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Salinti Parsnip

Postby Salinti Parsnip on January 11th, 2016, 1:14 pm

Salinti Parsnip


Race: Symenestra
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Birthday: 27, Winter, 486
Birthplace: Kalinor

Appearance: With her naturally youthful appearance and short stature of 5'4", many are always surprised to hear that Salinti is pushing thirty years old. She is more than fine with that, not that she's ever considered herself old by any means of the word. Overall she bares many of the same traits as other Symenstra, with their same ashen skin tone and arms longer than those of a human. Wiry dark black hair has been cut short around her chin, falling around golden eyes carelessly as if the woman never bothers to push it into place. In fact if one were to look, the entire way she dresses and carries herself holds the same note of supposedly thoughtless style to it. Messy hair a bit too nice looking to be accidental, clothing composed of draping fabrics far too elegant to be sloppy. This is a person who puts quite a lot of work into looking as if she put in no work at all, using gaunt cheeks and thin limbs to her full advantage.

Character Concept

Above all else, Salinti considers herself to be a collector of things that are beautiful. She is a dancer, and to a lesser extent a weaver, but primarily she is a collector with a unique eye (as far as her budget allows her to be). Sometimes it's so hard to tell if what she wants from this world is nothing or everything. Salinti wants of be happy. She wants to be happy, be healthy, be secure. Maybe that was too much to ask for in a world as desolate as Mizahar, but she still wanted all the same. So she searched for her happiness wherever she could find it, and it just so happened to be found in whatever objects she found to be most pretty. Every cheap little trinket that sparkles just right on her shelves, every draping piece of fabric hung against her walls, every elegant movement of her body held aloft in a carefully composed aerial dance; it's all something beautiful not only to be owned but to be shared as well. Truly her generosity must be boundless, so willing and enthusiastic to enrich the community with the slices of beauty she finds in the world.

But no matter what sort of generosity she actually does appear to show, it is always rooted in an unwavering selfishness. After all, she wants to be healthy, happy, and secure. That's it. That is the only thing that she wants, and she'll do anything that it takes to achieve it. Who cares if someone else has to be hurt so that she can be safe? Maybe they should have looked after themselves better to begin with. Who cares if another has to suffer so she can be happy? Maybe this will be her only shot, and if she looses it she'll never have that happiness. However, this selfishness is not rooted in arrogance but rather a constant fear and drive for self-perseverance. If she doesn't stay here in the present, if she doesn't focus on herself above all others, she's convinced that everything will fall apart around her.

With the natural agility of her kind combined with her training as a dancer, Salinti prides herself on her speed and flexibility in any situation. This led to minimal training with a spear, if only to learn how to properly defend herself should she leave the winding city blocks of Alvadas.

Character History

Salinti was born and raised in the city of Kalinor, living primarily among other Symenestra for the majority of her life. There in the caverns of home she learned the basics of weaving like any other child, but came particularly enamored with their custom of aerial dance. Every motion was so delicately planned, long nimble limbs used to their full potential as they created a show midair. It was only even partially about dancing, mostly reliant on the strength of the performer to twist and turn among the elegantly weaved fabric. She began to practice and learn the moment she was able, throwing herself into the art of aerial dance to make some sort of name for herself in their community.

It was through her passion that she met Dovulin, a weaver boy just a few years older who wove the most beautiful silk that Salinti had ever seen in her life. When she wrapped the smooth fabric around her wrists, it was as if the stars themselves had been pulled from the heavens and settled against her skin. Pulling herself up and beginning a routine, it was as if entire galaxies had descended to swirl around her body. When she met Dovulin she knew that this was a fabric she desperately for her performances, that with him she could make her dreams come true. Luckily for her, the man was already quite taken with her dancing and whispers around their social circles said that they saw him sneaking glaces at her from across the room.

He loved her. She did not love him, but wouldn't they both benefit from this relationship? Within one year of their meeting, the two were wed.

