Dagger -2 GM 94 GM 8 SM*
Dinner Fork -1 CM 94 GM 7 SM 9 CM*
Table Spoon -1 CM 94 GM 7 SM 8 CM*
Tin Cup -8 CM 94 GM 7 SM*
Are you Interested? +2 SM 94 GM 9 SM
[The Pig's Foot] Oh, the Temptaion - 5 SM 4 CM 94 GM 3 SM 6 CM
[Aquillar Hot Springs] A Fortuitous Meeting -2 GM 91 GM 3 SM 6 CM
[The Quay] We drink, and drink, and drink some more -28 SM 88 GM 5 SM 6 CM
Copper Cat Brooch -45 CM 88 GM 1 SM 1 CM*
Colored Eye Powder (1 oz) -1 CM 88 GM 1 SM*
Rose Tinged Lip Pomade -1 SM 88 GM*
Black Eye Kohl (1 oz) -1 SM 87 GM 9 SM*
Cosmetic Brush -4 SM 87 GM 5 SM*
Blue Perfume Bottle (2 oz) -2 SM 87 GM 3 SM*
Coin Stolen by Jade -5 SM 86 GM 8 SM
[The Silver Tongue] Setting it in Stone. -1 SM 86 GM 7 SM
Fall 514 AV Wages +455 GM 541 gm 7 SM
Fall 514 AV Living Expenses*Poor -45 GM 496 GM 7 SM
Winter 514 AV Living Expenses*Common -135 GM 361 GM 7 SM
Tavern Expenses for 40 Days -20 GM 341 GM 7 SM
Spring 515 AV Living Expenses*Poor -45 GM 296 GM 7 SM
Chemise -2 GM 9 SM 293 GM 8 SM
Blouse - White -3 GM 2 SM 290 GM 6 SM
Red Felt Heel -6 SM 290 GM
Black Felt Heel w/ Buckles -3 GM 6 SM 286 GM 4 SM
White Sandle w/ Chain/Buckle -2 GM 4 SM 284 GM
Cotton Skirt - Black -5 SM 283 GM 5 SM
Damask Dress -5 GM 6 SM 277 GM 9 SM
Red Chiffon Dress -20 GM 257 GM 9 SM
White Chiffon Dress -24 GM 233 GM 9 SM
White Lace Dress -4 GM 2 SM 229 GM 7 SM
White Cotton Dress -1 GM 228 GM 7 SM
Copper Earrings w/ 2 ct. Black Agate -4 SM 2 CM 228 GM 2 SM 8 CM
Copper Earrings w/ 1 ct. Black Agate -2 SM 6 CM 228 GM 2 CM
Copper Necklace w/ 25 ct. Red Zircone -12 GM 5 SM 215 GM 7 SM
Copper Earrings w/ 1 ct. Red Zircone -1 GM 214 GM 7 SM
Copper Bracelet -3 SM 214 GM 4 SM
Copper Bracelet w/ Gold -1 GM 213 GM 4 SM
Silver Bracelet -3 GM 210 GM 4 SM
Jewelry Box -2 GM 208 GM 4 SM
7 Eye Powders (Various Colors) 1oz ea -7 SM 207 GM 7 SM
Leather Shoulder Bag -1 GM 2 SM 206 GM 6 SM
Fresh Fish (1 lb) -2 GM 204 GM 6 SM
Almonds (1 lb) -3 GM 201 GM 6 SM
Bread Loaf -2 CM 201 GM 5 SM 8 CM
Cheese -2 SM 201 GM 3 SM 8 CM
Ale (Gallon) -2 SM 201 GM 1 SM 8 CM
Sugar (1 lb) -1 GM 200 GM 1 SM 8 CM
Butter (1 lb) -1 SM 200 GM 8 CM
Wheat Flour (1 lb) -3 GM 197 GM 8 CM
Yeast (8 oz) -5 CM 197 GM 3 CM
Salt (10 oz) -1 SM 196 GM 9 SM 3 CM
Egg (Dozen) -1 SM 196 GM 8 SM 3 CM
Milk (Gallon) -1 SM 196 GM 7 SM 3 CM
Poppy Seed (1 oz) -8 GM 188 GM 7 SM 3 CM
Bowl 8" -4 CM 188 GM 6 SM 9 CM
Bowl 6" -2 CM 188 GM 6 SM 7 CM
2 Plates 8" -8 CM 188 GM 5 SM 9 CM
Pitcher (Gallon) -7 SM 187 GM 8 SM 9 CM
Cooking Pot (Gallon) -3 SM 187 GM 5 SM 9 CM
Jar 6 oz -6 CM 187 GM 5 SM 3 CM
Jar 8 oz -7 CM 187 GM 4 SM 6 CM
Jar 16 oz -1 SM 187 GM 3 SM 6 CM
Jar 32 oz -2 SM 187 GM 1 SM 6 CM
Pan 16" -4 CM 187 GM 1 SM 2 CM
2 Soup Spoon -2 CM 187 GM 1 SM
Serving Spoon -3 CM 187 GM 7 CM
Teaspoon -1 CM 187 GM 6 CM
Winter 514 AV Wages +455 GM 642 GM 6 CM
Black Silk and Lace Undergarments -6 GM 1 SM 635 GM 9 SM 6 CM
White Silk and Lace Undergarments -3 GM 6 SM 632 GM 3 SM 6 CM
White Silk and Gold thread Swimsuit -6 GM 626 GM 3 SM 6 CM
Cotton Towel -4 SM 625 GM 9 SM 6 CM
Purchases at The Drunken Fish -2 SM 7 CM 625 GM 6 SM 9 CM