At the tender age of 24, her husband decided that they were ready to have a child. He would go out and participate in the harvest to find them a surrogate mother, and they could raise a happy family together. While Salinti didn't quite know if that was what she wanted, how could she say no? It wasn't as if he were asking her to put her own life on the line, like the Esterians demanded if she were ever to have a child. A life for a life, and as long as it wasn't her own that seemed fair enough. A child would be a great responsibility to take on, but the two of them were making a reasonable living for themselves. They could do this.
Then Dovulin came back home, a woman to be their surrogate in tow. Their pampered prisoner, their hope to start a family, a beautiful and naive human who had no idea what she had gotten herself into. She had a crooked grin, a love of odd looking rocks, a knack for rhythm, and something unexpected began to brew in the months before they would birth their child. Salinti fell head over heels in love with the human woman, despite knowing that her days were quite literally numbered. She hadn't meant to, wasn't even very sure how it happened, but there was the truth written plain and simple before her eyes. This woman was their captive, set to die in a few short months, but she made the Symenestra so happy. What was there to do but live in the moment? If she focused too long on the future, Salinti wasn't sure she could continue on as if everything were fine.

On the day her son was born, she clutched him tightly to her chest and began to cry. Her husband held her close and whispered in her ear, convinced they were tears of joy in the face of the successful birth. Salinti couldn't take any of this anymore, couldn't bear to live with this man she didn't love while raising this child with her face. This was never the life she wanted.

That night, she stuffed her bag full of supplies and left the city of Kalinor. No note left behind, no sign of where she went, and her husband and newborn child still sleeping peacefully. If she was right the closest city where Symenestra were welcome had to be Alvadas, the city of ever changing illusions. She would go by her maiden name again, buy a small house, and show this new community her aerial dance. There was no need to be tied down what her life so far, or any decisions she'd made.

That was five years ago, and she hadn't looked back since entering the shifting city. In the beginning it had been so hard to find her way around, relying entirely on her enchanted key just to find her way home at the end of the day. Most of her free time was just spent wandering the streets, peering into the windows of dingy shops or looking for a rock that was particularly smooth or sparkling. In time she began to learn, stopping trying to rely on what way the streets should lead towards and focusing only on the destination. When it came down to it, the best way to quickly move through Alvadas was to follow your instincts and let your feet guide the way. It was the sort of mindset she could respect certainly, even if there would always be a time or two it didn't work. For the most part she got where she was going, and when she didn't there was usually something pretty to be found and slid into her pocket for her collection back home. Without becoming much more familiar with Ionu and his ways, using this method was the most reliable path through the city.

So this is how she lives now. Salinti collects her little trinkets, strings layers of cloth from one wall to the other, and dances to share a bit of herself and her culture with those who have never seen the graceful act before. By now it was likely her husband had remarried, so nothing happening back in Kalinor was any sort of concern to her.


Fluent Language: Symenos
Basic Language: Common
Poor Language: Arumenic


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Stealth 5 SP 5 Novice
Weapon: Spear 5 SP 5 Novice
Weaving 5 SP 5 Novice
Dancing 15 SP 15 Novice
Acrobatics 10 RB, 20 SP 30 Competent


Lore of Alvadas Location Changing
Lore of Symenestra Culture


1 Set of Clothing (Very Colorful)
-Linen/Wool Shirt
-Linen/Wool Pants
-Linen/Wool Undergarments
-Linen/Wool Cloak or Coat
-Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (wood)
-Brush (wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
100 Gold Mizas

Heirloom: Strong and beautiful strips of silken cloth, sparkling like stars in the sky when reflecting light. This was the first fabric she'd ever gotten from her husband for her dance, the swirling fabric almost creating the optical illusion of twisting her body through galaxies when used in a performance. The night she left, Salinti took this in addition to the essentials quickly tossed into a bag. She still uses it in her aerial dance, enamored with the beauty of the cloth even after leaving the weaver behind.


Location: Alvadas

House: 20x20ft home and accompanying key. The house includes a hearth, bunk, chest, chair, and table.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM

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Salinti Parsnip

Postby Astator on January 19th, 2016, 2:08 am


Hello there, Welcome to Mizahar. There are a few small errors within your CS. Don't worry easy fixes

  • Please state how she learned Arumenic as a language, she never meet any of the Eypharian.
  • Please choose either the Cloak or the Coat, you cannot have both

Once you have fixed the errors, please private message me and let me know.

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