Purchase Cost Total
Previous Bal Forward - 625 GM 6 SM 9 CM
Summer 515 AV Living Expenses*Common -135 GM 490 GM 6 SM 9 CM
Fall 515 AV Living Expenses*Inactive -0 GM 490 GM 6 SM 9 CM
Common Spring -5 CM 490 GM 6 SM 4 CM
Spring 515 AV Wages +182 GM 672 GM 6 SM 4 CM
Summer 515 AV Wages +182 GM 854 GM 6 SM 4 CM
Suspended CoinMost of Fire's coin is currently in Zeltiva under lock and key within her residence -844 GM 10 GM 6 SM 4CM
Taken by Vinicus -10 GM 6 SM 4 CM 0 GM
Loot Recovered from Vinicus +6GM 2SM 7CM 6 GM 2 SM 7 CM
Recovered CoinCoin was shipped to Firenze in Syliras from Zeltiva, with a fee +844 GM 850 GM 2 SM 7 CM
Recovery Fee -10 GM 840 GM 2 SM 7 CM
Winter 515 AV Living Expenses*Pending Winter Pay -45 GM 795 GM 2 SM 7 CM
Spring 516 AV Living Expenses*Slave in Kenash -0 GM 795 GM 2 SM 7 CM
Summer 516 AV Living Expenses -135 GM 660 GM 2 SM 7 CM
Fall 516 AV Living Expenses*Inactive -0 GM 660 GM 2 SM 7 CM
Winter 516 AV Living Expenses*Inactive -0 GM 660 GM 2 SM 7 CM
Spring 517 AV Living Expenses*Inactive -0 GM 660 GM 2 SM 7 CM
Summer 517 AV Living Expenses*Inactive -0GM 660 GM 2 SM 7 CM
Fall 517 AV Living Expenses -135 GM 525 GM 2 SM 7 CM
Winter 517 AV Living Expenses*Inactive -0 GM 525 GM 2 SM 7 CM
Spring 518 AV Living Expenses*Inactive -0 GM 525 GM 2 SM 7 CM
Summer 518 AV Living Expenses -135 GM 390 GM 2 SM 7 CM
Summer 519 AV Living Expenses -135 GM

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Postby Firenze on July 7th, 2018, 4:17 am

Thread List

Summer 518 AV
Date Event Status
Summer 57, 518 AV Hard Home In Progress
Summer 65, 518 AV A Sunberthian Morning Graded
Summer 69, 518 AV [The Bolt Hole] Recovery Never Felt So Good Graded
Summer 82, 518 AV Quit Bugging Me! In Progress
Fall 517 AV
Date Event Status
Fall 14, 517 AV Huntress In Grading
Summer 517 AV
Date Event Status
Summer Inactive Inactive
Spring 517 AV
Date Event Status
Spring Inactive Inactive

Winter 516 AV
Date Event Status
Winter Inactive Inactive
Fall 516 AV
Date Event Status
Abandoned Look into my Eyes Abandoned
Abandoned Bathtime Abandoned
Summer 516 AV
Date Event Status
Summer 53, 516 AV Job Thread Abandoned
Summer 72, 516 AV Job Thread Abandoned
Summer 47, 516 AV Getting to know You. Getting to know all about You. Graded
Summer 516 AV Azmere Abandoned
Spring 516 AV
Date Event Status
Spring 4, 516 AV Water. Water Everywhere. Graded
Spring 9, 516 AV A Gold for Gold Fire taken by slavers to Kenash - Pending
Spring 41, 516 AV The Meet and Greed Graded
Spring 43, 516 AV Event Firenze is Sold to Auction House
Spring 50, 516 AV 50th of Spring (Mod) Pending Mod Grade

Winter 515 AV
Date Event Status
Winter 27, 515 AV Dealing with Vinicus Completed
Winter 44, 515 AV Birds of a Feather Graded
Winter 45, 515 AV Drawbacks of Being a Bad Father (GST) Graded
Winter 47, 515 AV Three Squires and a... Kitty? Graded
Winter 47, 515 AV [Soothing Waters] A Splash of a Time Graded
Winter 48, 515 AV Getting the Hookup Graded
Winter 48, 515 AV Learning the Basics Graded
Winter 48, 515 AV Dinner for Two Graded
Winter 50, 515 AV All in a Day's Work Graded
Winter 56, 515 AV A Thrust and A Poke Graded
Winter 67, 515 AV Cleaning Up the Mess You Left Behind. Abandoned
Winter 89, 515 An Attempt to Hunt (Beodan) Graded
Pending Job Thread 2 Placedholder Abandoned
Fall 515 AV
Date Event Status
Fall Traveling Inactive

Summer 515 AV
Date Event Status
Summer 2, 515 AV Blessed with Friends Graded
Summer 3, 515 AV Gather it Together Graded
Summer 7, 515 AV Birthday Celebrations Graded
Summer 14, 515 AV [Zastoska Bath House] A Task in Cleansing Graded
Summer 16, 515 AV The Lost Daughter [Pt I] Graded
Summer 21, 515 AV Burning the Cake Graded
Summer 22, 515 AV The Lost Daughter [Pt II] Graded
Summer 28, 515 AV Sitting this one Out Graded
Summer 36, 515 AV Sparkles and Stripes Graded
Summer 37, 515 AV The Lost Daughter [Pt III] Graded
Summer 55, 515 AV Of the Past Graded
Summer 57, 515 AV Let Me Play You A Song Graded
Summer 60, 515 AV Rats in a Flood Graded
Summer 63, 515 AV The Lost Daughter [Pt IV] - Losing Fire Graded
Summer 69, 515 AV Is it Crazy Talk? Graded
Summer 74, 515 AV Whatta Beach! Graded
Summer 88, 515 AV [The Kelp Bar] Strong Drinks, Fierce Company Graded
Spring 515 AV
Date Event Status
Spring 13, 515 AV [Entrance] The Rolling Waves (Zeltiva) Completed
Spring 24, 515 AV Lion, Fish and Tiger Graded
Spring 30, 515 AV [A Touchy Subject] A Tempting Offer. Graded
Spring 40, 515 AV Practice of the Arts Graded
Spring 67, 515 AV Offend or Offer? Graded

Winter 514 AV
Date Event Status
Winter 1, 514 AV Things get Nutty. Graded
Winter 25, 514 AV Movin' On Up, to the East Side. Graded
Winter 34, 514 AV Time to Get Lucky. Graded
Winter 39, 514 AV What are those!? Graded
Winter 50, 514 AV Who am I? Graded
Winter 63, 514 AV [Aquillar Hot Springs] Soak and a Sob. Graded
Winter 85, 514 AV [Baroque Bay] The Great Escape Graded
Fall 514 AV
Date Event Status
Fall 7, 514 AV A Place to Call Home Graded
Fall 7, 514 AV Teach me about those Herbs. Graded
Fall 8, 514 AV Catch of the Day Graded
Fall 8, 514 AV Bear Scratch Fever Graded
Fall 9, 514 AV Can't buy me Love. Graded
Fall 10, 514 AV Are you Interested? Graded
Fall 16, 514 AV The Bloodbath of Cheap Side Graded
Fall 18, 514 AV [The Seaside Market] Picked Pockets. Graded
Fall 18, 514 AV [The Dust Bed] Give Respects, to get Respect. Graded
Fall 24, 514 AV [The Pig's Foot] Oh, the Temptaion Graded
Fall 43, 514 AV Hunt or be Hunted. Graded
Fall 44, 514 AV Curiosity Kissed the Cat Graded
Fall 50, 514 AV [Baroque Bay] That went Swimmingly. Graded
Fall 66, 514 AV [Aquillar Hot Springs] A Fortuitous Meeting Graded
Fall 68, 514 AV Frustrated in the Forest Graded
Fall 70, 514 AV [The Silver Tongue] Setting it in Stone. Graded
Fall 71, 514 AV [Riverside Isle Park] Fight Fire with Fire. Graded
Fall 76, 514 AV Protection Through Instruction Graded
Fall 85, 514 AV [The Quay] We drink, and drink, and drink some more Graded

Date Event Status
Summer 54, 513 AV Who's Babysitting Who? Completed
Winter 40, 513 AV Peas in a Pod. Graded

Date Event Status
Multiple Dates Revelasyon Senbyoz Completed
Fall 43, 514 AV* Dream a little Dream for Me. Completed



Summer 519 AV

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50
51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60
61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70
71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80
81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90
91 92 X X X X X X X X

Key :


Summer 519 AV
☙ Dance in the rain
☙ Cause some mischief
☙ Get in to a fight with somebody (PC)
☙ Get drunk with a friend (PC)
☙ Perform a mundane task for the good of the community - 1500 words
☙ Help a friend or enemy hunt (PC)

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Food, or Friend?
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